Nine voices chanting, eighteen hands flashing in a complex pattern, and a red light ripping from a male youth discarded on the floor. Eight eyes stared menacingly into the darkness, one eye still stone colored but gaining life. The dull lighting in the cave washed the blond hair drenched with sweat, taming the spikes that normally were buoyant with life. Bright blue eyes dimming as the chanting grew with triumphant. The last, they had the last, and soon the world would bow at their feet. Their plans were succeeding at last, and all of the sacrifices would be rectified, except the red-haired one whose life was returned to him.

The last stretch of complicated hand gestures were beginning to flash, and deep growls were echoing in the dank chamber. There was a loud sound, like a clap of thunder, and then silence, the chanting moderated into a faint hum. A building of blinding white light, and the humming became over barring followed by an immense flash then nothing. Silence grew, enveloping and entrenching then a loud scream of defiance broke through shattering the atmosphere. Smoke billowed out, and a shadow grew in the middle of the room. "What is your wish?" An smoky voice questioned.

The one they thought that has lost their claim on life spoke up. "Save Sasuke, and return him to Konoha." A tortured voice was heard.

"Granted." The voice agreed, and the nine eyed statue broke apart at the source of power being felt. The smoke cleared and all that was left was the nine who wanted the beings of power, and one stone-colored eye. Each fell to their knees exhausted, anger painted on the visage that was known as leader. The sealing had failed, and the demons were gone, left in its wake was a silver strand of hair.

Wings of pure white light was seen as they alighted in front of a young boy with a vicious taint. Cool eyes stared into burning red before a staff flashed forward knocking the youth out. Their was a feeling of multiple people in one soul, and the being drew back in anger. Resting a pale hand where the taint solidified, the multi soul was pulled apart, and the darker half was cast away. The being turned to the west where the group had departed from, as the exited soul returned to its original body, and a blip of darkness was felt. Ignoring the darkness at the moment, the being instead turned to the dark haired youth and burned the taint away, then it enfolded both boys into its embrace and search the memories of the blond. "Konoha." The being whispered.

The scenery blurred and the being focused harder on one memory in the boy. It was a disastrously small apartment that spoke of no warmth, and no space, its nose twitched up in distaste. A gloved hand waved and the apartment exploded in magic, stretching, and twisting, leaving it with a homey and large feeling. Slowly a satisfied smile grew on a pale face as they collapsed onto a large bed with their double burden. Facing the pair, the white gloved hand waved again, wounds began to vanish and scars began to shrink. They frowned when they noticed certain scars would not disappear, but merely shrugged while setting up a protective dome of magic. Weariness enclosed the being, and the cream eyelids slid closed, as long arms brought the pair of males closer like a mother would and the uniform faded into more normal clothing.

One eye focused for a moment on the blond male and then tightly smiled. "We are now tied together." The being whispered, tucking a blond hair back into place. They frowned absently at the stomach of the blond, the was a lot of deadly power focused there, and estranged seal. A gasp of pain escaped the being, as they felt a searing pain over their heart, and an closed bloom rose grew in as a tattoo. Unable to stay awake, the being tucked the boys closer into their side and fell into a deep sleep, only to wake when the males did.

All right I did not want to start a new story, but my younger brother, along with several friends tagged-team me to start this. He wanted a Naruto cross. So go figure. I will focus back on the other stories. -The Wolf.