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Final Chapter: Even When Separated, We are Still the Super Smash Bros.!

It has been a week since the fall of the Negativities, and everything is at peace ever since.

Ike was able to deliver the meteor to Hoenn Space Station, even if the meteor is just a normal rock now. However, the scientists there believed that they can still find a use for this meteor and learn more about it, so Ike's work did not come to waste in the end. After that, he set off into unknown places, only to show up when he is needed.

King Dedede and Meta-Knight went back to Dream Land to once again rule their country. Dream Land seems to have earned some respect from other countries when they learned that the king of that place was participated in saving the world, but even still, Dream Land never amounted much in the world as a very powerful or well known country. Also, Dedede's castle is rebuilt and is just like new, and you can tell that he is very pleased with it.

Sonic went back to South Island, where he spent most of his time running around while being chased by his fangirl Amy. Eggman is back in his rebuilt base, trying to hatch some evil plan like he always does.

Red went back to Kanto and traded Turtley and Charizard back to their respective owners, and he's living his usual daily life afterwards.

Gruntilda is back in Spiral Mountain, where she spends most of time in her castle trying to find a way to make herself look beautiful and at the same time messing with that bear and bird.

The rest of the Negativities members that are still alive were not heard of ever since, but one can be sure that they are probably out there doing what they usually do before they became part of this organization.

As for Roy, and returned to Lycia with Lilina to get ready for that grand day to come.


Lucas is back in Nowhere Island, where he is paying respect to his mother and twin brother, Claus. The body of his brother was recovered and sent back to his homeland and he is now buried next to his mother.

Lucas laid down some flowers in front of their grave and gave a moment of silence, and then his father, Flint, said to him, "Claus has always been quick to jump to conclusions and is very brash. I hope you will forgive him for what he's done."

"No, I never held a grudge against him," Lucas said with a smile on his face. "I'm just happy that he can be mother forever."


As for Pokey, he is spending his life in prison with his fate currently unknown. He now spends his days cursing the Smashers for screwing up his life.

Also, the ownership of New Pork City is currently under debate. With the Minch family out of commission, the legal right to the amusement park is unknown at the moment, but it is still open to the public as a very fun theme park to play at.


At the government HQ, Bahamut was in the presence of the Pentaglorious, talking with them about the recent events. "You have missed a big chance of capturing the Smashers," Mike the Smart said to Bahamut. "Don't think you can fool us by saying that they got away before you arrived."

"But it wouldn't be an acceptable reason to arrest them after they just saved the world from brink of destruction," Bahamut replied. "At least it is not my style to do such thing."

"The Smashers only excuse for doing such thing is so that they can take over the world themselves. Such dangerous people must not be given the chance to escape or succeed."

"I told you that all of people, sending Bahamut there is a mistake, and none of you dumb heads listened to me!" Church Caller said, sounding angry. "His heart is too soft and that is not what people who fight for peace should have!"

"But even still, Bahamut is a very powerful and reliable part of the superpower," Ice Dragon said. "As long as he knows what he is doing, then let him be."

"The public seem to approve the actions of the Smashers too," Hyper Knee added. "According to reports, there are many people who are aware of the crimes they committed against Alias Lobby, but yet at the same time, they do not see them as criminals and treated them like friends."

"And after they have taken down the Negativities, it seems like they have gain the trust of even more people," Smash Pumpkin said. "The Smashers really are gaining fame and popularity. In fact, I'm beginning to wonder on which side exactly the Smashers are on."

"It does not matter! People like them are only trying to gain the trust of others just so they can lower the suspicions for their evildoings!" Church Caller said. "They must be stopped before it's too late!"

"While it is a good thing that they have helped taken down the Negativities," Mike the Smart said, "we still must not let our guards down on them. It is still too early to determine whether or not they are on the dark side."

Church Caller slammed the table hard and said, "Are you people seriously going to just sit here and let them do whatever the f--ing hell they want? If more consequences follow, things will be totally messed up!"

"Watch your language, Caller!" Mike the Smart demanded. "This is what Big Brother demands, so let things go as he says."

"You people are no use! And you call yourself leaders of justice? I will take matter into my own hands someday and show you how things are done!" Church Caller said angrily, and then he got up and stormed off the room in rage.


Now we go back to Smash Mansion which is situated in Onett…

At the underground lab…

Fox was inspecting the robot that Ness brought back from the theme park. "What did you find out?" Ness asked him.

"This thing is actually more complicate than it looks," Fox replied. "It might not be a toy after all!"

"You mean it is actually a real robot?"

"Judging by the circuits inside it, it seems to be so."

"So are you able to make it work again?"

"The design in there sure is complicated, but with enough effort, I'm sure I can get it to work again. Might take some time though…"

"Don't worry; I can wait!"


