Author's Note

At last, this story has begun! I have been planning this story ever since early 2006, but I had in mind that I want to include new characters from the new SSB game that was announced, but yet to be revealed.

When SSB Brawl was announced and shown, my hype for this story rose more, and I'm becoming more and more anxious to begin this story; however, I told myself to be patient until even more news is released.

The wait is finally worth it; I proudly present perhaps the longest story I'm going to write since Darkling!

I know you guys are going to complain stuffs like, "These kinds of stories have been done to death!"

While that is true, you must remember that this is written by the person who done masterpieces like Armageddon and Darkling. I also noticed that my Darkling is one of the first kinds of story, and after that, many other stories like that have risen. You can say that I was the first to introduce these types of stories to this category.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this story that has been anticipated for so long! Please let your reviews be kind; I refuse to accept any reviews that talk bad about this story. Two have already have been blocked off by me because they say my stories are uncreative and unoriginal and are horrible.

Besides the fun of reading the story itself, there will also be some bonus extras.

SBS is back! Ask any question in your reviews, whether it be silly or serious, and I will answer you not through review reply, but publicly in the next chapter.

To keep the suspense for the next chapter down, I will post the title for the next chapter so you can get a small idea of what to expect next. If I feel like it, I might even post a small preview of the next chapter.

Game2002's Talk Show: A special talk show in script format may sometimes appear at the end of chapters, where this host named Game2002 will interview characters from the story regarding the negative characteristics and aspects of the world and human life, and what must be done about this problem.

NOTE: This story WILL go into hiatus at chapter 4 until even more Brawl news is released.






In this world,

there exist people of many kinds.

Some are good people that spread out love and happiness,

but some people exist for the sole purpose of annoying others.

These people are never satisfied.

They demand more.

They complain about everything.

They hate everything and have no appreciation in their hearts.

They are incapable of intelligence and know only violence.

They have no respect for others and respect only themselves.

They are filled with pride and they look down on others.

They enjoy hurting others and see the tears and sadness of people

for their own pleasure.

These are the worst kinds of people…

They deserve the beating.






For years, the Smashers have fought evil and prevented them from threatening the world.

Andross and his army of Team Venom tried, but failed.

K. Rool used the legendary Mech Gems to create the ultimate robot, but lost everything.

Gyigas the universe destroyer tried twice, but failed twice.

King Starman tried and nearly succeeded, but was brought down by the Holy Weapons.

Ridley once allied with King Starman, but was killed twice.

His most loyal followers—Punk, Pix, and Pork—tried and succeeded in reviving him. Ridley then sent the Smashers 500 years to the past, where they battled the great demon Naraku, but let him got away.

Naraku awakened the very incarnation of evil, the Darkling, and made himself the Darkling King and formed an alliance of evil people, and tried to take over the world. The plan was successful, but short-lived, and Naraku at long last met his end and the Darkling were once again sealed away.

Deathborn ruined the F-30 Race and tried to claim the power of God Carma by force, but was foiled.

Then came one of the greatest shocks in the world… The day the Smashers declared war against the world government just to rescue a friend.

And from that day on, the Smashers have been marked by the government the enemy of the whole world.

Nothing can save them from their current fate now. No matter what they do, people will only see it as their evil deeds.

And now, a new evil is rising… Can they stop this evil, and will the world change its view towards the Smashers if they succeed?

Let the ultimate battle between good and evil