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---- - ----

"Why does everything happen to me?" Thought the young man lying on his bed, "My parents, Cedric, and now Sirius. Why did it happen? Why? Why? WHY?" It was the same question that he had been asking himself for days.

He was on his fourth day now, spending it, like all the days before it, by locking himself in his room. He turned and looked at the calendar above his bed; he now had fifty-six days left instead of sixty.

"God it's going to be a long summer." He thought.

If only Dumbledore had let him know everything when he'd asked, or ever better, the day he'd entered the Wizarding World. But no, the old wizard kept everything from him until one, it was too late and two, he was in no shape to really take it in or deal with it.

Damn Dumbledore for keeping things from him, damn Snape for not teaching him when he was supposed to, damn Bellatrix for killing Sirius and damn Voldemort for choosing him.

The only person who was there for him unconditionally was Hermione but she too had turned her back on him and started going out with Ron. He wasn't mad at Hermione for going out with someone else; what ticked him off was that it was Ron, annoying little prat that he was.

He'd always suspected that Ron was jealous of his fame and fortune, especially after how the red head acted when he was picked as the fourth champion to take part in the Tri-wizard Tournament.

The prick finally showed his true colours when he and Hermione started dating shortly after what happened at the Department of Mysteries. He started showing off that he had a girlfriend and the great Harry Potter didn't and that if he hadn't been there with Harry at the Department of Mysteries, Harry would probably be dead and that it would be up to him to save the Wizarding World.

Hermione, being who she was and never having been in a real relationship before, stuck by Ron. He wasn't sure if the reason she wasn't contacting him was Ron or Dumbledore or maybe both but it didn't matter. The point was, she wasn't contacting him, and though he didn't hate her for it nor was he really angry, it still hurt.

"If they turned on me, then I'll turn on them." He thought to himself then out loud, "They want to control me? Well let them try!"

He got up and stretched his atrophied muscles, put on some clothes, and stuffed his invisibility cloak and wand into his pocket. He went downstairs to the kitchen, the clock over the stove said 11:45. His relatives were already eating lunch. He grabbed a plate, went to the fridge and made a sandwich, all the while being eyed by his 'family'. He sat down and started eating. When he finished, he sat back, the Durselys still watching him.

He looked across at them, "You know what?" he asked them amiably, "I'm going out into town to find a job, if anyone comes around looking for me tell'em to go screw themselves. Okay?" They nodded stupidly.

---- Town Area ----

He walked into the little shop, it was a pawnshop run by a guy who happened to be a loan shark, or so he had heard from the guys standing in the ally next door. He looked around, there were all sorts of junk on shelves and such, and the guy behind the counter was arguing with a customer. "If you don't pay back the loan, and the interest, you'll be seeing a couple of my employees!" the customer walked out and shot a dirty look at the man.

"Hey kid, looking for something?" he was about six foot, with thinning black hair and looked able to throw Harry across the room with little effort.

"Yeah, something to do. I need to do something, anything, I'll do it. No cost or anything, just wanna do something."

The man looked over him suspiciously, "What's the catch, you want protection or something?" He tried to find any indication of deception but couldn't find any.

"Please, give me something to do so you know that you can trust me." He pleaded; the man frowned in concentration and walked into the back room.

Harry stood inside looking over the various items in there; a set of knives in a display case caught his attention. Very long, almost dagger like, he felt drawn to the short daggers.

The man came out to see the boy staring at a set of daggers no one really wanted. He was holding a backpack in one hand. "Hey kid, here," tossing Harry the bag, "take this across town to the owner of a place called The Eclipse. Tell him it's from Pat."

Harry took it, his first thought was about what was in the bag, and his second was he didn't care. "Okay, sure."

He took the bag and threw it across his shoulders, then went to a telephone booth to look up the location of this place. Once he found it, he set off, he was going to be walking for a while, when Pat said it was across town, he meant it. He would probably be walking for an hour. He spent the journey thinking and ordering his mind. He had things he wanted to do. But they could wait; he would enjoy himself for now, do some things impulsively.

