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Epilogue: Land of My Dreams

It would take six months for Hyrule Castle to be refitted for the Hylian Royal Family. In that time, King Alazon, Orizon, and Impa resided in the castle to supervise the work there, while Queen Eleza, Princess Zelda and Jonathan stayed in the Forest Temple to prepare for moving back into the castle. Over the six month period, objects in the Forest Temple were either brought back to Hyrule Castle for use there or sold at public auctions.

It was the beginning of the Hylian spring when Hyrule Castle was ready for complete habitation again by the royal family and the soldiers to be stationed there. Everything in the Forest Temple that was to be used in the castle had been moved just a few days before. All that was left now was to move all the soldiers to new posts and to bring Eleza and Zelda back to Hyrule Castle. Before this task was commenced, however, Orizon visited the Forest Temple himself to inform Jonathan about a certain technicality that probably would concern him.

Orizon walked into the Main Atrium of the temple to find Jonathan finishing up an address to the two dozen soldiers who remained about their upcoming new assignments.

"As for those whose names I did not mention yet, you will be put on night watch in Kakariko Village," Jonathan began to finish, "You will be put under the command of Captain Horuntus there; she will assign your responsibilities. That's all. You're all dismissed."

The 24 soldiers dispersed in various directions, some returning to their quarters, others going back to their patrols around the temple, and others remaining in the Main Atrium to converse with each other about their new assignments. Orizon saw that Jonathan was also returning to his room. He walked toward that door, catching up to him as they got to the door.

"Jonathan, I'd like to talk to you in private," Orizon declared.

"Alright, follow me," Jonathan replied as he opened the door and led Orizon into the courtyard outside of his room. Jonathan then turned around and looked at Orizon, wearing his usual purple robe with the hood down, showing his long white mane of hair and his long ears. "Do all Sheikah get white hair early in life?" Jonathan inquired. It was an issue that had been on his mind for a while now.

Orizon chuckled as he looked at Jonathan, now wearing the blue uniform of the Hylian army and bearing the insignia of a lieutenant. He still had the sword that King Alazon had given to him more than nine months earlier, which he wore on his left hip. Overall, Orizon decided that he looked fairly imposing, with only his average height inhibiting that image. "That tends to happen to us, yes," Orizon answered, "But Princess Zelda shouldn't lose her hair color any time soon, so don't worry about that."

Jonathan laughed as he sat down on the grass. "It wouldn't matter to me if her hair turned white," he claimed.

"Speaking of Zelda, that's part of the reason why I'm here," Orizon said as he began to slowly pace around the nearby area, "Jonathan, you should know that you can't stay in Hyrule Castle when you leave here in a few days."

Jonathan's head snapped toward Orizon's location. Is this another one of his little tricks? Jonathan asked himself, trying to discern any sign of dishonesty from him, but finding none. "And why can't I?" he asked.

"Well, only two kinds of people can live in Hyrule Castle itself," Orizon informed, "The first are those soldiers assigned to guard the castle. That is the most important job one in the army can have and, for that reason, has certain restrictions. The one that applies to you is that anyone who is assigned to castle guard duty must have at least one full year of service in the Hylian military. You haven't been in service to King Alazon for that long, and it could even be argued that you didn't join the army until six months ago. Either way, you are ineligible for castle guard duty."

Jonathan reflected on this information and decided that what he had just heard was reasonable. He could understand why the king would only want experienced soldiers guarding his home, although from what Jonathan understood, the Hylian army was nothing more than just a huge lot of cowards. He also had to remember that his position in the Hylian army was an honorary one for the most part. "I guess I wouldn't be able to serve as a castle guard at this point," he admitted.

Orizon sat down near Jonathan and looked at him before he continued. "The second kind of people who can live inside Hyrule Castle itself are members of the Hylian Royal Family," Orizon explained, "Since they, of course, have to live there. And while common law applies with my people, it does not with Hylians, so you are not a member of the royal family."

Jonathan thought about that for a moment. "If I were to become engaged to Zelda, would that make me a member of the royal family?" he asked the old Sheikah.

"Of course it would," Orizon affirmed, "That would make you Prince-in-Waiting of Hyrule, as a matter of fact. Of course, if you did decide to take such a course, you would have to resign your commission with the army, as the Prince of Hyrule has a set of military responsibilities of his own."

"What kinds of duties?" Jonathan inquired.

Orizon paused before answering. "You're seriously considering this," Orizon mused, "Very well, the prince is in charge of the castle guard. He also has to partake in guard duty at the castle on a regular basis."

"That's it?" Jonathan asked, thinking that being a member of the Hylian Royal Family would encompass more than that.

"Of course, there are other nonmilitary duties you would have to perform, but you would have no troubles with those," Orizon clarified, "Zelda could help you out with those. Things would be simpler for you because your position would carry little sovereign power, as Zelda was the one born into the royal family and, thus, would wield the sovereign power upon her ascension to the throne. Your position, from the position of Hyrule affairs, would be merely nominal, though you would still be regarded with admiration by the people, I would think."

