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I had always watched him.

Ever since the first time I had held his small baby figure in my arms, I knew there was something about him. Something that made my mind twist in ways that were completely appalling. He made me fall into fatal thoughts and needs that were bound to be frowned upon by any other member of the clan. Nevertheless, I yearned for that little boy, with so much need and fixation.

Who's this little boy, you ask?

Sasuke. My adorable little brother.

I still remember the first time he had been in my arms; he was but 2 months old. I still clutch on to the memories of his tiny chubby wet hands wrapping around my thumb, and hearing his sweet miniature gurgling noises tickling at the nape of my neck. How I cherished that memory.

The first time my mother had asked me to feed him, he looked so very innocent with a string of saliva dripping from the corner of his pinkish mouth, and his large obsidian eyes staring right back at my own with a 'blah blah' coming out of his mouth. I had always played a small game of airplane with the spoon every time I fed him his oatmeal.

It's funny now when I remember how much he loved it. Every single time I had made a fool out of myself by making airplane noises to get him to open his mouth. Nevertheless, I knew it was all worth it in the end when I heard his endearing sweet laughter brighten the room with his own type of sunshine.

Once he had finished, I took him into my arms and whispered little nothings into his tiny ears, inhaling the beautiful scent of baby powder and oatmeal emitting from the side of his neck. I wanted him to like me. I wanted him to be able to call me his brother. I was only 6, yet I knew there was something wrong with me. I had second intentions to those needs. I knew that deep inside of me, there was something sick and twisted.

A monster.

But I said nothing to anyone, I only dug his little body deeper into my embrace. Gently caressing his short strands of raven black hair with my fingertips as I whispered many strings of 'I love yous' into his ear. He only replied with a quiet 'baba' before he closed his eyes and fell asleep in my arms.


Times have changed now.

I am now the leader of the Anbu Squad at only 14 years of age, and Sasuke is now 7 years old. He has changed so much…not only mentally, but physically as well.

His body is much taller now, much more full and radiating with beauty. He tells me about his school every time he gets back, and he explains to me how much the girls in his class wouldn't leave him alone. I know that as a brother I should have felt proud of him for being the magnet of girls at his age, but I didn't. I actually felt jealous, angry even. I didn't want anyone to touch him, not even my own parents.

Sasuke was mine, only mine, and no one was ever allowed to feel him. Let alone, have his love. I told him to ignore the girls. I told him several times to stay away from the people around him. I told him that I was the only one he could come to when he needed anything. He believed everything, and followed as he was told.

He believed every single last lie my perverse mind came up with.

I gave him many restrictions. Actually, I had given him so many I barely recall half of the list. But he never did argue with me. He only nodded his head and gave me one of his tiny long-lasting hugs. I cherished every single one close to my heart. I treasured every single string of oatmeal aroma his tiny body still had present every time I inhaled his soothing fragrance.

He was so beautiful.

Just this morning, I saw him skip out of his room with his little tan backpack bouncing at his side. I smiled at him from the kitchen, quietly sipping my cup of tea as I silently stared at the way he had bent down to pick up a pencil he had dropped. I felt a bit sickened at myself for staring at the way his rear was sticking up in the air as if beckoning me to go over and take its virgin state.

I quickly turned away, though, when he straightened up and faced me with one of his innocent smiles. Smiles that had never failed to turn me on in such a sadistic way.

"Good morning, aniki!" he cheerfully giggled, waving one of his small hands in the air, "How did you sleep?"

I quietly watched as he approached me with a small smile gracing on his plump little lips; lips that just begged to be taken. I immediately felt a pearl of sweat drip at the side of my face, and I felt my cheeks begin to turn a bright red.

Did such an innocent child take over my body that easily?

"My morning was fine," I quickly replied, setting the cup of tea on the counter, brushing the weird feeling away from my face with a sway of my hand, "And yours, otouto?"

"Mine's was great!" he responded, childishly climbing onto my lap, "I'm going to school right now, but I'll see you later."

The moment I felt his hands on my thighs in order to lift himself onto my lap, I almost lost all control. Only if he just moved those little hands of us a bit higher, I would have been in heaven in a flash.

