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Chapter 1

" No way! I was not. You lie." Takeru exclaimed.

Hikari giggled. "Nope. You were totally shorter than me. Even ask all the others; you were the shortest one on the team."

"Nuh uh. You were shorter than me Hikari!" The blonde continued to protest. " I remember because I was finally glad we found someone I could look after."

It was a cold winter day in Odaiba. Snow was spread all over the ground as result from the light snow they had received the night before. Most people were inside as it was too cold to play in the outdoor. However, for Takeru and Hikari, it was a weather they had adjusted to and grown to enjoy; with not too many people out, it was a time of solitude and peace as the two digidestined walked in Odaiba Park.

"Takeru." Hikari said with a smile. "You were only taller than me because of that green hat you wore all the time. That thing gave you an inch more!"

Her counterpart shook his head. "That's just an excuse. I was taller than you, Hikari. You know it."

"Want to ask the others? I'm sure they'll agree with me."

"There's no need. I already know the answer."

"Then why do you lie to yourself so much?" She asked sweetly.

"What!" The young boy frowned and turned his head the other way. Seeing this, the brunette giggled. She then left his side and got in front of her best friend as they continued to walk. She searched for eye contact, continuing to giggle.

"Takeru…don't take it too hard. Look how tall you are now."

He eventually made eye contact with her and then sighed. "I know… but it would be comforting to know I wasn't the shortest member on the team."

As they continued their walk, the blonde couldn't help but think of the past.

The two were referring to their past they shared as the original digidestined. On the squad, Takeru and Hikari were by far the youngest, being only eight years old at the time. But being the youngest, Takeru had the fondest memories of their adventures, especially memories with Hikari. It was through their experience together as younglings that enforced their strong bond they had as best friends. To further enhance the friendship, the two were also a part of the new digidestined formed when the Digimon Emperor threatened the Digital World. Of course, that was long ago and the threat to both the Digital World and the Real World had ended with the defeat of MaloMyotismon. Now, two years had passed with nothing but peace and tranquility filling the air for the digidestined. Despite the long tenure, the digidestined, new and old, still maintained a strong bond between each other as they constantly kept in contact as friends. For the digidestined of Hope, it was more than he could've asked for.

"What are you thinking about?" His thoughts were broken up by the sudden question from the girl next to him.

"Nothing…just about our past. Our memories."

"Hmm…I do that a lot too. Can you believe we're already in high school?"

Takeru chuckled. "Yeah…we're getting so old. It seems like only a couple days ago when Sora asked me to watch over you during our fight with Piedmon."

The brunette looked up at her best friend with a smile. "You're starting to sound like an old grandpa."

"I know. It's weird huh?"

The two reached an ice pond as they stopped to admire the scenery around them. Or rather, one of them admired the scenery around them.

"Gosh, Hikari… I don't understand why you love the winter so much." The blonde complained as he blew into his hands to gather some warmth.

" Aw… don't be such a baby. It's so beautiful. Enjoy the view!"

"Summer is way better than winter."

"Summer's too noisy. Too many people."

"Winter's too cold. Look at my hands!" Takeru pulled out his hands in emphasis.

His best friend giggled. "You knew we were going to walk today, Takeru! You should've brought gloves!"

"I didn't know we were going to be out here this long!" The young man had a point; they were out for almost three hours, doing nothing but walking. Normally, he wouldn't mind but the temperature was dropping as the day faded away.

"Let me see your hands." He gave her his hands as she placed her hands over them. A sudden chill ran up his spine as he pulled his hands away.

"Ow! Your hands are always cold, Hikari! You know that!"

The girl sighed. "I know. I can't help it; I have cold hands. Taichi complained about it before. But it's something I cant control."

"I'm not blaming you for having cold hands. I'm accusing you of knowing that beforehand and then trying to touch my hands!" Takeru objected.

"I thought maybe…" She didn't finish her sentence as she shrugged.

