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"Consequences and Repercussions"

Chapter one

"The Plan"

Tohru sighed deeply as she leaned her head back and rested it against Kyou's chest, who was sitting behind her. As she looked up at him, her eyes sparkled as a loving smile crept across her lips. Kyou looked down at her with a smile of his own as he pulled her closer to him and she in turn snuggled deeper into his warmth. The two were very much in love and only 3 months prior, the most amazing thing happened. The curse which had caused so much suffering in both of their lives had been lifted. Since then, Kyou and Tohru weren't hesitant in telling each other how they felt. Tohru still remembered that night, up on the roof. Even if he no longer had the cat's spirit in him, old habits never seemed to die. That night he told her he loved her and they shared their first kiss. It was pure bliss.

The two of them stared out at the ocean in front of them. It was a very warm day for the beginning of the fall, and the two enjoyed the time they had spend with each other. The sun was slowly setting and the cool fall breeze brushed against the two lovers.

"Kyou-kun." Tohru whispered as she continued to look at the ocean.

"Hum?" He answered as he continued to hold her.

She shifted her position as she turned to look at him. She frowned came across her face. A worried look came across his face as he looked at her.

"How long is this going to go far?" She asked as she looked at him, blanking a few times.

His face twisted into a look of confusion, so she decided to continue. "We've been going out for 3 months now and…we have yet to announce it." Her frown deepen as she now sat with her knees tucked neatly under her.

A frown of his own came across his face as he looked at the girl sitting in front of him. He stared at her blankly. "Haven't you forgotten? Every time I bring it up, you're the one to say, 'Oh, we have to be careful of how we announce it, because I don't want to hurt Yuki or Kagura's feelings. If it were me, I wouldn't care about their feelings and just tell everyone that we're in love!" Every time this subject came up, it only annoyed him. They just kept going round and round never actually agreeing on anything. It was so predicable. He knew what she would say next. He sighed deeply awaiting her response. However, much to his surprise she remained silent.

After a moment, she finally spoke. "I hate this as much as you do." She said softly. "But at the same time, I cannot disregard other peoples feelings." Her words were filled with passion and conviction. It was one of the things about her that at times like this, annoyed him…but it was also one of her qualities that he fell hard for.

A determend look was written across her face as she continued. "That's why I came up with this idea. If Yuki and Kagura were to some how fall in love, then maybe they wouldn't take hard the new of us going out…right?" She asked with her head tilted and a bright smile on her face.

Kyou was taken back by the idea that she offered. As he thought about it, it slowly made sense. In reality, although he'd never admit this aloud, he never really wanted to hurt Kagura. Sure the woman was as annoying as a thorn to the side, but still….he didn't like the idea. Seeing a depressed and miserable Kagura was worst then a thorn to the side. He knew, because he had the unpleasurably experience of seeing like her before and he'd rather have a thorn on his side then be around her when she was like that. He simply knew…this was going to be 10 times worst then that time. On the other hand, he wasn't as concern about Yuki. Compared to Kagura, Yuki was more level headed and would take the news better then Kagura.

He sighed deeply as he gave his girlfriend a wiry smile. "So what do we do? How do we go about hooking them up?"

Tohru's eyes lit up when her boyfriend agreed to her idea. "Well…first we have to get Kagura and Yuki to notice each other in a different light. Any ideas?"

Kyou took a moment to think before he replied. "Well, you may not agree to this…but why not plant a letter? Give Yuki a lover letter he thinks is from Kagura and vise versa." He noticed that Tohru had a very thoughtful look on her face . He was somewhat surprised that she didn't shoot down his idea immediately as he thought she would. Instead she continued to think deeply about what he said.

"No," She finally said, thus earing her a deep sigh. He knew it! Before he could protest, she continued. "Doing it that way is too sloppy. Plus just one letter won't do the trick." Kyou gasped in shock at what he was hearing. This wasn't a 'Tohru' Response. He was expecting for her to say something like. 'I don't think we should do that Kyou-kun.' She was his opposite. The balanced each other out. The universe may as well fall apart if Tohru started to think the way he did!