Mario was sitting at the sofa in the living room, relaxing and watching TV, and Snake was sitting nearby reading newspaper. DK and Diddy walked past him and headed for a door. "C'mon, Diddy, I'll show you around town!" DK said to his nephew.

"This is going to be fun!" Diddy said with excitement while holding a camera in his hand.

Shortly after they went through the door, Zelda and Peach came in. Mario turned to them and asked, "How are Macchi, Mari, and Kanna?"

"Those three girls are starting to get used to their new home at 10 Lives Apartment," Peach replied. "Though they are still trying to search for a suitable job."

"I hope-a they get-a one soon and also get-a along with life here!" Mario said, and he continued watching TV.

"The Cult of Pessimism is currently at large once again," the news reporter on the TV said. "In case people forgot, this is a group of terrorists who are known to complain and whine about everything in the world and they made their appearance in the story Camp at Generic Campsite. A group was caught while they were having their ritual of sorts in an abandoned condom factory. As usual, they constantly grumbled on how awful the world is and threatened to bomb a department store for unknown reasons. One thing interesting they said is something that could possibly be mentioning the leader of the cult whose identity has eluded people for a long time. It goes something like their leader having a name that proclaims loudly to the world."

"Those bunch of emos," Snake said while keeping his eyes glued to the newspaper.

"We also want to report to you another urgent news we just received," the news reporter said. "A diclonius has escaped from a research institution in Yokohama, Japan. Diclonii are very dangerous creatures who will kill without remorse. Please keep watch of any generally unclothed girls with horns on their heads and keep your distance from one if you see it. Their vector arms are strong enough to penetrate concrete walls."

"Good thing it's not in Eagleland," Snake said. "I wouldn't want to run into one anytime soon in my life."

"What is a diclonius?" Parry asked.

Before he could get a reply, Link came into the living room with a letter in his hand. "Hey guys! Good news! Roy's wedding ceremony is on the way! He's inviting all of us over to Lycia to attend his wedding ceremony!"

"Really?!" everyone said in surprise.

"Yeah! Master Hand is preparing the Final Destination for take off! It will start tomorrow, so let's get ready!"



In order to not drag out the story, we will skip ahead to the next day, where everyone is at Etrutria castle.

All the Smashers were invited over, but they were not the only ones. The residents of 10 Lives Apartment were invited over and Mr. Binko, the current king of Monstry, represented his country and paid a visit to see his friend's wedding ceremony too. Mr. 2 and the Space Pirate Trio also attended!

Roy is standing up in front of everyone, waiting for the bride to come. "Looking good there, Roy!" Link said to him.

"Don't make me shy!" Roy said with a red face.

"Here comes the bride!" shouted a loud voice.

Everyone turned around and saw Lilina, dressed in a beautiful white wedding gown, walking into the room and slowly traveling across the passage leading to her soon-to-be husband.

"She looks so beautiful!" Luigi commented.

"I couldn't agree any less! Perhaps Peach will look very good if she is wearing one too!" Bowser said.

"Oh, how I want to wear something like that!" Mr. 2 said.

"Me too! When will my prince on a white horse show up to fetch me?" Susanna said.

"No one will ever show up for you…" G&W murmured quietly to himself.

Lilina walked all the way to the front and Roy held her by her hand, and the both of them smiled at each other happily before turning to the judge before them. And then the usual rituals for a wedding ceremony proceeded, and to make a long story short, the both of them got married and there were cheers of happiness all over the place.


Soon afterwards, an all-you-can-eat banquet was held for everyone to enjoy.

"Oh man! Wedding foods are the best!" Yoshi said with a mouthful.

"I agree!" Kirby said.

"I couldn't agree anymore than you!" Pork said while stuffing food into his mouth.

Ganondorf walked past them and said, "Don't forget to pay your respects to your newly wedded friend over there. This will be the last he's being with us."

Roy and his new wife were at the throne, giving handshakes to anyone who came up to them. "Congratulations!" Mario said to him while giving him a handshake.

"I hope you like your new life!" Luigi said.

"I feel so happy for you!" Peach said happily.

"You're a lucky boy, Roy!" Bowser said.

"I hope you have a healthy baby soon!" Dr. Mario said.

"Thanks for your concern!" Roy said happily to all of them. "I'll never forget you guys!"

Peach went to Lilina and said to her, "You're lucky to have a husband who cares for you!"

"Thank you!" Lilina said. "Though I'm sure he's not going to drop that habit of his anytime soon, but I still love him anyway."

Dedede and Meta-Knight walked up to him and Dedede said, "Well, congratulations for becoming the new king of your country. You'll soon understand how great it feels to be a king!"

"Thank you very much! I will rule my country as good as I can!" Roy said.

"It is an honor to meet a new king like you," MK said.

After the two of them left, Mr. Binko and his wife came up. "Roy! The day has come for you at last!" Mr. Binko said. "I am very proud of you, my friend!"

