So here it is, the last chapter, here only to tie up the loose ends in the plot. I had considered writing a chapter which told about the references hour taken to get everybody's powers back where they belonged, but considering that chpt. eleven came out very confusing and that I'd really have to sit down and think it all through, I chickened out and jumped over that moment. Hope you guys don't mind.

Anyway, on to the final chapter!

Chapter 12

In Retrospection

Sometime later, the Fantastic Four walked out of the New York police station, all having their rightful powers again and feeling quite happy. It wasn't easy getting it that way, for they had all spent over an hour with the boy swapping powers back and forth, trying to get the right ones in the right people. It didn't help any that the boy had refused to cooperate.

But it was only denying the inevitable.

To express his happiness, Johnny made a fireball and began juggling it. "Good to have everything back to normal." he remarked. "It's been a pretty hectic these last few days."

"Yes, for all of us." Reed agreed, likewise familiarizing himself back with his own power by flexing his arm. "I'm glad it's over now."

"But just who was that boy, and what in the world was he planning to do?" Sue asked.

"Well, the boy wasn't willing to tell me who he was." Reed explained, "So I took the liberty of doing some researching, and found out that he's Jacob Roberts, a sixteen year old from New Jersey. Apparently he had ran away from home a month ago due to social pressures."

"What kind of social pressures?" Ben asked.

"According to his parents, he was teased a lot for his shy and reserved personality." Reed continued to explain.

"Shy and reserved, hah!" Johnny repeated sarcastically under his breath.

"What his parents didn't know was that the boy had a superpower." Reed went on without acknowledging Johnny's remark. "But quite a few of the boy's 'acquaintances,' did. The problem Jacob now faced was that he got negative reactions to it, most of them finding the ability completely outmatched by our own powers, and apparently he was told as such quite often."

"So that's what he meant when he said he had zero percent of the popularity." Johnny thought aloud, accidently stumbling and dropping the fireball he was juggling into a overfull trash can, lighting it aflame. Sue quickly enclosed the can in a forcefield to cut of the flame's oxygen supply, quickly putting it out. "To everyone else, we, the Fantastic Four, were far cooler than himself. Which is true."

"Wait, are you saying that the kid was simply jealous of us having all the media and attention that we get?" Sue asked.

"Of course." Reed said. "That was the fuel for all of his actions against us."

"Oh, but if only he knew what it was really like!" Sue exclaimed. "Some days I wish I could just get rid of the media all together."

"So this boy, Jacob, attacked us like this just so he could try and get some of the attention?" Ben asked. "Attention for what? Being the next supervillain in the world?"

"That was pretty much his plan, yes." Reed admitted. "He knew that if he could pull it off, the attention would all start shifting to him. I guess he didn't think about what kind of popularity that would be getting him."

"Okay, so we know what the kid planned to do." Ben quickly recapped, "But what I want to know is how the kid got the power in the first place. You just don't find the cosmic energy needed around here very much."

"Well, we were right to theorize that Norrin Radd played a hand in this." Reed explained. "When the Jacob found out I knew his name, he knew that his gig was up and went right out and explained it all to me. You guys remember when the Silver Surfer caused that black out in New Jersey shortly after he had arrived on Earth?"

"No, but we'll take your word for it." Johnny remarked.

"Well what had happened was that Jacob was up an apple tree trying to pick apples for his mother when the black out occurred. The Surfer, having finished whatever it was that he did, was merely passing by and happened to shoot right past the apple tree Jacob was up in." Reed said. "It happened so quickly that Jacob didn't get a good look at Norrin, and Norrin probably didn't even see Jacob. But it was close enough that the cosmic energy that surrounds Norrin's board to reach Jacob, and it did it's thing. The next day, Jacob discovered his techno-path power."

"What about the transfer power?" Johnny asked. "Did he know he had it?"

"He suspected it." Reed said. "Despite the government's attempts to keep parts of the whole incident with the Silver Surfer under wraps, parts of it still got out, most notably is Johnny's own transfer power, which examples of had been caught on film. Jacob, upon seeing some of this footage, added two with two and figured out the connection, and guessed that it was possible that he had it too.

"For him, though, it was only an added bonus and wasn't important to his original plans, because he knew that the only way find out if he had the power would be to touch someone else with a superpower. He knew that it wouldn't be good to center his plan on that ability only to find out that he really didn't have it. His original plan was to overwhelm the first member of the Fantastic four that he found with his techno-path ability, which we have already proven has much more power than it had first gotten credit for."

"So what will happen to Jacob Roberts?" Johnny asked as they reached the Fantasticar and started to climb into it.

"The police is going to hold him for about a month or so." Reed explained, strapping himself into the pilot's seat. "The transfer ability isn't permanent, and it's already starting to wear off. That's probably why when Jacob first used the power on Johnny, only a partial transfer occurred. Just to be safe, the police will keep him locked up away from anything technological that he might be able to control until the transfer ability wears off, then they'll send him back to New Jersey where he'll go to a juvenile correction center for awhile."

"Well, it's not like he didn't have it coming to him." Johnny said, leaning back in his seat. "And anyway, all is well that ends well."

"We ready to go now?" Ben asked, from the back, waiting for them to takeoff.

"Yes." Reed answered, powering up the craft's engines.

"Fantasticar, AWAY!" Johnny exclaimed dramatically as the craft began to hover.

"Johnny, for the last time, it's called an FHC." Reed corrected.

"Oh, come on, Reed, can't we just call it the Fantasticar, avoid the confusion?"

Reed grinned inwardly just as the Fantasticar began to speed away towards the New York skyline. "Request denied, Johnny."

The end. Thanks for all the support you guys have given for this story. :)