Summary: When Johnny's actions jepordizes a mission, he gets grounded to the Baxter Building while the others are out. While he's there, a teenage boy sneaks into the Fantastic Four's HQ and manages to steal a "copy" of Johnny's powers as well as a spare super suit. The boy then escapes and starts causing trouble using Johnny's power while Johnny gets all the blame. Can Johnny set things right, or will the others mistrust in him prevent him from doing so?

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Movie based, takes place about a month after "Rise of the Silver Surfer."

Rated K+, just in case.

Request Denied

Chapter 1


"Johnny, get back here!"

Johnny ignored Sue's voice, jumping from the cliff face, shouting, "Flame on!" Instantly igniting into a ball of fire, he zoomed up the cliff face, leaving the other three down where they were.

It was an average day for the Fantastic Four, or at least, average for them. Rescue someone here, stop a crime there. That was about as average as their day got. An un-average day, in Johnny's opinion, was a day in which they didn't do anything, or the entire world was in need of saving.

They already did that last month, so today counted as an average day. Right now they were trying to rescue someone. Some guy in a forest ranger truck lost control of his truck and went off the edge of a cliff. His fall was only stopped by the fact that the nose of the truck got wedged onto a smaller ledge only a truck length from the top of the cliff, so that the end of the truck could still be reached from the cliff top.

When the Fantastic Four arrived, the plan was originally to pull the truck to safety from the top of the cliff, which could be easily done by using their powers. But Reed then decided that was too risky, for there was no way to keep the truck steady from both ends. So while Ben stayed on the top of the cliff and attempted to keep the truck from falling, the other three would come up from the bottom of the cliff in the Fantasticar, and steady the bottom of the truck so it could be pulled to safety.

Only Johnny didn't like that plan. Since the truck didn't need to come out of this alive, he thought it would be easier to just fly up there and pull the driver out of the truck, and then worry about getting the truck back to where it belonged. He voiced his opinion on the matter to Reed and Sue, who were riding in the Fantasticar with him.

"We can't Johnny, that ledge isn't stable, and it's the only thing keeping the truck where it is." Johnny remembered Reed objecting. "Adding more weight to it without steading it could make it collapse."

"Not if we're fast." Johnny had replied, "We could just zoom up there in the Fantasticar, pry the door off, and pull the guy to safety. In fact, we could do it all from the Fantasticar, and never have to touch the ledge."

"Okay, first, Johnny, it's not called a Fantasticar, it's called a FHC. Second, the FHC produces too much wind when flying, it could just make things worse." Reed objected, and had brought the flying automobile to hover some feet below the ledge in question.

"So we're going up there a different way." Sue explained further, turned in her seat so she could see the cliff next to her. Without so such as blinking, she created a flat force field that hung between the side of the cliff and where the Fantasticar hovered.

"Everybody out." Reed had said, engaging the auto-pilot on the Fantasticar then climbing out of the vehicle to stand on Sue's force field.

"You've got to be kidding." Johnny remembered complaining, watching Sue step out on the semi-invisible platform.

"Johnny, this is the plan, and we're sticking to it." Reed insisted, turning to face Johnny. "We're not trying your idea, and we've already told you why."

"Why can't I just fly up there, then?" Johnny asked, stepping out hesitantly on the force field. "I could save the guy myself, easily."

"Johnny, we've got to keep the truck from falling either way." Reed said, as Sue slowly moved the force field upwards like an elevator. "It's too risky either way. I mean, whether or not you saved the driver anyway, if the truck is allowed to fall, the impact could ignite a fire, and seeing that we're in a forest at summer, that could be a problem."

"Reed, you exaggerate too much." Johnny had noted. He still didn't like the idea.

So, now, he was doing it his way, whether the others liked it or not.

Zooming upward leaving a trail of fire behind him, Johnny reached the ledge and gently stepped upon it. The edge he stood upon suddenly gave way under his feet, causing him to have to burst into flames again to keep from falling until he was on slightly sturdier ground.

"Johnny, what are you doing?" Ben growled from the top of the cliff, still trying to hold the truck in place. "This wasn't part of the plan!"

"Well, it changed, Ben!" Johnny shouted back, then carefully stepped along the ledge to the driver side door on the truck.

The driver in the truck was conscious as was aware of what was happening. He looked very frightened.

"Don't worry, I'm gonna get you out of here." Johnny assured him, trying to open the door.

He heard something crumbling, but ignored it. Finally, after melting the hinges on the door with fire, he pulled the door off, and began pulling the driver out of the truck. Johnny thought things were going quite well, and that the job will be done as soon as Reed and Sue arrived here on their force field-vator.

Only Reed and Sue went back to the Fantasticar with the plan of meeting Johnny on top of the cliff, and that was taking more time than Johnny planned on. Then things started to wrong even more.

The crumbling Johnny heard was only getting louder, and then Ben suddenly shouted, "Look out! It's going to go!"

Johnny, having just succeeded in pulling the driver out of the truck, looked up in time to see Ben get dragged to one side as the ledge finally collapsed. The truck tilted towards Johnny, and, without thinking, jumped from the ledge and turned into the usual ball of fire racing towards the top of the cliff to safety.

He forgot what he had in his arms until reaching the cliff top.

"You idiot!" Ben roared angrily, roughly shoving Johnny to one side as he took the driver from Johnny's arms and frantically tried to put out the driver's flaming clothing.

Stunned, Johnny went to the cliff ledge to see where the truck had landed, and saw that Sue had managed to stop it's fall by enclosing it in a force field, then, with great strain, lifted it up to safety on the cliff top as she and Reed flew up to the same location in the Fantasticar.

The glares Johnny got from all three of his teammates told him enough.

"I'm in trouble." he said aloud to nobody in particular.