"Aniki, where are mom and dad?" he asked, placing his small legs on either side of my waist.

I felt so damn tempted at those plump pink legs being spread open right on my lap. I wanted to just shove his little hot body into my own and rip those annoying shorts from off of his legs. I wanted to hear his little childish voice moan out my name, I wanted him to be covered in sweat. I wanted to see him masturbate. Hell, I wanted to screw him right there and then.

But I couldn't. I felt sickened at my thoughts. How could I feel such sexual emotions for a 7 year-old who didn't even know what a blowjob was? Most importantly, how could I feel this for my own younger brother?

It was all so filthy and beautiful at the same time. I felt guilty, but at the same time, I didn't.

"They're out training", I responded a year later, shaking away my disturbing thoughts as I picked Sasuke from off of my lap, "You should go ahead and hurry off to school. You'll be late."

"Okies!" he smiled, using one of his adorable answers to turn me on even more, "I'll be a good boy, so you could train with me when I come back, aniki."

I gently patted him on the head and kissed his cute, rather large, forehead, "Be good at school. I'll see you in the afternoon."

He quickly nodded and hugged my leg before he ran out the front door, "Bye, big brother!"

I watched him disappear from the distance of the window and sighed to myself. If he had stayed any longer, I probably would've taken him that very day.

I stood up from the stool and walked over to the oven. A wonderful idea crossed my mind the moment I saw a strawberry sitting on the fruit stand. I smirked to myself and picked it up, imaging the many things Sasuke could do to that small fruit with his cute soaked tongue. I then remembered the chocolate bread Mother had baked yesterday night and the instruction she gave to give it to the next-door neighbor that morning. But I had something else in mind.

After all, Sasuke always loved pastries.


My parents weren't home yet and Sasuke was most likely on his way home by now.

I quickly got out of my room and headed towards the kitchen where I had glazed the chocolate bread with vanilla flavored cream. I had also pinned the strawberry I found earlier at the very top of the pastry.

Sasuke will love it, I thought to myself as I set two plates and two forks on the kitchen table, along with the sweet-smelling bread.

I almost flipped over in excitement when I heard the front door of the house begin to unlock.


"Aniki!" he yelled from across the house in his adorable high-pitched voice, "I'm home!"

I only smiled in response and sat down on a chair. I heard quiet slapping noises approaching the kitchen. It was Sasuke, walking barefooted around the house. How I loved that silent gentle noise of his small feet padding down on the wooden floor. It was sweet lullabies to my ears.

"Sasuke, welcome home", I smiled calmly, watching him as he stared in complete and utter amazement at the chocolate flavored pastry sitting on the kitchen table, "How was school?"

He turned his hungry-looking gaze at me and smiled as he approached one of the kitchen table chairs, "It was good. Sakura won't leave me alone though."

He pouted sweetly at the name mentioned and mimicked one of Father's frowns. I almost chuckled at the seriousness of his innocent-looking face, "What did she do?"

"She keeps saying she likes me and stuff. And she keeps giving me chocolate bunnies", he replied, taking every single word coming out of his mouth quite seriously as he wrinkled his tiny nose even more into a pout, "Also, she keeps telling me to play house with her and be the daddy."

Most brothers would most likely chuckle at this, and think it was cute that a girl was wooing their little brother, but I, on the other hand, fumed. I was so angry at what I heard that girl was doing to my brother I almost felt like marching up to her house and scream a million offending remarks about her. But I held my anger back. After all, these were only children.

"Do you like her, Sasuke…?", I asked, a part of me already knowing the answer to that question.

"Nope, she's annoying. And she has this really big forehead", he pouted, crossing his little arms in front of him.

I smiled at the remark and felt relieved at the same time, "Do me a favor Sasuke."

"Anything, aniki!", he replied excitedly, dropping his adorable pouting and replacing it with a large childish smile.

"Next time you see her, tell her to 'Fuck off'", I smiled, patting his head as if that comment wasn't bad at all, "Or if that doesn't work, tell her to 'Shut up and go fuck herself'".