Sensing a tension, the blonde laughed. "I'm kidding, Hikari. Here." He offered his hands. "Keep them warm for me."

The fourteen year old girl shook her head but he wouldn't take 'no' as an answer as he kept his hands out in the cold, in front of her face.

She raised an eyebrow. "You know your hands are getting colder right?"

The blonde's teeth started chattering. "That's why you need to keep them warm…"

The girl couldn't help but giggle at her best friend's attempt to cheer her up. "Oh Takeru…" She reached out and started caressing his hands with hers.

Despite the sudden chill he felt, he let her continue. True, she did have cold hands but he decided that it was worth the cold to keep Hikari happy.

They continued this for a couple more minutes before Takeru nodded in contentment. "Thanks Hikari."

"No problem." She replied with a smile. She then averted her attention to the frozen pond in front of them. She took out her camera and started taking pictures.

"It's so…pretty. Don't you think?" She asked the blonde boy.

"Yeah. It is pretty." He looked down at her as she took pictures. In his opinion, he couldn't have been any luckier to have a best friend like Hikari. She was always there for him and understood him so well; it was almost like she was meant for him. In any bind he was in, he could relate it with her because he knew she would understand. She had such a sweet and genuine personality that made her extremely likeable with anyone she meant. Also, it didn't help that she was one of the prettiest girls Takeru knew. With light brown hair shoulder length and big crimson eyes that displayed such flashes of emotions, it was hard for him to place her as only his best friend.

But he knew the line had to be there. The one thing that strained him so much is that because they were such good friends, he wouldn't dare do anything that would jeopardize their friendship. At first, he had a hard time accepting the fact they would be no more than best friends; all those journeys they shared, the experiences they underwent, young and old, he held with a deep secret: for the longest time, he had a crush on the brunette. From the time they were young eight year olds with nothing in common except that they were digidestined and their brothers were good friends, to their final battle with MaloMyotismon, Takeru was deeply interested in Hikari. But after a great deal of thinking and maturation, he realized the best thing was to keep it at a friendship basis. He was afraid that if he decided to take it further, he would ultimately ruin everything they worked hard for. So, as time flew by, he learned to suppress his emotions and keep them at bay.

Still, every once in a while, he would wonder what it would be like if he was going out with Hikari. A blissful experience maybe? A wonderful moment in his life perhaps? He could only dream.

"It's getting kind of cold." The brunette exclaimed as she finished taking pictures.

It was his turn to raise an eyebrow. "Took you this long to realize that?"

She giggled. "I know. I'm not human."

As he opened his mouth to reply, he suddenly slipped on unexpected ice on the ground. Before he knew it, he was on his back, looking up at the grey sky. He heard laughter ringing throughout the park as he pulled himself up in a hurry.

"You're so graceful. Now I understand why you're such a basketball star." Hikari said while still laughing.

Takeru grinned childishly. "Well, You know me. I love to be the center of attention."

The brunette's laughter died down to chuckling. "Hmm…You do. Hey, don't you feel different?"

Takeru had no idea what she meant. He looked at her confusingly as she tip-toed to pat the top of his messy blonde hair. His eyes bulged as the realization hit him.

" My hat!" He looked around to see where his trademark fisherman hat went.

"Honestly, I don't know why you wear that hat so much. Nor why it's so important to you. You freak out when-"

"AHHHH! WHERE'S MY HAT???!!!" Takeru cut her off as he frantically kept searching. Being over-dramatic, his best friend couldn't help but sigh at the sight.

"Takeru…You know, it's just a hat. It's not like--"

"Urgh! How could I lose it after falling?! It should be right here right??? Is it underneath the snow?" The Odaiba High basketball star ignored his friend as he continued his search, forcing Hikari to sigh once again. She then showed what was in her right hand the whole time. Takeru looked up as his face brightened.

"My hat!"

"Uh huh. Your hat. Your precious…hat." Hikari stated with sarcasm.

