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I am still playing around with the Danielle character from BB, another one of my stories. If everything goes well, I have a whole season swimming in my head that can be put to paper. Standalone piece using characters from another story. The stories are not connected.

I have not decided where this will go.

This is my first attempt at a sex scene.


Present day

Sammy's snoring was keeping Dean awake. When that boy was tired, he could burst eardrums. Dean thought it was funny that Mr. Quiet when awake was the loudest sleeper he had ever heard.

Dean reached down into his bag and dug around until he found the hidden compartment. He reached in and took out a black velvet bag that had been given to him by one of the many people who had been saved by his hunting. In gold thread, protection symbols had been embroidered. The bag had been a thank you from a grandmother who;s grandson had been pursued by a nasty spirit. It had been a bitch of a job, but Dean managed to salt and burn the remains, sending that bitch to hell.



"Thank you so much, Dean. He would be dead..." Mrs. Henderson's voice trailed off.

"It's my job. If anything else happens, you will call me, right" Dean had responded.

"Yes, yes, of course. Dean, I want to give you something," she had said as she reached into a drawer next to the door.. "This bag is to protect all that is dear to you. When I was a little girl, my grandmother gave me one and told me to place in it all that I hold dear and the symbols would protect it all. I want to give you this."

Dean stared at the bag. "Thank you, but I can't take this."

Mrs. Henderson laughed," I know you think I am crazy. But, I placed my grandson's picture in mine only days before you showed up."

Dean took the bag. Mrs. Henderson hugged him and wished him well. Dean walked out the door and to his car, where he turned and waved, before getting in and gunning off.


Present Day

Dean careful pulled the string to open the bag. Inside was a picture of Sammy, Dean, their father and mother. Cassie's picture was next. A picture of the Impala followed. It was his baby, after all. Missouri's business card was tucked neatly behind. She could annoy him, but he loved her as a maternal type figure. The last picture was that of Danielle. You never get over the first, do you?



"Boy, leave me alone. What is wrong with you?" Danielle had screamed at Dean.

They were swimming in the creek and Dean kept splashing her and annoying her. She was trying to relax. They were not training or reading up on all the hidden evils in the dark.

"How can you be mad at this face?" Dean had said and smirked.

"Easily, you asshole. I knew that face when it was stillt that of a dorky little boy."

"I was never dorky, sweetheart." Dean said indignantly.

"Oh, yes you were." she giggled.

"Bite me."

Danielle swam over to Dean and looked at him. Then she sank her teeth into his forearm. She pulled back with a cocyk look on her face.

"What. The. Fuck. Is. Wrong. With. You!" Dean said angrily and low, almost like a growl. "If you weren't a girl, I'd be throwing punches."

" I didn't even bite you har. That was just a nip."

Dean grabbed her and pushed her under the water, removing her swim cap as he did. He let her up.

"My hair! You bastard!"

"I knew I could make you wet!" Dean said and then laughed like a maniac.

Danielle swam to shore. She grabbed her things, flipped Dean off, then walked away, her round and firm backside bouncing sexily in her blue bikini bottoms.

Dean felt himself rise at the sight.

When Dean made his way back to the house, Danielle was listening to the messages.

"You still mad at me?"

"Fuck off Dean!"

"That would be a yes."

Danielle pushed past him and headed to the bathroom. She stopped at the door. "How the hell I am going to deal with being here with you for two days, I don't know. But, pretend you are alone in this house, because I will! Bitch!" She went in and closed the door.

"Her attitude sucks." Dean thought to himself.

Several minutes later, Danielle came out. her hair hung loose and in jet black waves. She smelled good. Dean noticed.

He walked over to her. "Dani, I was joking. I didn't know you would.."

"I didn't mean to go off. I shouldn't have bitten you." she looked at the floor.

"Hey, let's grab some food and go watch TV. Tales from the Darkside is going to be on."


Fifteen minutes later, they were sitting on the couch, eating chips and drinking soda. Dean was on the far right and Danielle was next to him. She was starng at the screen and shovelling in chips.

"This is a good one." she finally said.

"Yea. It is."

They spent the next few hours watching horror shows and movies. After a while, Danielle had stretched her legson the couch, with her back against Dean. It was something they had done many times before, but this time made Dean feel different. She was still watching the television, unaware of anything different.

"Want some," she said in between sips of root beer.


She went back to the program and leaned into Dean, moving a little to get more cormfortable. Dean placed his arm over her shoulder. When he realized what he had done, he waited for the elbow to his ribs. She was trained by his dad's friend, a damn good hunter, and this girl could kick ass.

She did not move or take her eyes away from the television screen. She shifted again and lay her head back on his chest. Dean maneuvered himself to stretch out on the couch a bit more. She raised up to let him get more comfortable, then lay back on him again.

He could smell her hair and feel her heat. He was getting that feeling again. Dammit.

His fingers involuntarily moved to her shoulders. The lightly fluttered across the back of her neck, then down her back. She still did not move.

Dean knew he was going to get the shit kicked out of him. But he could not stop. He didn't want to.

She turned to face him. Neither of them said anything. Dean's face showed shock and the readying for a strike. Danielle's face showed...embarrassment? No, not Danielle...

Dean leaned over and brushed his lips to hers. He pulled back, waiting for her response. She looked up at him and moved to him for another kiss. This one was not the kiss of a friend. The breathing got heavier. Their tongues began a slow sensual dance that their hands began to do over their bodies. Dean and Danielle moved until Dean had Danielle pinned beneath.