Sasuke smiled one of his charming smiles again and nodded quickly several times, "Okies, aniki! I'll tell her that tomorrow."

"Good", I simply replied, a grin spread broadly across my face.

"Did you make that cake, aniki?", I heard him ask, dipping his finger into the soft pastry.

"Yes, I made it just for you, Sasuke", I replied, watching him as he sucked on his vanilla-covered finger.

I had so many erotic images when I saw his tongue ravage at his hand that I almost drooled from the side of my mouth. Everything he did seemed to me as if he was teasing, yet, a naïve 7 year-old such as he couldn't possibly have any idea of what he was doing.

I quickly severed my stare at his lips and looked at the piece of bread in the middle of the table, "Do you want a piece, otouto?"

"Yes, please", he eagerly said, scanning every single movement my hand made when I prepared to cut his piece.

"How much do you want?", I asked, turning only to see the desperate look on his face.

"'til here", he whispered, pointing the tip of his finger at the large piece with the strawberry smashed into it.

I was hoping for that answer. I slowly started cutting at the said piece and slid it over into Sasuke's plate. The look on his face when that piece of bread landed on his plate was unbearable.

His cheeks blushed a deep red, and he licked his lips in hunger as he took the fork and smashed a big piece of pastry into his mouth. I chuckled when I noticed his cheeks puffing up in an adorable manner.

I flushed heavily when I imagined my own erected member inside that sweet cavern, puffing up those delectable cheeks of his and drool slipping from the side of his mouth; and—

"Vhis ish vewy gud!", I suddenly heard him say, his cheeks now puffed up even more from the over-stuffing of the cake inside his mouth.

I shook the sick thoughts away and smiled kindly, "I'm glad you like it Sasuke."

I chuckled as he eagerly nodded and continued to stuff even more bread into his mouth.

Just how much could that pretty little cave of his swallow?


Night had fallen, and Sasuke was in the living room playing race with his little toy cars.

I loved the delightful sounds of raspberries being blown from his tongue in order to give sound to his cars, not to mention, the childish 'zoooom' he implied when they 'were winning the race'.

I had heard him almost all night from my resting place near the sofa. I had also watched. Especially when he bent down to pick up certain cars he dropped from his hands.

Oh, god, that adorable little backside of his. Always pleading to be taken, always there for my eyes to feast upon. I was always at the verge of insanity when he once in a while reached between his legs to adjust his boxers.

It was the most erotic sight I had ever laid eyes upon, or so I thought.

Suddenly, I heard the front door to the house begin to open.

My parents.

They always seemed to ruin everything; it was getting on my last nerves.

"We're home darlings!", Mikoto shouted from the front door, followed by the familiar grunt coming from my father's voice.

"Mommy! Daddy!", Sasuke shouted, dropping his toy cars to the ground and rushing up into my mother's arms, "I missed you!"

"We missed you too, dear", I heard her reply, followed by an 'I missed you too, son' coming from my father.

I just grunted, deeply annoyed by my parents coming home. Hell, everything about them angered and annoyed me to no end.

I heard them walk into the kitchen, smiling to myself when I heard Sasuke explain to our parents that I had prepared him a chocolate cake earlier that day. My mother chuckled with a 'That's nice dear'.

"Itachi, come here", my father ordered with one of his firm voices.

He always talked to me like that. I hated it more than anything. Hated the fact that he thought he had complete control over me. Hn, that old fool.

"Yes, father?", I replied, walking into the kitchen with a low bow of my head as I approached him further.

"Did you take good care of Sasuke?"

I nodded.

"Good. Do your mom a favor and tuck him in bed. She's tired from all the training she had to endure today", he demanded, making his way towards his own room down the hall.

I immediately activated my Sharingan at his back but I just as quickly hid it again when I heard Sasuke's miniature voice.

"Aniki, mommy said to tuck me in bed, I'm really tired", he whined, tugging down at my shirt as he gave out a silent yawn.

I nodded and carried him into his room, bridal-style.

I could take this situation to my advantage, I thought, after all, Mother and Father are in their rooms.

A smirk quickly graced itself to my lips.


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