Track Five:

"Letting the Cables Sleep"

Dedicated to Cloudlessly

Silence is not the way

We need to talk about it

If heaven is on the way

We'll wrap the world around it

If heaven is on the way


Sometimes they just sit.

After they fight.

After they talk.

After they love.

Staring at their gloved hands.

Staring at the empty ceiling.

Staring at the blank walls.

Anywhere but at the other's hungry eyes.

They sit.

They stare.

They don't touch.

No, never.

Never touch. Not really. Because what's there to touch?

A shell.

Less than.

Not a man.

Not at all.

They sit.

A minute.

An hour.

An eternity, who can tell?

In an empty world.

With empty walls.

And empty boys.

Except for that moment.

Not even a moment—a fraction.

His lips.

And his lips.

They brush.


And for that fraction of a moment,

They aren't empty.

A/N: Playing with formats a bit, and with more of that impressionistic angst. Since I'm not familiar with the song, I just wrote as I listened—more of a mood capture than anything else.