Yo. I decided to put a foxtrot comic in the foxtrot section. Semi-drabble, just a bit too long.

Or I could continue it. Whatever you ask for.

A young boy with bright blond hair loaded his gun, looking to his friend, who had dark skin and black hair.

"Ready?" he murmured.

"As ever," he muttered back.

The two slithered vigilante-style across the floor, the guns barely making small clicking sounds as they brushed the ground.



"GO!" The blond-headed one sprang up and began aiming. The other slid behind the chair that their target was innocently sitting on and raised his gun to the back of her head.

"JASON! YOU'RE DEAD! DEAD, I TELL YOU!!!!!" The girl stood up, almost twice the boys' heights. Jason, the blond, hurriedly fitted another suction cup into the end of the gun as Marcus, the other boy, shot a hole right through 'Vogue', the magazine the target had been reading.

"THAT HAD A BACKSYNC BOYS PHOTO! All right, that's it." She grabbed the two by the ankles and suspended them from her fan using ropes she had made from a math book she loathed. They dangled helplessly, attempting to grab more ammunition.

As Paige searched for a weapon, the two boys tried swinging back and forth with Tarzan yells to put the bullets into each others' guns. The stereo was blasting next door, punctuated with loud kissing noises. Loud swears could be heard from downstairs as a fat, bald man struggled with a computer. To add to chaos, a woman burst into Paige's room, screaming at her and frantically trying to undo the hard math book knots.

Such was a day in the life.