Summary: His life had always been perfect, or at least so Roxas had liked to think. But overcoming his own fears for someone else isn't as easy as it seems. When both his own and his lover's past threatens their unstable relationship, Roxas has to face the truth: His life was far from perfect. But at least it was better than Axel's.

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Perfect Match - Prologue


One simple word seemed to describe his life exactly.


And seen from the outside, it was.

His parents were rich. He lived in this huge mansion in the better part of Destiny Islands, with only his twin brother for company. Their parents were never at home. They had to work to provide their boys the best life they could possibly live, after all. And work meant business trips. A lot of them. To very far-away places. All the time. They only stopped by every two or three months. If Roxas and his brother were lucky.

But that didn't bother him at all. He even... kind of liked it. He and his brother loved each other dearly, and they always had fun together. They had never needed someone else, even when they had been kids.

When they had been younger, around six years old, their parents had started to leave them alone for a few days in a row, sometimes even weeks, with an envelope filled with money, but without someone to look after them. It had been weird at first, frightening even, but the two boys had always done pretty well, even without an adult around.

They had learned how to cook simple meals all by themselves, they had eventually figured out how to do their laundry, they had kept the house clean and had been happy when their parents would eventually come home and praise them, tell them they were good boys and how they were glad they were so strong and mature, and even would kiss them goodbye before departing again.

Sometimes he would wonder why his parents didn't hire a nanny or a maid or something, because even back then he had known some of his friends had them to keep them company when their parents weren't at home. But he and his brother would always agree that they really didn't need a nanny or a maid or whatever, because they were good boys and they were already capable of handling stuff on their own. They were already six, after all.

And he could clearly remember this one day, when their grandparents had visited them, when they had found out about it.

He could still remember the shocked expression on his grandmother's face when they told her they had been alone for almost two weeks. They had been seven at that time, and the shopkeeper from the grocery store across the street had been already used to the sight of two adorable little boys struggling with a basket too big for the two of them, filled with food and sweets.

He could still remember the tears in his grandmother's eyes when she had tucked them in their little beds and had kissed them goodnight, and he could remember the grim face of his grandfather who had been watching them from the doorstep.

And he remembered yelling, so much yelling, when his parents finally had come home.

Why didn't they stay with them? Why did they leave them alone? How could they stand staying away for so long, knowing their little boys were all alone, all by themselves?

And their parents would yell back, how they were good boys and handled things very well, how their parents had to work very hard to give them all they ever wanted.

And they would hear their grandmother crying, and their grandfather shouting about how terrible it was for boys their age to have to handle everything by themselves. How the children didn't need to have all they ever wanted, but needed to have their parents to love and protect them. How parents were supposed to love their children, and how he didn't understand why their parents didn't love them.

Their father would shout back that he did love them.

Their grandfather would yell that he wasn't able to see that.

Their mother would scream that it was none of their business.

Their grandfather would exclaim that it was his business if they neglected his grandsons.

Their father would be furious and demand they get out.

Their grandmother would cry and insist they took the two little boys with them. She would cry about how dangerous it was, to leave two little boys all by themselves. What if one of them got hurt, or someone broke into the house, or one of the two of them got sick, or...

He remembered how he had cried, and how his brother had jumped out of his bed and had sat on his and had hugged him, crying himself but trying to be strong for his little brother, whispering soothing words and pulling the covers over them both so they wouldn't hear the angry voices downstairs anymore.

Their grandparents hadn't been allowed to see them after this ugly scene. Later they had learned their grandfather had tried to get them away from their parents, but their father, being a successful and well known lawyer, had won the lawsuit. Their grandparents hadn't been allowed to see them anymore since then.

They hadn't been allowed to go to their grandmother's funeral.

This time it had been him who held his brother and tried to hold his own tears back as he whispered meaningless nothings in a soothing manner, trying to calm him down. They had been ten years old at that time. They hadn't really understood what was going on, they had only been told that their grandma had gone to heaven, where their other grandma and grandpa were, and that they hadn't been allowed to say goodbye.

It was then he had learned caring about someone just hurt. So he had stopped caring. He had stopped caring about his friends, about his parents. The only one he cared about anymore was his brother. Because he knew his brother was the only one who would never hurt him.

He had heard once, that not to like one's parents was a terrible thing. But people who claimed to know about something like this obviously had never met his parents.

To the rest of the world his life was still perfect. To the rest of the world he and his brother were the luckiest children alive. To the rest of the world their parents acted like they cared about them, like they were responsible and loving parents, who had to leave them alone although they never wanted to leave.

And he was fine with that. He was fine with never seeing them. They could stay away forever and start new families somewhere else. He wouldn't care as long as they continued to send him and his brother money. He had stopped caring long time ago.

And he had to admit, his life was really good, if one didn't know about his fucked up family life.

He was popular, he had many friends, he had his brother, whom he loved dearly, he was rich, he never had problems in school.

His grades were top, straight 'A's and a few 'B's. He was the star pupil in his class, loved by his teachers, worshiped by his very own fanclub, adored by many, if not all of his fellow students.

He was adorable, after all. And he knew it.

He knew his baby blue eyes were gorgeous, he knew his blond, spiky hair was perfect, he knew his cute pout could make grown men cry. And he knew how to use his looks to his advantage.

Oh, yes, he knew.

He flirted, smiled, even pouted if necessary to achieve a goal, be it copying test answers from this girl next to him, be it getting a free meal in the cafeteria, be it his homework done by one of his admirers, be it a girl or boy to warm his bed at night.

He knew how to use people. It was maybe the only thing his parents had ever taught him in his life. That... and never to get attached.

Everybody liked him. For his money, for his looks, for his skill. But he never let anybody come close to him, except his twin. Everybody else would just use him, like he used everybody else. Opening his heart to other people meant getting it broken eventually. He knew. He knew since he had been ten and had held his twin in his arms, crying over his grandmother, silently hating his parents for not being there for him and his brother.

Oh, yes, he knew.

He was happy. He told himself everyday he was. Yes, his parents were assholes, so what? It didn't even bother him anymore. He had everything he wanted. Everybody as lucky as him would be happy, right? Right.

He had everything.

And yet...

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