"You were hiding it this whole time? Oh wow, Hikari. You're in big trouble now, young lady…"

"What are you going to do about it?" The girl asked sweetly.

"Hmm…Do you remember that one time when we were in Primary Village and you took my backpack away from me as a practical joke?"

"Yeah…You yelled and complained and then you--" Hikari's eyes widened as she came to realization as to where the conversation was leading to. She quickly started to run but it was too late; Takeru had already grabbed onto her jacket and started tickling the poor girl. Laughing hysterically and uncontrollably, the brunette could do nothing as she tried with all her might to be released. Finally prying away from his hands, she made a run for it as the blonde chased after her, laughing along with her. He laughed even more when the usually graceful girl tripped and fell into a pile of snow.

Takeru toppled over with laughter as his best friend got out of the snow and had snow all over her body. She pouted as she tried to get the snow out of her hair.

"It's so cold!"

The young blonde was still laughing. "What you get for taking my hat and scaring me like that."

"Takeru! Stop laughing!"

But he couldn't; it just kept coming out as his face started to turn red and he was short of breath. Looking at the faces her best friend was making, Hikari couldn't help but laugh too. After minutes of nothing but laughter ringing across the park, the two slowly calmed down.

"Well, I would say that was interesting." Hikari stated.

Takeru grinned. "Yeah. That was. Want to go home? It's dark."

"Yeah. Taichi is going to kill me if I'm home too late."

"I'll walk you."

"You sure? Isn't it out of your way?"

The blonde gave a charming smile. "I got to make sure you don't fall into a pile of snow again."

Hikari giggled. "And I'll make sure you don't slip on ice and hit your head."

As the two walked to her house, a moment of silence passed between the two of them. Luckily, they were so close that moments of silence didn't make it awkward for them; they actually felt comfortable with each other through it.

"When's your basketball game tomorrow?" The brunette asked, breaking the quietness.

The blonde groaned. "Oh man. I forgot." He scratched his head. "It's after school at the gym."

" You going to score thirty points again, Mr. Star?" Hikari asked playfully.

"Nah. I got lucky last time. I'll be lucky to score ten in this one."

"You always say that."

"It's true." He said with a smile.

"I'm assuming your usual fan club will be there?" The girl asked slyly.

The blonde laughed as they reached the front of Hikari's door. "As long as you're there, I don't care."

The brunette squeezed Takeru's hand in response as her smile got bigger.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow?" She asked, already knowing the answer.


"Ok. Good night Takeru." She wrapped her arms around Takeru's neck and hugged him, a normal gesture between the two of them. Only this time, it lasted longer than the others. They continued to hold on to each other, as if not wanting to let go. Takeru kept holding on, picking up on the scent of sweet strawberries from her delicate skin. Finally, they broke contact as they both smiled at each other.

"Good night Hikari."

As soon as the girl opened the door, Takeru heard, "URGHHH. STUPID STOVE WON'T WORK." A moment of silence passed. "THAT'S IT. AGUMON, HEAT UP THE STOVEEEE!!!"

Then he heard, "PEPPER BREATH!"

A moment later he heard Taichi, the former leader of the digidestined yelling, "TOO MUCH AGUMON! TOO MUCH! ARGHH, MY SHIRT!"

"I better hurry up and get going. The house is becoming a wreck with Taichi alone with Agumon." Hikari stated.

Takeru nodded with a smile. "See you tomorrow."

He waited until the door closed before he started to make his way back to his house. He thought back on their day they shared together and couldn't help but grin.


The brunette sighed. "Taichi, you're eighteen years old. How come I still have watch over you?"

"Never mind that! THE FIRE!" Her older brother tried to fan out the massive fire in the stove. Agumon was right next to him, also attempting to fan out the mistake.

Hikari smiled as she remembered why her life was never dull.

"Agumon! Go get a bucket of water!"

"Gotcha Taichi!" The yellow digimon ran to the bathroom.

"Where've you been?" The brown haired soccer fanatic asked his little sister as he continued to fan out the fire.

