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(Used a few of the original dialogue lines between these two to give it that 'realism') Onwards!


I heard him approach, the grass flattening beneath his feet.

I lied there, watching blankly at the half-eaten moon above us. Knowing he was there, near me, was enough. Upon another intake of breath, I felt a cold metal underneath my chin, trailing slowly and menacingly towards the middle of my neck. I felt his shadow above me, and I continued to look towards the sky. His scent would have been nonexistent to anyone else, but to me, the fragrance of oatmeal emitted strongly from him, filling and brimming at my nostrils.

"You're going to die."

His voice was firm and certain. I smiled in a way that no one would know I was, and I felt as he began to deepen the apex of his katana further into my neck. I didn't move, and welcomed his deadly intentions.

"I know" I whispered, looking up into the blackness of space. My sight was blurry, but the brightness of the stars, and the luminance of the moon was unmistakable even for someone like me.

I lied unmoving, feeling his katana begin to pierce through the thin cape of skin. I could feel a thin string of warm liquid begin to make its way down my throat, and the foreign feeling of something cold invading my neck began to feel apparent. A mere centimeter more, and my throat would begin to clog with blood.

He suddenly stopped. I looked towards his expression from above me. I noticed the way his teeth were clenched, biting down harshly as his brows furrowed in both confusion and anger. He seemed distressed that I did nothing, and I gave him a brief smile that I doubt he took notice of.

"You lack the strength of your convictions, Sasuke," I said to him, "Do it."

"You don't think I can kill you?" he spat at me, a rising frustration in his voice as he threatened to impale my esophagus, "Is that why you do nothing?"

I closed my eyes, allowing the pain to seep in as he buried the end of his katana even further into my neck. I was less than an inch away from certain death, but I didn't care. He was near me, and I could smell him. I remembered the way his small hips felt on my lap, and an involuntary smile appeared on my lips.

"I do nothing because.." I opened my eyes to meet with his own, taking in the surreal beauty that seemed everlasting on his face, no matter how much he managed to contort or twist it, "I love you."

I watched quietly as his teeth loosened from their grip, and his foreboding glare began to reluctantly disappear. I could feel the metal embedded in my throat begin to depart ever so slightly from the muscle it had pierced, and felt another small river of warm fluid stream down unto the back of my neck.

His arm grew shaky and uncertain, and I knew I had said what no one else had since the day I did so long ago. I took the brief opportunity of his uncertainty to stand up, facing him underneath the pale moonlight atop that unforgettable hill.

I approached his shaken figure, nearly meeting our chests until they touched. I could feel his warmth begin to pool on my own, and a tinge of ache to hold him in my arms overflooded me. It was hard to hold back, but I simply watched as his once murderous gaze went back and forth like a pendulum towards the ground.

I felt like comforting him, I felt like telling him again, I felt like reminding him of everything he'd ever meant to me. But I did nothing. I studied his face, a mix of both shock and dread contorting his brows. Why was it that he acted this way to something he should have known all along?

"S-shutup.." he stammered, his voice no longer as certain and decisive as before, "you don't.."

Suddenly, I felt the radiance of his warmth begin to separate from my own. I watched almost sadly as he began to back away from me, his grip regaining on his katana. I wouldn't allow that. I wanted him near. Close to me, where I could feel what was mine.

My hand reached for his face, and it rested on the side of his cheek, disallowing him from moving further away. He stood confused before me, freezing in his stance. I looked up at him and noticed the way his black, lovely eyes sunk into eternal confusion. My gaze didn't separate from his, and I closed the gap between us.

"You kill me tonight, Sasuke" I said quietly, not letting my hand fall from its place, "and then what do you do?"

I watched as his brows furrowed in deeper confusion, a frigidity in his muscles beginning to build as he dropped the heavy stem of metal onto the floor. His eyes narrowed in what seemed to be fear. He was scared. Yes. He was scared to be alone. He was terrified of the infinite, incurable solitude that we both knew all too well.

Yet, even though the miles and kilometers varied over the years between us, we knew that our existence continued. And that those miles, as wretched as they were, mattered and persisted. That there was a gap to be closed, a 'next time' to be fulfilled, a reason to continue.

His touch was my goal, and my death, his. But regardless, we remained an ambition in each others lives. We completed one another. We were made for that.

And in regards to how he acted, I knew he had never realized this before. He had never wanted to realize it. That we were for each other, and for no one else.

"Your friends are gone," I whispered, leaning into his ear as the wind carried my words straight in, "and you will be all alone. Like before."

Something about reminding him of the binding truth triggered him, and he brought a hand to my throat; squeezing tightly. The air that once rested in my lungs wheezed out, and I did nothing.