Jonathan nodded as he thought for the next few minutes about everything he had heard from Orizon, although the decision seemed to be clear from the start. I want to stay in Hyrule, he thought, I want to be with Zelda. But if I can't reside in the castle, I'll be separated from her for at least two months, maybe even six. After what had happened six months ago against Ganondorf, that prospect just wasn't acceptable. Plus, where would I stay in the meantime? Jonathan continued in thought, I'd be assigned to do something dangerous, as I'm the only one in the Hylian military with even a little bit of courage. The choice was clear, but he said nothing for a while.

Orizon decided to let Jonathan think about what he would do next. He quietly got back onto his feet and began to leave the courtyard, but Jonathan spoke up when he was only halfway to the door.

"Hey Orizon," Jonathan began to ask as he turned toward the old Sheikah, "What should a man give to a princess as an engagement present? A simple ring just won't do, will it?"

Orizon smiled as he reached into his robe for an item he had gotten for such an occasion. He drew it out of a pocket and then tossed it to Jonathan's waiting right hand.

"Thanks," Jonathan said. Orizon nodded as he turned back and left the courtyard.

Jonathan looked at the small object in his right hand. It was a beautiful ring made of gold. And on one of the edges of the ring was an arrangement of four diamonds. In the center was the largest of the four diamonds. It was completely transparent and had a round-brilliant cut. The other three diamonds were smaller than the clear diamond, but had the same cut. They were arranged around the central diamond like a triangle, with a red diamond on above it, a blue diamond below and to the left of it, and a green diamond below and to the right of it. Jonathan recognized what the design was immediately. He placed the ring in his pocket, assuming that it was priceless. It would suffice for his purposes.


Jonathan entered the courtyard leading to Zelda's room about an hour later, having built up the will to do what he intended to do. I never thought that I'd be doing something like this before the age of 24, he thought to himself as he sat down and waited for his lover to return to her room, Then again, I never thought I'd be transported here. I never knew I could be a warrior. Jonathan had done a lot of things he had never even thought of doing, and he had a feeling that it wasn't even close to being over yet. He looked forward to the life that awaited him here in Hyrule, come danger, famine, or another invasion by Ganon.

It was around noon when Jonathan heard the door to the courtyard open and close. Turning around, Jonathan caught sight of Princess Zelda entering the courtyard. Jonathan stood up and ran toward her, and she ran toward him as well. The two grabbed each other as the sun shone down into the courtyard, bathing the embracing couple in golden light.

"It's good to see you Zelda," Jonathan said as they began to separate.

"Jonathan, you see me every day," Zelda pointed out, "Why would this be any different?"

"Trust me, it will be very different," Jonathan promised, thinking about how to proceed from here.

"Is there something you want to ask me, Jonathan?" she asked after a silent moment from Jonathan.

"Well, yes, but it needs to be phrased just right," he answered, now with an idea of where he'd go from here, "Zelda, the last six months have been the best in my life thanks to you."

Zelda blushed upon hearing that. "Oh Jonathan, stop it," she said teasingly.

"No, it's true, I swear," Jonathan insisted, wrapping Zelda in his arms from behind, "I never could have dreamed that something like this could ever happen to a guy like me. To be brought to a beautiful world like Hyrule, to be considered a hero by the people, and to fall in love with the most beautiful woman in the world, no, in the Universe. It seems too good to be true. Sometimes, I'm afraid I'm about to wake up from a dream."

Zelda smiled and replied, "Then don't wake up, Jonathan, and we can be together as long as you like."

Jonathan smiled at that remark. "Zelda, I love you," he declared, "With all my heart."

"Come on, is that the best you can do?" Zelda asked with a smile, looking back into Jonathan's eyes.

"Alright, hang on a moment," Jonathan responded as his right hand quickly went for his pocket, retrieving the ring Orizon had given him an hour before. Making sure that Zelda didn't see what he was doing, he brought the ring up and into Zelda's sight. "Let me put it this way," he remarked.

Zelda caught sight of the ring in Jonathan's right hand and gasped in surprise. She was absolutely speechless.

Jonathan quickly moved around Zelda and kneeled in front of her, holding the ring up to her in his hands as an offering of love and commitment. "Zelda Hyrule," he began to ask, looking into her eyes, "Will you marry me?"

Zelda's hands clasped to her mouth in shock and delight as she squealed. It was a sound that delighted Jonathan, for he knew then what her answer would be. He smiled knowing what that answer was.

"Oh, yes," she replied after she lowered her hands, but she was still almost jumping with joy, "Yes, I will!"

"Then keep your hand still for a moment, please," Jonathan requested with a chuckle, "I have to put it on."

Zelda complied, holding out her right hand and watching as Jonathan slipped the ring onto her fourth finger. Once done, the two immediately embraced each other again and shared a long kiss.


Author's Notes: Well, there you have it. This story is finished. But there will be more. At least, that is my intention. Once again, thanks to everyone who tagged along for the ride.

And now, to keep you guys interested in what the future holds, here are previews from two of my upcoming works.


