Author's Note

First off, I would like to thank everyone who took the considerate time to review on this fic. You may not realize it but those comments, appraising or critical, make all the difference to me. It shows me that you readers are interested in my story and that I have written something so well/poorly, that it actually deserved a minute of your time. Thank you.

After finishing this story, I must say, I am relieved that it came out decent. Seeing as this is my first story in a long while (almost a year since I last wrote creatively), I wanted to play safe with this little fanfic. By playing safe, I mean being simple and not complicating anything or making anything too complex. It was a straightforward storyline that I developed as to polish up on my writing skills.

The theme of this plot, if you haven't already picked up, is realization. It wasn't meant to be some dramatic, twisting, adventurous story about Takeru and Hikari but more or less about the eventual recognition of an emotional development between these two characters. I wanted to stray away from making this an adventure seeking fic and wanted to focus on growth of character. Each chapter is a representation of the slow progress that the couple make; hopefully I made it blatant to you readers. If not, that is my mistake as a writer. I know it may have seemed boring at times and it might have seemed like it was going either too slow or going nowhere at all, but that was the point; this is a slow maturity on the emotional level for these two. I didn't want to rush anything because, in real life, emotions like that don't just rapidly develop; they are slow and steady but eventually reach the point where they are recognizable. The focus wasn't on them particularity but on their eventual realization for the feelings they had for each other. But in the end, I couldn't help but regret restricting myself so much.

As I was writing this story, I started to have vivid imaginations and creative approaches as to how to make the plot better and better, taking a supposedly simple setting and conforming it into a series of adventures. Unfortunately, I had to stay on topic. And with all my will power, I pushed away my creative thinking and kept to the limits I had set myself originally. But believe me, I wanted to make this juicier, add more spice.

It is apparent my rust is there in my writing but I like to believe that some of it wore off while writing this fic. I actually tested myself a little to be more intricate on the last chapter, if you guys haven't noticed. I took the POV and switched it around a bit, and used time as my advantage to make the narrative a bit more interesting. Hope you liked it.

Originally, this story was suppose to be a happy story and, if you read closely, it was, until the end. Their was no drama, no evil, no threatening presence or looming danger that shadowed over Hikari and Takeru. It was suppose to end happily ever after. But I couldn't help myself. What can I say, I'm a person who enjoys twists. Still, despite not ending it the way I planned, I still met the requirement; they came to realize they loved each other. But I never said they would end up together.

At first, I intended to leave his as a one-stand fanfic but that was also when I intended on ending it happily. So, with this somewhat sad finish, I leave myself some room to actually come back to this story and further build on it. A sequel maybe? Probably. So for you people who are upset with the ending, don't worry. It won't end here.

Now that I am done for now, I have debated whether to continue to focus on the Digimon universe or whether to enter the Final Fantasy world where many of my favorite characters live in. Regardless of my decision, I guarantee readers I will write more Digimon fanfic in the near future.

My next new Digimon story will no doubt be different from this story. It will be much darker, much more intense, and will require more thinking than this one. I am very interested in the whole Dark Ocean plot and would seriously consider writing about it or at least use the setting in some form of fashion. While this plot had very few twists and surprises, I assure readers that I am not some one-dimensional writer that cannot spice up things. My next story will have many cliff-hangers and will not be as predictable as this one.

Speaking of predictability, I admit this story, from the start, was very predictable. But I made it intentionally so. Like I said before, it was straightforward and not meant to be much of a mind-twister. But now, with my creativity up and my mind ready for more difficult writing, I will continue to make my plots more interesting.

Well, that is all I have to say. I really hope everyone liked what I did. Again, reviews are extremely touching to me and I read them with whole-heartedness. Thank you for taking time in reading my babblings; you are truly a committed reader.