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This is my other un-beta story... I hope you will enjoy it... I just want to write the other side of our little prince- Echizen Ryoma.

His Wish
"Kaa-san, what are we doing here?" A little boy with golden eyes was looking at his mother, curious.

"We will watch shooting star, dear." His mother smiled.

"Shooting star?" The little boy asked.

"That's right, Ryoma, shooting star." Middle age man sat down.

"Why should we watch it, Oyaji?" Ryoma demanded.

"If you saw the shooting star and made a wish, your wish will come true." The little boy's father patted Ryoma's head.

"Really?" This time Ryoma looked at the sky.


"You want to go out, dear?" Rinko asked.

"I want to take a walk. I'm off." Ryoma opened the door.

"Be careful." Rinko said.

Tonight, the sky was clear. Ryoma walked to the nearest park. After sometime, he sat on the bench near the lamp.

'That night, the sky was clear too.' The tennis prince enjoyed the stars. 'If there was a shooting star tonight, what will I wish for?'


"Ryoma-san, have you had someone you like?" Nanako asked when they had dinner this evening.

"No." Ryoma started to eat.

"Heh… Are you waiting for a beautiful young lady to ask you for a date?" Nanjiroh grinned.

"Ah. That's true." The younger boy kept eating.

"Heh… you grow up, Ryoma." His father suddenly stood up and run to him.

"It was a joke." The tennis prince run to avoid his father's hug.


'Baka oyaji.' Ryoma sighed.

"If I saw shooting star tonight, my wish will be…" Ryoma muttered.

His eyes widen when he saw a shooting star. Ryoma closed his eyes quickly and made a wish.

After making a wish, Ryoma opened his eyes slowly. This time he was shocked. The first time he saw was his smiling senpai was standing in front of him.

"Fu… Fuji-senpai. What are you doing here?"

"I'm on my way home." Fuji just chuckled. "What about you, Echizen?"

"Nothing." Ryoma remembered his wish, pulled his hat low then stood up. "See you tomorrow, Fuji-senpai."

"I'll take you home. It's already late." Fuji smiled.

"Ah. Arigatou." Ryoma said.

'I wish that the first person that I see is the love of my life.'

I know it's weird... but I still hope you will enjoy it.

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