But if he was to be doing this type of stuff all summer, the first thing he would need was the ability to protect himself. He knew at one point or another he was going to get into trouble. There might be a prophecy saying only Tommy boy could kill him, but he was sure that he could be extremely injured and that would piss him off. Plus it would help him deal with Tommy boy's ass kissing followers.

The second would be to get some new clothes, he was sick off wearing Dudley's hand-me-downs which were anything but comfortable, and if this job took off he expected that he'd need to have a little more of an intimidating image.

And lastly, maybe get a car or something; it was damn boring to be walking for these types of errands.

He finally made it to the place; it was a bar, underneath a small shop up above. He walked down the stairs to the entrance, it was open and he walked in. there was no one there, except the bartender.

"Hey are you the owner of this place?" Harry inquired; he wanted to get out and back to Pat's, maybe he could do something else.

"Who's asking?" The bartender asked him, suspicious.

"A guy named Pat sent me." He answered.

The man looked relieved, "Yeah, I am. What does he have for me?"

"I don't know, he just gave me this," he slid the bag across the counter, "and told me to give it to you."

The man opened the bag and pulled out a small stack of pounds, he counted them and then, looked up amazed at Harry, "You didn't take any of it!?" Harry looked at him in confusion. "You didn't even open the bag." The guy looked at him, "Well, you passed the test with flying colors."

Harry's confusion ebbed a bit at this, "Of course it was a test, stupid." Harry told himself.

"Even I would like you work for me, here." he reached under the table and grabbed two things, a suitcase, and another bag,

"If you take this case to the owner of the place across the street from Pat's and the bag to Pat's, I'll give you a hundred pounds, but only if both are unopened and untouched."

Harry looked a bit shocked at the money offered to deliver a couple of things; he could learn to like this. Harry nodded; the man then reached under again, and pulled three things, a few pounds, a bottle of lime wine cooler, and a switch-blade.

He gave all of these to Harry; "Here I don't know how you got here, but take a cab this time. You can have the drink; it's really hot out. And if someone gets a little too interested in the case or bag, that knife should help." He grinned at Harry.

Harry stuffed the knife in his back pocket and the money in his wallet. He took off the cap to the bottle, tipped it back and took a sip.

"By the by, my name is Nate." Harry nodded absently, he was looking at the bottle in surprise, it was really good. He downed the bottle and looked up to see the amused face of Nate, "Never seen a kid down a bottle a like that, you can have another if you want." He pulled another out, and handed it to Harry who put it in his pocket for later; he would definitely need to get more of these things.

He said goodbye to Nate and went outside to hail a cab, once he was out he went into the shop across the street from Pat's, it was a bank. He went inside and to a door that said 'Sean Deaby, Owner and Manager', he knocked on the door ignoring the protests of the tellers.

A young man opened it, and looked down at him, "May I help you," he said pompously, Harry held up a case, "Nate from The Eclipse, told me to give you this." He said holding up the case, Sean dragged him inside the office. "Ok, how much did he give you to do this?"

Harry watched the man, he seemed to be anxious about something, he kept eyeing the case. "He IS going to give me a hundred pounds. Why?"

Sean looked a little shocked, "That's all he's giving you? Do you know what is in this case?"

Harry continued watching just to make sure he wouldn't try anything, "No." Sean's eyes widened, "And I don't really care, I'm just the delivery boy. I take the stuff where they tell me, and keep my nose out."

Sean looked impressed "Ok, I'll give you two hundred pounds to never mention this briefcase again." He whispered, pointing towards the case on his desk. He pulled a few notes and put them in Harry's hand.

Harry nodded to him, and walked out. What did he care about a case, and why did these people think he would go snooping through the packages?

Harry exited the bank and crossed the street and went back into the pawnshop, he went up to Pat who was sitting behind the counter and reading a book. Harry lay down the bag in front of Pat, "Okay here, I completed your test. I hope I earned your trust 'cause I earned a couple others'."

Pat checked the contents of the bag as Harry walked over to showcase with the daggers and sheaths on display, they looked good. They were marked at 150 pounds for five daggers, well, four daggers and a short sword.

