Title: The Question (Bah, bad title. Tell me a better one!)
Words: 214
Genre: Crack/Comedy
Rating: R to be on the safe side
Pairing: Inuyasha/Kikyou
Warnings: Unbetaed! You may critique it. And if you don't like the pairing, don't read! Simple, huh?

The Question

He stood on the bank of the river, eyes wide at the sight before him. Quickly he turned away, silver hair flying in a graceful circle and concealing his reddened face.

"I'm sorry. I knew you were here but... I... didn't mean to see..."

His words stumbled to a stop as he heard the water swish around feet leaving the water. She was within arms reach, if only his heart and body wouldn't stumble. If she wouldn't mind, if she still loved him as he loved her. So many ifs.

Kikyou moved up the bank past her clothes and stood behind the flustered boy.

"Inuyasha. Turn around. Look at me."

His face flamed even more. What did she think he was? He had a hard enough time concealing his feelings without having to fight for control over his body, and some things just can't be concealed. He was already wishing there was a way to shift without calling attention to the fact that a single glimpse of her had him hardening.


The wistful way she said his name had him turning before he had thought out a way to ignore her nudity.


Do I look fat? I think she used too much clay, because I don't remember my butt being this big."

Come on, who wouldn't have it cross their mind if they had been re-made by a potter? (snerk)