Her hands glided over his firm pecs and chiseled stomach. His back was smooth and strong. His hair, soft.

Her breasts were firm and perky to his eager fingers The nipples had hardened to firm buds. He moved his hand under her shirt and felt skin on skin. She moaned and arched her back, placing her hands on his hard ass.

Dean pulled the shirt up and replaced his hands with his mouth, licking and sucking the firm nippled, moving his hands down to her shorts. He ran his hand over her crotch and felt her buck due to the sensation of his touch.

"Deannnnn," she breathed.

"Do you want me to stop?"


Danielle fumbled with the button on his jeans. She wanted to touch his manhood and feel everything. She pushed her hand down the front of his jeans, past his boxers and felt the smooth erection in her shaking palm. She closed her hand around it and began to move her hand slowly back and forth.

"Ohhhh," Dean made a please sound in the back of his throat. His eyes closed as he savored the feeling. He had gotten a hand job from the daughter of a preacher who he and had Dad had helped, but this felt way better.

"Dani. Dani. Dani." Dean whispered over and over.

Danielle's shorts had been unbuttoned and Dean's fingers had found her warm center. He stroked her button and watched as she threw her head back and bit her lip.

Dean stopped and looked down at her, before picking her up. He stumbled to her bedroom. He laid her down on the bed and pulled her shorts and panties off.

"Pink lace? Frisky one, aren't you?" Dean said with a gleam in his eye.

"What? It's just underwear."

"It's floorwear now."

"Shut up, Dean." Danielle said as she connected her mouth to his. Their tongues touching and feeling each other.

Danielle was tugging his pants down with one hand and pushing his tshirt up with the other. Dean began to help her.

"Stop. I...I want to do it," she said in a barely audible volume.


Dean stood before her. He raised his arms. She slowly took his shirt off. She looked at his chest before covering it in kisses and tongue trails. She stopped at his nipples, nipping them with her teeth. He looked down and moaned.

"You part vampire or soomething?"

She giggled. "Maybe."

She then pulled his jeans down. She looked at the hard cock straining against his boxers. When the jeans were in a heap on the floor, she hooked her a forefinger into each side of his waistband and slowly moved them down. He was definitely a fully grown man.

She pulled the boxers to the floor, then licked her way up the inside of his left thigh. When she reached the top, she went back down. She started at his right ankle and licked upward again.

"Who knew sneaking in some Skinimax when our dads were sleeping would prove useful?" she purred.

"We learned a lot more. Watch." Dean slid his hands under the shirt and removed it. She sat before him, fully nude. Her body was beautiful. She had just the right mixture of curves and muscle.

Dean placed his hands between her breasts and pushed her back on the bed. He trailed her stomach with kisses. He then went to her legs and kissed the back of her knees, while rubbing her clit with his thumb.

He licked the insides of both her thighs twice. She was shivering. He moved up and stared at her mound. Just a thin strip of hair was there.

"No hair?"

"I am on teams at school. When we shower, I want to look good, so we head over to this place in Gulfport and get waxed."


He stared at it and moved closer. He had seen something in his mags and those movies. She smelled so good. Should he...

Danielle cried out as she felt the tongue enter her. He slowly moved his tongue over her clit, making her moan.

"Oh God! Dean! Dean!"

He moved faster, opening her so he could taste even more. She opened her legs wider, her hips moving off the bed.

She reached down, running her fingers through his hair. Then she pulled his head back. "Not yet."

Danielle pulled him down on the bed. She kneeled on all fours over his dick and palmed it. She slowly bent down and teased the head with her lips and tongue, nibbling ever so softly once in a while. She used long strokes to cover him from base to head. He moaned softly while fondling her tit.

She placed her hand on his cock and moved up to kiss him, before moving back down and taking him into her mouth. She moved up and down, swirling her tongue and feeling him throb.

Dean could feel his dick sliding down and touching the back of her throat. She was sharing all of herself with him. He wanted to do the same.

He reached out and tugged at her, turning her body so her dripping pussy was facing him. He tugged her and she moved as he commanded. When her legs were straddling him, he pulled her hips down, bringing the sweet candy to his mouth. He licked and kissed and sucked until she removed him from her mouth, reared back and shouted his name,"DEANNNNN!! DEAN! DEAN! DEAN! DEAN!'

Her body was wracked with convulsions and her pussy was dripping. He was still licking. He ate her until she begged for him to stop.

She moved her body placing her head over his crotch and facing him. She buried his cock in her throat and moved back and forth with ferocity. Dean could feel the seed swelling within him. He felt her suck harder and then his cock throbbed, sending his juice into her mouth. She continued sucking, taking every last drop from him, before swallowing.

She crawled up to Dean and lay beside him. He reached out and brought her closer, kissing her, their flavors mingling into something unique and precious.

The fell asleep in each others arms.

Several hours later, Dean awakened to find Danielle watching him.

"I'm sorry," she said.

"For what!?" Dean was seriously confused. "That was.."

"You aren't sorry? You don't regret this?"

"No! You're telling me you regret what we did? We have been friends since we were kids. We..I thought we had somethng..." Dean said.

"We do, but I don't want this to get weird."

"It won't."

"Dean, technically, we didn't do everything. Know what I mean?"

Dean rolled over onto her, licking and kissing her neck. He placed his her ear between his lips. When he removed his lips he whispered,"No. We haven't done everything yet."

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