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My new fanfic, please be nice, I've had quite a long break from my other one, so I thought of a new story to begin.

"Phedra!", screeched Macavity throughout the lair, his voice echoed along the corridor and even into the rafters of the huge warehouse he had acclaimed.

Some small pawsteps were heard moving into the main chamber of the warehouse and the owner, a small, black and gold queen shivering in terror, stood in the huge doorway and answered, "Y...yes, Macavity?".

"Where's your sister? You know the rather attractive scarlet one?"

"I'll find her", she turned to go, when he boomed, "I haven't saw her in a few days, she owes me, if you catch my drift? When you find her, tell her to come to my private suite, we have a few things to...complete", he said the last few words with a disgusting, sadistic smile, and Phedra felt her heart sink as she heard him say them, she knew exactly what he meant. Him wanting her sister for sex, meant that she had been spared at least the night.

She turned to go in search of her sister and to break the heart wrenching news that Macavity required her for the night.

Phedra found her sister talking to one of the more charming rogues who worked as Macavity's henchcats, his name was Mungojerrie, and even Phedra who had basically grown up in the warehouse with her sister, had developed a soft spot for him. Pandora and Mungo had always been pretty close, most probably becasue, since he'd joined Macavity's tribe when he, like Pandora and Phedra, had been abandoned by his mother, Pandora took an instant shine to him and vice versa, he thought she was the most stunning queen he had ever seen, and she thought he had the most charming nature ever.

Phedra crept up behind them, and hid behind a lobster crate, she waited for them to go silent, they did but, when Phedra peeked around the edge of the crate, Pandora had snuggled herself into Mungo's arms, he was trailing kisses down her neck and onto her shoulder blades, she purred in contentment. Phedra thought it best to break their little love fest up before it got any steamier and she got embarassed, she jumped around the lobster crate and startled them, Pandora blushed under her already scarlet fur and Mungo just looked uncomfortable, so he got up and left.

"What's the deal Phed?", Pandora glared at her sister.

"I'm sorry, but I was starting to get embarassed"

"How long were you there for?"

"Well, I...erm..."

"Never mind that, what did you want?"

"I came to tell you that Macavity wants you in his private suite", Phedra lowered her head.

"He, he what?", Pandora's attitude changed from being her usual self confidence, even coquettish sometimes, to an attitude quite similar to the one her sister sported. Pandora's eyes filled to their full capacity, before letting one single lone tear skim her pale cheek, she soon scarpered as she didn't like anyone to see her cry, especially her sister.

Pandora stopped at the beginning of the pier and slumped down against a barrell, she let out all her bottled up tears, and wailed for what seemed like hours to her, until she heard pawsteps and tried to cover the evidence that she had been crying in case it was Phedra, or even worse, Macavity.

The cat who owned the pawsteps suddenly marched around the end of the barrell, and he gave Pandora a surprise, it was a cat who she had never saw before, she was certain he didn't work for Macavity, yet he seemed familiar to her. He was a silver, handsome, strong, tiger-stripped tabby, who had a very sensitive nature surrounding him, which immediately put Pandora at ease, as he sat back onto his haunches next to her and curled his tail around his paws.

"If you don't mind me asking, but why are you crying? I heard you and came to see if you were okay", the tom said in the most tomly voice imaginable.

"I'm fine, honestly, I just needed a bit of personal space, away from the boss, but that's almost impossible to do when you work for Macavity", she shivered at his name, because she thought of all the vile things he had done to the queens who worked for him, including herself.

"Wait, did you say Macavity?"

"Y...yes, why?"

"I'm quite ashamed to admit this but, I'm his brother"

"You're his brother?", she tried to discreetly move away fromhim, but he was on the ball, being the Jellicle protector.

"Hey, I'm nothing like him you know, you don't have to move away from me", he flashed her a dazzling smile, which made her blush, "Come on, dry your eyes and give me a smile?".

She looked away from him, fixed her whiskers, dried her tear stained cheeks and turned back to face him with her killer, trademark smile, which made his face light up.

"Wow, that's a way to smile!"

She began to blush under her fur again, which she thanked Everlasting Cat for it being scarlet, a natural camouflage for embarassment.

"Can I have the priviledge of knowing your name?", he asked her.

"Sure, it's Pandora, Pandy or Dora for short, how about you?"

"Just Munkustrap"

"What about Munk for short?"

"Well, I've actually not heard that one before. I usually get Straps from my brother", he smiled and chuckled a little.

"Your brother?"

"Oh, not that one, my other one, well, another one, I have two brothers back at my tribe"


"Do you wanna come back to the Junkyard with me?"

"I...I can't, I...", she was interupted by an earpiercing sream, "Phedra! My sister, she's in trouble, I need to get to her".

"Your sister's here too?"


"Come on, I'll help you out, it's about time we had a family reunion".

And with that, they both ran in the direction the scream had come from...