He watched with big, perplexed eyes at the way my body simply stood and sustained his punishment. There was a continual fear in them, fearful of sealing my fate. He could not kill me. His arms dropped to his side, looking down as a dam formed beneath his eyes.

"Why.." he began, his voice both insecure and yielding; I watched as the shimmering beneath his eyes threatened them, begging, pleading to escape their source, "Why did you.."

I waited quietly, allowing him to finally urge up the strength to ask what he wanted to ask all of the years past. The crippling, aching question that swelled and blistered so painfully within him.

"Why did you kill them?" he looked up at me, a small string of water freely falling from one of his dark, grieving eyes.

I didn't think I would ever see him cry again.

My heart fell within my lungs, and the pain of remembering, the pain of knowing that I had hurt him, caused the air in me to become thick and painful. I could hardly bear it, seeing him crying and breaking..

I looked straight at him, watching him crumble before me.

The man who once seemed so certain of my death, of my future, of my end, so appointed to kill, and to satisfy the ravenous intent to rid of my existence, stood before me.. weak and destroyed. And I hadn't menaced a single finger against him.

I remembered his face when he was seven, begging for father to stop yelling at me that night that he had caught us. How he threw himself at me, defending me with small, lithe arms around my neck like pining swans entwined.

We had built that tomb together, and I knew, that in the end, I would fill it alone.

My eyes lowered towards him in endearment, watching as the dam in his eyes finally tore open, an endless river of tears falling freely upon his pale, flawless face.

"I killed them because.." I paused, leaning into him until my breath warmed his ear, "I love you."

He froze against me, adhereing his watery gaze with my own. He said nothing, but his eyes spoke stories. Long, painful stories of loneliness and heartache. I brought my hands on either side of his face, looking at him with a fondness and affection that was so savagely difficult to hide and hold back all those years in the past.

"They held you back," I whispered, "They held us back," he stared sorrowfully at me, trying his absolute best to wrap his mind around what I was saying with all of his being, "You and I are flesh and blood. And I'm always going to be there for you.. Even if it's only hate that ties you to me," he weakened underneath my grasp, his face loosening to the point in which it felt as if I were holding a doll, "that's what big brothers are for."

There was a silence, and the wind danced through our identical hair.

He stared deeply into my eyes, as if I were something he'd never seen before. Almost as in unison with the next veil of breeze, he enclosed my lips, sealing them as our fates were the moment he was born.

The beat of my heart eradicated, and I watched with half-lidded eyes as his remained closed so unbelievably close to my own. I breathed in slowly, allowing my gaze to close, concentrating on the magical warmth resting upon my lips. He moved so slowly, yet so certain, next me. I felt as he brought his arms behind my back, encasing me in a loose embrace. I felt as if the stars had melted me in his arms, and I could hardly believe what was taking place.

His body.. so strong and firm against me, the lips I had suffered and longed for so very long: now mine. Claiming me, showing me, giving me meaning. I held him in return, wrapping my arms around his neck. I had to reach, (yes, reach, for his height toppled ever so slightly over mine), and I felt myself diffusing into him.

I earned an entrance into his hot, sugared mouth, and began to dance with his tongue. He allowed me, and I felt as his once loose embrace began to slowly, reluctantly (but surely) tighten around me.

We paused for only a second, and I watched as his eyes opened marvellously to meet my own. He looked dazed, but we both knew of what he wanted. What we both wanted.

My love for him was never-ending. Irrevocable, and forever unchanging. I wanted him to have me. My life, my past, my end.

The unavoidable end.

With a swift movement of mine, we lied on the ground. My weight rested lightly above him, staring into his eyes, and watching as he did the same. I leaned in, so close that our lips nearly touched the same way they had before.

"You are a fire," I whispered to him, my words palpable on his lips, "and here I burn."

I closed the gap between us, and bit gently at his bottom lip, tasting the candied flesh that lied unchanged throughout time. My hands began to travel towards the purple knot on his waist, eager fingers searching for a way to untie the confining thing.

To my dismay, he pulled away, looking into my eyes with a strange expression gracing his features.

"You're weaker and smaller than I," he breathed, a smirk beginning to coil on the sides of his lips, "you belong beneath me."

With a swift adjustment of his legs, I felt my back against the grass beneath us; and I felt his breath against my own. His weight now balanced lightly above me.

He looked at me momentarily, a devious smile on his face as he reached down to give a few tugs at the knot around his waist, allowing the long, white fabric to fall on my legs. I glanced downwards, and noticed his naked, white chest beckoning me for me to touch it; toned, lean arms balancing on either side of me.

I looked up at him, my eyes slightly widened at the sudden turn of events. I felt him begin to tug down at my pants, loosening and pulling them until I could feel the chilling breeze of that night make its presence known on my bare, naked legs.

"Play with me", he said.


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