"Hey Pat can I buy those?" he pointed at the set.

Pat looked at them, "Yeah, take'em, I haven't been able to get rid of them for ages, no charge."

He unlocked the case and handed the knives to Harry, who was deciding what to do with them. The daggers had 5½-inch blades with sheaths that swapped to either his arms or legs and the short sword had 12-inch blade with a sheath and a leather belt that could either secure it to his waist or on his back. He couldn't wear them, now not with his over-sized short sleeve shirt and baggy jeans.

Pat seemed to read his mind and gave him an empty backpack at no extra charge. Harry gave his thanks and packed his newly acquired weapons.

He was about to leave to collect his fee from Nate but stopped when Pat called him, "Hey kid! I never got your name."


"Well Harry come back tomorrow, I might have something for you." Harry nodded and left the shop.

---- The Eclipse ----

Nate was on having a conversation on the phone went Harry walked through the door and approached him.

"Yeah, yeah. Alright, got it. Hey, welcome back kid. I see nothing went wrong." He greeted Harry as he got of the phone.

"Yes. Now if you don't mind, I'm here for my fee."

"Of course. Here you go." Nate handed him a wad of bills which he counted.

"You gave me a hundred extra."

"You're some kid. Most others would have just taken the extra and left. Anyway I just got off the phone with Pat and we decided to keep you on full time. The extra is for you to get some decent clothes."

"Alright." He turned to left.

"Your name's Harry right?"

Harry turned and nodded.

"Just making sure."

---- Number 4, Privet Drive ----

Harry walked towards his relatives' home dressed in his new clothes. He'd been working for Pat and Nate for a little over a week now and had traded in his new jeans and t-shirt look for something more intimidating.

He was decked out in black steel-toe boots and black jeans held up by a steel studded belt. His black leather jacket covered his black t-shirt and hid the two daggers he strapped to the inside of it perfectly.

A new pair of shades completed his new look. He'd bought the shades along with a few pairs of contact lens after he bought his new clothes.


Harry walked into a department store that sold mainly biker, leather and other similar clothes.

He looked around the store and got the clothes that he thought would give him the right image and were comfortable.

When he placed his items on the counter the salesman looked at him as if he was vermin and told him in a pompous voice that Harry could not afford this stuff and that he should leave.

Harry was pissed but he maintained his composure and took out a bunch of hundred pound bills and slammed them on the counter. The salesman's face lit up as if he'd just seen God and started to ring up the items. Harry just smirked at him.

End Flashback

Sure it cost him most of his earnings but it felt great to spend the cash he'd earned and buy some decent muggle clothes. And he was sure that his new look would help with his future jobs.

Right now he felt pretty good. Hopefully there would be a job for him tomorrow and he'd have a little more spending money. He was only able to get a couple extra pairs of socks and boxers which he kept in his pack.

"Boy! Where did you get those clothes?! Did you steal them?! They're far too expensive for you to afford!" Vernon yelled, his face turning purple.

"You mean for you to afford." He thought but answered, "I bought them, courtesy of my new job."

Harry just walked past Vernon and up the stairs towards his room only to be confronted by Dudley.

"OY! Freak where did you get those clothes!?"

"I. Bought. Them. Dudley" as through speaking to a four year old, "With money I got from working. You should try it sometimes."

Dudley make a sour face and pulled his arm back for a punch, but Harry's Quidditch honed reflexes were faster and he drew his daggers first, one at Dudley's neck and another between his legs.

"Give me a reason, Dudley. Make a move or say a word and you'll be just a wee-bit shorter." Harry pressed the dagger that was between Dudley's legs a little harder to his family jewels, "Or maybe I should do the world a favor and make sure you don't contaminate the gene pool."

Harry sheathed his daggers as he walked away, trying to ignore the fact that his tub-of-lard of a cousin had wet himself.

"Oh and Dudley, I don't want to hear ANYTHING about you bullying other kids. You hear me?" Harry warned and Dudley just nodded dumbly.

"Good boy. Now scram." Dudley ran into his room and locked himself in as Harry smirked and entered his room.


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