"I was out with Takeru. You know you're making it bigger by fanning it. It's too big to just fan out."

"What are yo-" Before he could finish, the fire abruptly grew twice the size it was before. Taichi squealed before backing off in disbelief.


"I'm here!" Agumon threw the bucket of water on the fire, causing massive smoke to fill the apartment. Hikari, in response, ran over to open the windows. After a few minutes, the Yagamis were finally able to bring normality back into the household.

"God. That was close." Taichi said while sighing in relief.

"Tell me about it." His digimon agreed.

"Remind me to never ask you to use your digital abilities to help around in the house."


"Where's Gatomon?" Hikari asked as she took her scarf off.

"Out probably. You know her. Her and her night runs." Her older brother answered. He then reverted his attention to her. "You were out with Takeru this late? At this weather?

What were you guys doing?"

"We took a walk in the park."

"Oh…" He said suspiciously.

"Don't worry onii-chan. Takeru and I are just friends. You know that."

"I guess…" After a minute of thinking, Taichi shrugged it off; he actually trusted Takeru to not do anything with his sister.

"Just out of curiosity, why aren't you two together?"

Hikari sighed. "I told you before. Because there's no way we can be more than just friends. Takeru has so many girls after him, I doubt he even considered me as girlfriend material. What are the chances…" She paused. "Besides, our friendship is worth way more than risking it by doing something like that."

"I guess…just seems you too click pretty well."

"We do…" She bit her lower lip. "I don't know."

"It's ok. You're too young to date." He stated while turning on the television.

"What do you mean too young? I'm fourteen!"

"Still sixteen years away from thirty! You're NOT dating until you're thirty remember!" Taichi replied back.

"Hey Yamato."

Takeru's older brother was staying with him while his dad was out on a business trip and his mother was out of the country visiting relatives in France.

"Hey. What took you so long?"

"Sorry. I was hanging out with Hikari." He stated as he took his shoes off.

"Ah. Well, dinner's on the table if you still want some." Yamato went back to his task at hand which was playing his guitar.

"You know when dad's coming back?"

"Umm…next Friday?"

"How about mom?"

"Next next Friday."

"Great. I'm going to be eating ramen for 2 weeks." Takeru groaned. The Ishida/Takaishi boys were infamously known for their inability to cook.

Yamato got up and slapped his younger brother on the back. "Cheer up! These noodles were made out of love so they'll taste extra good!"

Takeru tried some of it and blinked. Then he stated, "Um…Yamato…you forgot to put the sauce in before you cooked it."

A moment of silence filled the room. The older brother shrugged. "Oh. That's why it tasted so stale."

The younger digidestined sighed.

"So…what's up with you and Hikari? You guys are sure close for a girl and a boy."

"Yeah…but we're just best friends." Takeru stated while making his own ramen.

"Uh huh…Why?"

"Why what?"

"Why only best friends? You guys seem like you guys would be a good couple."

"Out of the question. It's too dangerous. I would be risking our friendship and that's something I'm not willing to risk. Besides, why would Hikari want to be my girlfriend? She can have any guy out there…there's no way she would pick me."

"You'd be surprised what girls would do…I never thought Sora liked me nor did I think she would say yes when I asked her out, knowing how close she and Taichi are. But here we are…together."

"Eh. That's different. You guy didn't have as strong of a bond as me and Hikari have as friends. The risk wasn't as big for you."

Yamato thought about it before replying, "I guess you're right. What do I know about women? I mean, I thought you could buy a girl a large shirt and be okay with it. Figures buying a big shirt implies the girl is fat and leads to a load of trouble…" He shrugged before going back to his guitar.

"Yeah…" Takeru didn't know how to respond so he concentrated on the ramen. As he thought, he couldn't help but wonder if maybe, just maybe, Hikari had feelings for him. He brushed the thoughts aside as he told himself he was happy with being just friends. Well, not happy. He was…fine with being just friends.

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