"I feel proud for you too!" Roy said. "How's life as a king currently?"

"Being the king isn't all that easy and luxurious, you know? You need to have great responsibility for your people. For someone as young as you, it can be a tough task."

"Don't worry; I won't disappoint anyone!"

After they left, MH came up to him and said, "So it's the last time we will be together."

"Yeah, and thinking of it, it can be quite sad to leave you guys after staying with all for so long," Roy said.

"There are some things that are inevitable. The day will come when the Smashers will someday be all separated and disbanded. But before that day comes, let us retain some of the greatest memories possible when we were with each other and hope that we are still in touch even after we separate."

"I'll never forget you guys!"

"Me too!" Lilina said.

As everyone enjoyed the buffet, Roy watched from his throne happily at his friends. Bowser, Dedede, Wario, and Snake were having another beer drinking contest while MK told Dedede not to overdo himself, Samus was getting her attention grabbed by some people because she's looks beautiful in a dress, Falco was boasting about how great his talents are while Fox just sat at the side and quietly said to the people that he's just exaggerating the truth, and Jigglypuff was trying to sing, but G&W taped her mouth before she had the chance.

Mewtwo was just floating around looking at people, Sonic and Captain Falcon boasting about each others speed and planning on a race that they will have someday, Red's Pokemon were all sent out and having a fun time for themselves with Pikachu and Pichu, and Yoshi and Kirby were fighting over the last piece of cinnamon toast crunch while Lucario watched from the side and rooted for this 'father'.

Ness, Young Link, Pit, the Ice Climbers, Lucas, and some other kids were watching a funny show put up by DK, Diddy, and Crazy Hand. Marth was leaning against a wall looking seriously and Ike sat on a balcony while looking out into the distance and Ganondorf was at his table eating like a gentleman. Link and Zelda were sitting together at the same table and talking with each other happily and the Mario Bros. and Dr. Mario were at another table with Peach talking happily too, and Parry was just flying around and looking at various stuffs.

"Time to take a group picture!" a random cameraman shouted. "May the married couple stand in the middle while their friends all gather around them and pose?"

Roy and Lilina stood up and held hand-to-hand together in front of a colored wall, and then all their friends gathered around them to take a group picture. The last picture they will ever have together.

It was a beautiful and grand moment for all them as they partied together. The sky is blue and a rainbow could be seen over the castle of Lycia, marking the birth of a new king, and also the wonderful deeds that the Smashers have performed together.

It is a day to be remembered!

BGM: SSE Credits (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Story by: Game2002
Plot by: Game2002
Written by: Game2002
Concept by: Game2002

These following characters are my OC:
Billy the Bully
The Space Pirate Trio (Punk, Pix, Pork)
All the residents of 10 Lives Apartment, besides the Hanagumi
Bob Iamanidiot
Angor Wrath
Pokey's secretary
The Pentaglorious
Officer Dinsmin

Random minor characters and machines like Egg Duo and Ninjawz do not count because anyone can come up with them. All other characters belong to their respective creators.












Special Preview

BGM: Main Theme (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

The Negativities has fallen, but…

"In the name of the world government, you following people are under arrest!" Dinsmin said.

Wario paced back and forth around his cell and grumbled, "Dammit… We really can't get out of this now…?"

"Get over it," Marth told him. "This was bound to happen someday anyway. We can only sit here and wait for rescue."

"Sorry, but I really can't help you get out of this anymore…" Captain Strong said. "I never wished for things to fall into this, seriously…"

Arrival of new characters...

"ROB… My name is the only thing I can remember…" said the robot.

"It's been a while, Star Fox!" said the anthropomorphic wolf.

"BROTHER!! YOU'RE BACK!!" shouted the kid who looks very similar to Young Link but at the same time quite different.

"Oh my god! Help me! My Pikmins for this monster!" cried the short guy in a spacesuit.

Justice… or… World domination?

"He's really gone too far!" MH said.

"C'mon! Let's destroy that thing!" Captain Falcon said.

"Aim for the top! That's the major weak spot of this whole contraption!" Samus shouted after performing a scan.

Mike the Smart placed his hand over his forehead and said, "Why… How come we never suspected him…? He was standing in front of us all along…"

"Theez eez not-a justice! Theez eez evil!" Mario shouted.

It returns…

"We are disappointed…"

"The world is a disappointment!"

"We hate everything…"

"There is nothing in this world that is enjoyable!"

"We are not satisfied…"

"Life is suffering! Life is harsh!"

"We are…"

"We, the Cult of Pessimism, strive to let people realize that this world is a failure and disappointment! The truth is that life is suffering! Woe is us! Woe to all of us for living in such a horrible world!"

"We are… Gamfax."

The legacy of Gamfax lives on…


The first episode of the trilogy











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