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ever wonder what happened between Sara and Derek between Juilliard tryouts (the second time) and "Main Squeeze Night"? here's my version- please r/r, thanx, this is my first ever fanfic!!! Enjoy!!

The Make-up

(Derek is walking Sara home)

"I can NOT believe that judge just said I made it in, I mean, I hoped I would make it, but this is so slammin'"!! Sara yelled.

"You were great, baby." Sara blushes.

"Wait a sec, how come you came…" Derek silences her with a passionate kiss.

"Chenille told me what she said to you, and I told her to stay out of my business, plus- I couldn't let you out of my life, it would hurt me too much, and I… I… I love you, Sara.

"I love you, too, I'm sorry I hurt you, it's just Malachi said I would never look as good with you as Nikki does, and then what Chenille said. (crying) I'm sorry."

"Malachi was lying, we look better together then Nikki and I ever could," Sara blushes again.

Shyly, Sara says, "Well, we're here, wanna come in? Dad's gone again, this time for two days…"

"Sure." Derek smiles that gorgeous smile of his.

(In apartment)

"Remember where I said my "room" was?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Well, I have a real room now, look." Sara shows off her room, and yet again "I see your true colors" is on in the background, from Sara turning on the stereo softly.

Derek says "I love it", in between passionate kisses.

(let's leave the lovebirds alone…)

next day… Derek's at home

"Hey, Chenille! Come here!"

"What?" She gives Christopher to Mama Dean, and walks over to Derek.

"Guess what?"


"Sara got in to Julliard!!!!!!!!"

"How does she know, didn't they just see her yesterday?"

"Yeah, but the judge liked it so much he said, 'I can't put this on record yet, but welcome to Julliard' or something like that."

"Awesome, but- this means definetly the two of you will be seperated, can ya keep up the relationship?"

Derek smiles thoughtfully, worrying, then says that sure they can, they're meant for each other.

Next chapter, after "Main Squeeze Night (if not everybody hates the story)

ok, I know, weird, but I promise, it will get better- if u r/r and tell me what u want to happen, it might come true, and it could help me. Also, tell me if I should keep doing it, please be gentle lol Thank you!!!