Tohru noticed the perplexed look on his face and she simply smiled to herself. A small laugh escaped her lips as a confused look came across his face.

"Your idea makes sense. I'm just adding to it. It should be more gradual….like a secrete admire. No secrete admire gives a person one letter. It may start off as letters and then incress to other stuff. Eventually we could give them clues so that they would eventually find out who the other person is. By then they probelly would fall in love with each other."

Kyou nodded as he added to that thought. "How about sending them an e-mail?" He suggested.

"An e-mail?" Tohru asked with her head tilted to the side.

Kyou nodded as he continued. "We could open separate accounts from what we have now…so that they wouldn't be suspicious. I could write to Kagura and you could write to Yuki."

Tohru was silent for a moment as she really thought about the idea. Truthfully she was ready to jump at the idea but she couldn't' help to wonder…if it really was a good idea. She shook her head as she brushed the idea up. "Yea, sounds like a good idea to me, let's do it! I'm curious to see how it would work out."

Kyou nodded in agreement as he stood up. Tohru looked up at him and for a split second gave him soft innocent look. She then smiled when he reached out his hand to help her up.

"Do you wanna go home now?" He asked her softly.

She shook her head as her smile widen. "Nope." She said in a almost laughing tone.

"Then where else do you wanna go?" He asked as he pulled her into his arms.

"Hum…" She tapped the end of her chin with an index finger as she thought. Just then her eyes lit up and her smile widen. "Ice cream?" She asked innocently.

He rose an eyebrow as he looked down at her. "Is that all you want?"

She nodded her head. "Yep. That…and to spend a little more time with you."

Kyou laughed softly as he took her hand and pulled her towards where the car was park. He turned back to look at her with a smile and she like wised smile back at him.

About 30 minutes passed by when Kyou pulled up in front of Tohru's apartment building. For a moment the two sat there just starring at each other. Almost simultaneously the two of them leaned forward, there faces now only a few centimeters away from each other. Kyou's breath quicken slightly as he reached out his hand to softly touch her check and to pull her face even closer to his. Tohru closed her eyes as she smiled. Kyou caught her lips in to his. The kiss was sweet and Kyou could taste the strawberry ice cream that she just finished. After what felt like forever…but in fact was only a minute or two, the two parted….looking at each other with a daze as they breathed heavily trying to catch there breath. As if reading each others mind, they went in for one more kiss. That one lasted longer then the first.

When they finally parted, again, Tohru slipped out of the car. When she closed the door, she leaned down and looked through the open window to smile at her boyfriend.

"I love you." She whispered.

"I love you too." Kyou whispered back.

"Call me when you get home?" She asked.

"You know it." Kyou said with a slight smirk.

She paused as she gave him a serious look. "Get home safely." She said with a hint of worry in her voice.

Kyou knew where that was coming from. Almost 4 years prior she lost her mom in an auto accident. So since then, she feared any of her loved ones driving or even for herself to ride in a car. Although through the years that fear became less and less, it still hovered over her heart…especially since they both lived sepretely from each other.

"Don't worry." He said softly. "I promise to call you when I get home. Ok?"

That seemed to calm her down a bit and she simply nodded her head as she smiled. "Ok." She whispered as she took a step back. She turned around and walked towards the building entrance. Once she opened the door, she turned back to look at him, waving goodbye. He likewise waved as he drove off.

She sighed deeply, sometimes she wished that she never moved out of Shigure's house. But since she finished high school a few months back and was now a freshman in college, this apartment was much more closer to her school then Shigure's. What's more was that Yuki and Kyo didn't go to the same school as her anymore and since she didn't have a car, she didn't want to be a burden to them.

It wasn't long before she finally reached her apartment. "I'm home." She called out as she opened the door and closed it behind her.

"Where in the living room!" She heard a voice call out. After putting away her keys and purse, she headed towards the living room where she saw her roommates and a guest.

"Hey Tohru." Haru said as he stood up to give his friend a hug. Tohru smiled as she returned the hug.

