Title: Angel Costume
kawaii-kirei "KK"
PG-13 or T

This is once again done on the request of Anime Ruby Girl, who gave me another idea about Sasuke, Naruto, and angel costumes.

Disclaimer: Naruto and all of its characters do not and never will belong to me. The main idea of this story also does not belong to me, as stated above.

Author's Notes: I… have no explanation for this. xD

Angel Costume

When Naruto found out that Sasuke had been assigned to wear the angel costume for the upcoming festival, he nearly blew his intestines up as he rolled on the floor, tears coming out of his eyes as he laughed. He was especially smug when he found that his own costume was of a demon. His laughter and amusement (and not to mention smugness) intensified more so when the day of the festival finally came up, and Sasuke came in the meeting place wearing what he had been assigned, albeit with a very, very sour expression.

Wearing a simple white dress with paper wings lousily attached at the back and a headband with a stick clumsily pasted on it that held up the halo, Sasuke walked inside the room, ignoring the sniggering from his peers that seemed to echo loudly in his ears.

The meeting started and ended, and everyone left to go to their designated posts.

It was just Sasuke's luck to find out that his own post was very annoyingly near Naruto's, so near that the distance was enough for Naruto to mentally poke his ass and heighten his already heightening killing intent for the whole village.

"Sasuke, you look cute."

Obviously, it was not a compliment. It wasn't even a statement.

It was an insult.

Sasuke reminded himself to breathe evenly. "Get back to your post, dumbass."

"No, no! Seriously, Sasuke." Naruto grinned. "You look really cute."

They both knew Naruto was lying.

Again, Sasuke had to remind himself to count to ten, and to not give in to the temptation to decapitate and mutilate this particular person in front of him. "Thanks. Now get back to your post before I kick you to it." He replied, although it wasn't very effective, since the fact that he said that through gritted teeth only seemed to boost Naruto's ego more.

"Sasuke! I'm serious!" The grin Naruto was wearing told Sasuke that he was not.

Glaring, he hissed. "Do you really want me to incapacitate you?"

Naruto smiled sweetly. "But you look really cute in that."

Sasuke growled, finally giving into the temptation for having physical contact and grabbing the front of Naruto's costume. "Wanna see what I look like out of it?"

The smug retort that had been waiting to come out of the blonde's mouth simply died away when Sasuke crushed their lips together, teeth grazing against each other painfully, but god, their lips moved, their tongues created friction, and oh fuck, Sasuke was rubbing him there.

Needless to say, an hour later, Naruto came to a conclusion.

Although Sasuke really did look cuter out of the angel costume than in it, he was definitely no angel.

- owari -