Tucker held his breath, hoping his loud cursing from stubbing his toe hadn't attracted Sam's attention. He couldn't afford to be caught by her, or it'd be all over. He wasn't ready to go. This warehouse, luckily, had dozens of hiding spots. Unfortunately, it made it easier for her to sneak up on him. He looked up, making sure she wasn't hiding in the rafters.

His fingers closed over the trigger while he hoped that his shaking wouldn't set the gun off. He couldn't waste the ammunition or attract Sam - and accidentally shooting would do both. He saw what she did to Danny, and was determined to not let the same thing happen to him. Right now, she was not his friend. She was the enemy. And he was not some techno-geek. He was a survivor.

Footsteps caught his attention. Would it really be that easy? It was like she was begging him to get her. He let out a breath, tensing. Now or never. Steady...steady...

"HAH!" He jumped out from behind the crate he had been using as shield, pulling the trigger and firing a shot. It hit the metal wall with a loud clang. No one. He bit his lower lip. Oh no...it had been a trap, and he fell for it. He turned to see Sam, pointing her gun at him.

"Gotcha." He gasped, raising his weapon. She pulled the trigger. He felt two blows to his chest and fell down.

Sam blew imaginary smoke from the gun. "Tucker, no need to be so dramatic. I just won, that's all." Tucker sat up.

"Yeah, yeah." He looked at the two purple splotches on his yellow shirt. "Does this stuff stain?"

"No, it's just water mixed with natural dyes. It'll come right out in cold water."

"Oh, good. Hey, how'd you get Danny out anyways?"

"Hey, that's MY secret." Tucker sighed, getting up and starting to leave their battlefield when Sam coughed. Tucker groaned, remembering the deal.

"Ok, fine! You ARE the best at paintball!"