"Haru-san. How are you?" She asked politely as she sat down on the arm chair while he sat back down next to his girlfriend.

"I'm doing well, school can be a pain though, but I'm glad the semester is almost over." He said with a smile as he subconsciously took his girlfriend's hand into his.

"So, where have you been all day Tohru?" she asked as she looked at her roommates and best friend.

"Yea, you were gone since this morning." Her other roommate added.

'Oh! I don't wanna say that I was with Kyou-kun all day!' Tohru thought nervously to herself. 'If they found out…' thinking quickly, she stood up and said the first thing that popped into her mind.

"Ah!...Rin…Kagura…Haru…I'm heading to the kitchen to get something to drank…would you like me to get you something while I'm there?" She asked, trying to hid the nervousness in her voice.

Rin, Haru and Kagura looked up at her with blank looks on their faces. When they failed to respond, Tohru turned on her heels and dashed into the kitchen. Rin's eyes narrowed slightly as Kagura and Haru gave each other puzzled looks.

"It's strange…" Kagura spoke up softly. "She's been like that for a couple of months now. I just wish I knew what was wrong." For a moment she was silent before she stood up and stretched her arms over her head. "Well, I'm going to sleep early. I have an early class tomorrow. Goodnight!" She said with a smile as she headed towards her room.

"Goodnight!" Both Haru and Rin called out to her. A minute later they heard her door close and not a second later Tohru reappeared. Rin's eyes once again narrowed as she looked at Tohru. It took her a second to realized that her friend was glaring at her. She turned to look at her and her eyes widen when she noticed the look that she was getting.

"How long have you two been going out?" She asked bluntly.

Tohru's eyes widen in surprise at hearing that. "How…how did you know?" She whispered.

Rin rolled her eyes as she sighed deeply. "I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't the only one to know. You knew too…right Haru?" She asked as she turned to look at her boyfriend. He had a blank look on his face as he blanked a few times.

"You're going out with Kyou?" He asked as question marks appeared around his head. A sweat drop appeared behind Tohru and Rin's head as they gave him a blank look.

"Ah! Fine, so maybe not as many people are as sharp as me." Rin continued as she looked back at her friend. "But keeping this from Kagura isn't going to help any." She said as her look soften a bit. She knew Tohru well and she knew that she wasn't the type who liked to hurt people. That being said, it didn't surprise her that Tohru and Kyou were going out and keeping it a secrete. Not only did Kagura love Kyou, but Yuki also loved Tohru…and she was best friends with both Kagura and Yuki. Rin shook her head. Her friend was in a tight situation.

"What am I suppose to do?" Tohru sighed deeply as she fell back on to the couch…after putting her cup down. She looked at her friends as she continued. "Kyou-kun and I were just talking about it….we finally came up with a plan."

"What plan?" Rin asked with a raised eyebrow. Something told her that she wasn't going to like this idea one bit.

Tohru sighed once again as she continued, this time talking in low voice. "We were thinking about hooking up Yuki and Kagura. Kyou came up with the idea of sending them an e-mail and I added to it that we should do more of a secrete admire thing." When she finished, she saw very blank looks on her friends' face.

It seemed like forever before either Haru or Rin spoke. Haru's mouth hung open and quickly shut. It seemed that Rin knew what he was thinking and she decided to voice both of there options.

"Who are you and what did you do to Tohru?" Rin asked with a raised eyebrow as she gave her a critical look.

Tohru seemed to flinch at the look she was getting. "I…I…I…" She stuttered as she frowned.

She saw as Haru seemed to snap out of his daze and gave her a more mellow and collected look. "Rin's right." He agreed. "It's not like you to agree to such an idea. You're usually the voice of reason."

"What else can I do?" Tohru stressed. The frown on her face deepen as she shook her head. "To be honest, at the moment it seemed like an awesome idea and when Kyou-kun dropped me home and I saw you guys…I saw Kagura…and I began to wonder if it really was a good idea." She paused as she took in a deep breath…she could feel a sob threating to break through, but she held it back.