From Harry Potter and the Heir of Gryffindor (debuting June 6, 2008):

Harry saw the world in the Pensieve around him freeze suddenly, just a few seconds after the famous event had taken place. He first looked out through the destroyed walls of the room and onto the outside world. The night sky was clear, showing all the star twinkling away to their various ends. There was no wind on this night as Harry saw the children in the distant streets going from door to door, a bag in a hand of every child being filled with sweets as they went along. They seemed completely oblivious to the two floor house that had just appeared from out of nowhere or the explosion which tore a huge hole in its second floor. Further in the distance, Harry saw the local village church and the graveyard adjacent to it, where Harry had been just a few minutes ago. It seemed as if what had happened in the house was the only thing of note to have happened on this night.

Looking back into the room, Harry now saw the aftermath of the situation which brought him the fame and the destiny that he never wanted. There was no body of the Dark Lord on the floor; his body seemingly dissolved into thin air when the Killing Curse rebounded into his body, which also cause the walls to blow out. Near the side of the room was a white cradle. The baby boy in it had his eyes tightly shut and his mouth wide open, crying out at sensing an unfamiliar presence in his sight and then at the brief, sharp pain that had crossed his forehead, forever distinguishing him. On the floor next to the crib was the body of a woman lying face down. Her long, think, dark red hair scattered in every direction as her body hit the floor from her quick, painless death. It was a death which she freely accepted in an attempt to save her only child, and it was a sacrifice that worked beyond her wildest hopes in her final moments of life. And standing in the doorway was a six-foot-tall young man with neck-length brown hair and brownish-hazel eyes. Harry could see confusion starting to enter those eyes which only moments before had been filled with anger. His long, thin wand was in his right hand, aiming at where Lord Voldemort was just standing, a Killing Curse had been on his tongue.

Harry then saw the older Geoffrey Gryffindor kneel next to Lily's body. His head was fixed downward, looking at the destruction that Voldemort had wrought upon him. For a short time he was silent, then Harry heard a sharp intake of air from him, a sign that he had begun to cry. Geoff placed his right hand on the floor while his left hand went up to his face, trying to block Harry from seeing him cry. Harry knew that something had happened to Geoff that changed him in ways that Harry couldn't comprehend. He had seen the old Geoffrey Gryffindor; a young, idealistic man who always took the high road and was Dumbledore's Man through and through. Something had happened that had changed him into the Geoffrey Gryffindor he now saw before him; a man who would not let anything stand in between him and his goals, however noble they were. And Harry assumed that they had something to do with this memory.

Finally, Geoff looked up and into Harry's eyes. He saw only pain, grief, and regret in those watery eyes. Geoff knew that the time had come for him to ask something that he thought Harry would never give him if he knew the truth. But it had to be asked for, and he asked for it.

"Harry, can you ever forgive me?" he asked, his voice wavering with the emotions Harry had seen in his eyes, "Can you forgive me for forcing you to endure all these years of hell?"


From The Legend of Zelda: Dark Apprentice (coming in 2009):

Jonathan took a step back and realized that this battle was taking too long. He had been giving it his all for the past five minutes and knew that he was indeed outclassed. But his opponent was holding back. Jonathan understood why he was doing this, but they were running out of time. At any moment, the dark ritual would begin, destroying the barrier between Hyrule and the Golden Land. And if that happened, all would be lost. Jonathan knew what had to be done. He knew what had to be sacrificed. And he accepted what he needed to do.

He stepped forward again, bringing his shield up and swung his sword at the green-clad teenager in front of him. Link blocked the strike easily as they kept their swords locked together for a few moments.

"Link, you know what you have to do," Jonathan reminded his friend, "You must stop Agahnim at all costs."

"I'm not going to kill you Jonathan," Link replied, "You're my friend. You're on my side."

"Link, you're the only one who can stop Agahnim," Jonathan replied, "And you're going to have to kill me to save Princess Zelda. You have to do this."

And to force the issue, Jonathan began attacking Link more aggressively, leaving openings for Link to counter in where Jonathan usually wouldn't allow. He needed to force Link to make a decision, a decision in which there was only one rational solution. After the fifth strike, Link decided that he needed to live. He took the Master Sword and shoved it forward into a hole in Jonathan's defense.

Jonathan actually felt very little as the sword penetrated his abdomen and came out of his back. He dropped his sword and grabbed the area the sword had penetrated and felt a warm, sticky fluid on his fingers. And as Link removed the sword from his body, Jonathan collapsed to the floor as he felt his grip on life begin to slip away.

"Jonathan, I so sorry," Link apologized to his fallen friend.

"Just go," Jonathan replied softly, "She's in the next room."

Link nodded as he ran off toward the next room. However, before he had left the room, Jonathan heard the other door in the room open.

"JONATHAN! NO!" he heard Zelda scream as he struggled to retain what little life was left in him for this moment. He needed to say goodbye.


And there you have it. Just remember that these scenes may not appear exactly as they are shown here, as neither of these stories has been completed yet. But the events here are ones that I expect to happen in these stories. Take what you will from that.

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