By Rougue

(Part One of Rougue's The Legend of Zelda: Orizon Saga Trilogy)


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Prologue: In My Dreams . . .

Jonathan Nichols walked through what seemed to be a never-ending forest. He was surrounded by trees on every side of him, as tall as they were beautiful, their green-leaf canopies obviously untouched by human hands. They almost completely blocked out the light from the sun, but some light did get through the leaves and made it to the ground, where the green grass grew limited in height by the very few individuals who walked around here and, more than that, by the strength of each individual blade of grass. Jonathan could see through the canopies of leaves that the sky was perfectly blue, with some occasional clouds of white which strayed across the sky. Because of the large amount of moisture trapped underneath the canopies, the air was constantly humid. To Jonathan, this place was paradise; untouched by human works, it was a quiet place. And Jonathan usually liked quiet places.

Jonathan, wearing a green tunic and, underneath that, a tight, white, one-piece undergarment of sorts, had never been to this place before, yet he walked through the trees as if he knew exactly where he was going. He squeezed through two closely-placed ones, both of which were at least 100 feet tall. He continued to stare around him at the nature that surrounded him. He saw butterflies more beautiful and bigger than any he had ever seen before. He continued forward through the plants. Then, he found an area where the trees thinned out into a meadow, where the sunlight reached the grass without having to filter through the trees. In front of him, Jonathan saw a large tree that had fallen, blocking his way further into the meadow. He climbed over the thick brown trunk.

And there she was. Jonathan saw a young woman with her back turned to him. She had long, flowing blonde hair and was wearing purple and pink robes made of silk. Jonathan stood still and stared at her, transfixed. Then, he began walking toward her slowly. When he had walked halfway toward her, she began to turn around. Jonathan stopped where he was as she did so. The woman's face was so beautiful to Jonathan. Her face and skin tone were lovely, but Jonathan found her eyes amazing. This young woman had eyes of purple. Almost an unearthly shade of purple. She looked at Jonathan longingly. Jonathan started walking toward her again, passion building in his heart. When he reached her, Jonathan stopped. Then the two embraced each other and Jonathan felt a feeling of pure bliss. Jonathan and the woman looked into each other's eyes for a moment that seemed to last forever. Then, both of them closed their eyes and their lips met in a kiss of love and passion. Jonathan felt a feeling he had never felt before. But suddenly, it all ended into a blur that transformed into an even shade of black. Everything had disappeared.


AUTHOR'S NOTES: Well, here it is. I've been working on this story on-and-off for a few years now, so some of the early chapters aren't as good as the later chapters will be. Oh, and the next chapter won't seem very Zelda-like, but bear with me here. This story is a good one, I think.

By the way, I have said this already in my profile, but I consider myself to be a lousy writer, but a good storyteller. You'll notice that I tend to leave quite a bit of detail to the readers, especially with battle scenes. That's just the way I write.

This story currently has a T rating, but I'm concerned that some later content could warrant an M rating. For that reason, I'll warn you guys about any objectionable content ahead of time in the author's notes.

I'll be posting a new chapter every Friday at noon, so keep coming back regularly to see how this story plays out. Read and review, I suppose, and tell me how I could improve my writing. Thanks.