"Kagura is my best friend. I remember when I first met her, I deeply admired her faithfulness in loving Kyou-kun. It wasn't until a couple of years later did I finally realize how she felt. I can't imagine a live with out him. I feel bad enough as it is that I'm dating him, know that she's in love with him. I…I can't even imagine not being friends with her and Yuki. If Kyou-kun and I announce our relationship now, it would crush them!"

"And you think lying to them is any better?" Rin asked in a sarcastic tone. "Please, if you go about it that way you'll only screw your selfs. If you really want to do things the right way, then just tell them the truth. What's the worst that could happen?" She asked with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Well, Kagura could beat the crap out of her and land her in the hospital for a couple of weeks. I doubt that Kyou would would get it easier." Haru pointed out.

"Then there was that time when we first met when she mistaken my feelings for Kyou-kun…and she started to beat him up…" Tohru added.

Rin looked at the two with an unbelieving look. They had a point. If Tohru told Kagura directly, she'd be lucky if she were still alive…Kyou however wouldn't be. It was a pretty good thing that out of the two…Yuki was more collected and would take the news better.

"Ok…" Rin started slowly. She sighed as she shook her head. She didn't know why she was agreeing to it…but considering the situation and it being a matter of life and death, what other choice did the love birds have? Tohru and Haru looked at Rin in anticipation…waiting to hear what she had to say.

"Fine. I won't say anything. I see that you're intentions are good. Just be careful ok?" She said as she gave her a serious look. "You're dealing with people's feelings…just remember…it may not go as you think. But if you need anyone to confide in, you can talk to Haru and I ok?" Haru nodded his head in agreement, but didn't say anything.

Tohru smiled happily, glad that she had the support of her friends. She stood up and rushed to her friends giving them both a hug. "Thank you so much! I'm so lucky to have friends like you!" She said with a smile. After a moment, she started to walk towards her room. "Goodnight!" She called out over her shoulder.

"Goodnight!" She heard them call back.

Once Tohru reached her room and closed the door, the phone near her bed rang. Remembering that Kyou was suppose to call and thinking that Kagura may still be up, she rushed to the phone and picked it up.

"Hello?" She answered, trying to catch her breath.

"What were you doing? You're out of breath!" Kyou replied, she could hear him chuckling softly.

A playful frown came across her face as she sat down on the bed crossing her legs. "I just wanted to make sure I was the first to get the phone." She admitted.

"Oh…so you're trying to keep it a secrete?" Kyou asked playfully.

Tohru paused before she responded. "Yes and no." She said.

Kyou paused for a long time before he spoke. "What do you mean, Yes and no?" He asked with curiosity drenching in his voice.

"Well…" Tohru began as she swallowed…her throat feeling dry. "Rin and Haru knows…Kagura still doesn't. I told them about our plan."

"…….." Another long pause. Tohru was about to breath a sigh of relief…that is until Kyou shouted. "WHAT?! HOW THE HECK DID THEY FOUND OUT? WHY DID YOU TOLD THEM?" He continued to rant as Tohru pulled the phone away from her ear. She was used to his temper but sometimes….it made her ears hurt badly.

"Kyou-kun….calm down…" Tohru spoke softly into the receiver. "They said they would keep it a secrete. They're on our side." She assured him.

Just saying that seemed to calm him down a bit. "Ok." He said softly. "Well, I just wanted to call you back like I promised. I'm sorry I called you so late."

Tohru smiled. "It doesn't matter. You called and you arrived home safely. For that I'm happy."

"That's good. So I'll talk to you tomorrow? That is when you finish with your classes." He said.

Tohru nodded her head as her smile widen. "I'll be waiting." She paused before she continued. "Goodnight Kyou-kun, I love you."

"Goodnight Tohru, I love you too." He said as both of them hung up the phone. She placed the phone back on the night stand and rested her back on the head board of her bed. She really wondered how things would turn out with this plan and her thoughts reflexed on what Rin had said.

"Please let this work." She whispered to herself as she closed her eyes.