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As the sisters settled down with their newborns, Tugger came over to see his mate. As he neared, he smelled some new scents and saw Bomba and Demeter both had bundles wrapped in their arms and laying on their chests, as they breathed lightly while they slept. He knelt down next to Bomba and kissed her forehead, he looked at the kitten and sighed. Not a troubled sigh, but a calm and collected sigh, full of warmth and happiness.

As the sigh drawed to an end, Bomba woke up and turned to face him. They smiled at each other, and Tugger curled himself around Bomba and their kitten to keep them warm. "Bomba, I'm so proud of you!", he kissed her head, "Do we have a name yet?".

"Her name's Aurora" Bomba replied in a worn voice.

"And I can see why. She takes after you with the colours, sweetcheeks, no doubt about that!".

"Yes. She does."

"I only wish I could say something to the effect about me" Tugger looked a little depressed as he said it, but then realised Bomba was staring at him, and quickly changed his expression. "But, she'll never know...about what happened, well, at least until we know the time's right. She'll be our kitten. Your's and mine". He ran a soft paw across the sleeping kittens' head and then along one of her minute ears.

"She's so small. Tugger, I'm glad I kept her now".

"Baby, what are you talking about?" Tugger asked with a hint of a nervous laugh.

"Shhh, you'll wake her" Bomba replied silencing Tugger with a finger over his lips, "I was going to give her to Demeter, because, she'd had a miscarriage and we all thought she'd lost her kitten, and I didn't know how to look after a kitten. I mean, come on, Bomba, a mother?! Yeah, right!"

"Baby, don't bring yourself down, I hate it when you do that. You can look after a kitten, and you will. No, we both will. We'll bring her up together. She does have a hint of me in her!"

"Oh, Tugger. Quit fooling!".

"No, really, she does. I mean she does look a lot like you and Munk but, she has a certain...chram about her, that would belong to me!" Tugger said with his trademark grin.

"Yeah. I guess you're right sweetie!".

While Bomba and Tugger continued talking about their new kitten, and figure lurked in the background and had overhead quite a lot of their conversation about the real paternity of Aurora. Demeter stirred and moaned a little as she shifted her postion. Anthea was a little neglected while Demeter slept and Munkustrap was on patrol around the Yard, so Tugger picked up the tiny bundle and cradled her in his arms.

"I think we should all move into one of the dens, it's getting a tad chilly out here, and I'm worried about Demeter" Bomba said when Tugger had sat back down, holding his neice.

"Yeah, yeah, you're right Bomba. You take the kittens, and I'll pick Dems up and carry her, she can spend the night at our den"

Tugger picked up Aurora, just until Bomba had stood up, then passed her the two kittens, she made her way across the clearing towards their den. Tugger leaned over Demeter and scooped her up, she stirred again but, was sound asleep, which he was glad about, normally i anyone picked her up or touched her in her sleep, they would get clawed or scratched by her.

The figure that had been lurking in the background waited until Tugger had reached a safe distance before it scurried off in such as hurry, it knocked over a stack of old cassette tapes. Keeping in the shadows, rushing and dodging between the junk piles and dens, trying not to wake or disturb anyone on the way to where it was going.
By the time Tugger reached his and Bomba's den, Bomba was curled up in their bed with both kittens, curled around them, and her tail flicking in contentment. Tugger then placed Demeter gently down on the bed next to her sister and her kitten, he tucked them all in properly, and took a spare blanket, he made himself comfortable on a heap of cushions in the corner of the den from where he could watch over the sleeping sisters and their kittens.

Bomba felt Tugger's presence and stirred, he noticed she was scowling in her sleep, so he leaned over and smoothed out the creases in her brow, she woke gently and smiled up at him. He was hovering over her, smiling back down at her. He wiggled his eyebrows at her, which made her giggle like a princess. He lay down on the bed next to her and Aurora, and he draped his arm across her hip and snuggled in next to her and Aurora.

He felt he had the perfect family life now. He had his Humans too, which was a bonus, they'd never go hungry, especially with a kittne to look after, he decided he would go back to his Humans more often and sneak food out to Bomba and Aurora. He knew he loved her. He'd do anything for her, for both of them.

"She said what?!", Jelly exclaimed.

"Yes, that's exactly what she said. I heard her, talking to him, telling him. I couldn't believe it either", Jenny replied.

"But, what shall we do? Do we tell Deuteronomy? I mean, what did Tugger say?"

"He didn't seem all that bothered to be honest, like he already knew..."

"He probably had an idea, we all know what Bomba's like!" Jelly said, sternly but with the faintest hint of sarcasm.

"Yes, well, I should be getting back now, Jelly. Skimble shall be sending out a search party for me! Toodle Pip!" Jenny waved as she was heading through the "door" of Jelly and Gus's den.

"Toodle Pip, Jeny!", replied Jelly, as she thought for a moment, then turned and went into the bedroom.

By the time Bomba and Tugger woke up, Demeter had already woke up and was feeding little Anthea. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, not wanting to disturb her sleeping sister and her mate. Bomba reached out to touch Demeter's shoulder, and she turned just before her paw fell on her. Bomba noticed she was also holding Aurora, she thought Bomba could do with having some time to make it up to Tugger.

"Thanks Demeter" Bomba said, smiling at her sister. Demeter just smiled back, and looked at Tugger with a knowing glance. "Listen Dem, I...shall we take the kits out to see the Yard? What do you say? Let them meet everyone?!"

"Yes, I'd like that. And I haven't saw Munk since just after Anthea was born, so I may go and find him" Demeter said shyly, as Tugger was looking at her.

"Listen, baby? I don't mind looking after the kits for a while if you want some space? What do you say? Bomba? Dems?" Tugger asked, feeling a lot more mature than he usually did. Demeter just stared at him as if he'd grown another tail.

"Well, if you're offering to? It'd be a good chance for you to get...let's see, accquainted with your daughter. Yeah, that would be good. But, on the other hand, I did want to take her out, let her see the sunrise and it shining. I wanted her to meet the other kittens and the other Jellicles. So, actually, I think I'll take her today. If that's alright?" Bomba said.

"I suppose. I was going to go and get some food from my Humans today anyway. I'll bring you something nice back. Love you, and I'll catch you later okay?" Tugger pecked Bomba's cheek, and ran a paw over Aurora's head, tickling her behind her ear. He gave Demeter a small smile and walked out of the den.

"Okay then, let's get going!" Demeter chirped. And they both walked out into the morning sun, kittens in arms and a spring in their step.

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