Track One:


I know I don't know you

But I want you so bad.

Everyone has a secret

Oh can they keep it?

Oh no they can't.

--Maroon 5

"I wanted you the second I saw you." A dark purr, heated with promise.

"What?" Demyx follows his first instinct and moves backward—smacking against the speaker. He stumbles forward, tripping over the thick folds of his cloak. They told him he'd get used to it, but damned if he didn't nearly fall over at least once an hour. Maybe the Organization had just never had a Nobody as clumsy as he was. Turning around, he views his visitor.

It's the redhead. The really redhead—when Demyx first saw him, he thought for a panicked second that his head was on fire. Cat's eyes accentuated by tattoos. He's tall—Demyx has never considered himself short, but he has to tilt his head to study the other man's face—and he must be a stick. The way the cloak hangs, it looks almost like there's nothing inside. Which is ridiculous. He never thought the term "Nobody" was literal, or he wouldn't have joined. He smiles a little bit at his joke, before remembering that the redhead is still watching him. He's smiling too—not in a way that makes Demyx feel happy. Or safe. Or anything besides a nice piece of meat.

"What?" He says it again, louder.

"You heard me." The smile only gets worse.

"Well, yeah, but…what did you mean?"

"What I said."

"In what way, exactly?"

"God, you're dense." He stretches, clasping his hands over his head, arms fully extended. It's a pretty full extension, like his arms go up forever. Demyx still feels awkward, and strange, and terribly like the new guy (which he is). He was introduced to all the other Nobodies when he first came, and he can't even remember this one's name. He looks like the kind of guy Demyx would do well to remember.

Bringing his arms down, but the motion doesn't stop. He moves fluidly until his hands are clasped at their lowest point, then he slides his hands up his thighs until they rest on his hips. The robe is held tighter against him now, and Demyx can see that there is a body there. Definitely. "Are you really that dense, or am I just so hot you can't form words?"

Demyx starts, and is immediately ashamed to have been watching. "I just, erm, I only…I'm new."

"I know." Though it's an innocent phrase, the way the redhead looks when he says it is anything but. He licks his lower lip slowly and winks. "I like that in a man."

Demyx has nothing to say to that, so he says "erm" again. This seems entirely too strange to really be happening, especially to him. Maybe it was some kind of trick? A rite of passage for the newbie? He'd like to believe that, but the look in the redhead's eyes is deadly serious. And that is not an overstatement—Demyx firmly believes that a romance with this man could kill him.

"You're stupid. That's cute, but also annoying." He raises his hand to summon a portal to leave.

"What was your name?" Demyx calls, wanting to at least know that much. The man smiles—not like a cat watching a mouse, but like a cat who already has the mouse trapped. The little rodent just doesn't know it yet.

"Axel." And he's gone.

"Axel," Demyx repeats to himself. He'll have to watch out for this Axel character. He could be trouble. Major trouble.

Author's Note: Experimenting with a new, more impressionistic style of writing in this one…my next one will probably be back to a more usual form for me. Have a song request? Share it!