The Soft Spot

18. Black

She'd worn it since Aeris died, almost a silent memento to her and many other things. When it came around, after the battle ended, and the others decided to take up the pink ribbons, she didn't mind.

But she kept the black one tied around her ankle. It was more than just Aeris.

She hid it beneath her boot, tied to her right ankle. It started out smooth and shiny, but was now frayed and rough after years of wear and tear. She almost liked it better that way, though.

The moment she tied it around her ankle, it was a silent reminder of everything; of how one of her friends perished in an instant. It was Nibelhiem and MIdgar, it was Barret's wife and Cid's dream. It was Nanaki's father, Yuffie's mother, and Vicnent's immortality. It was Reeve's shame, and Aeris' years she couldn't live out. It was the love she'd always had for him, and the love he'd never have for her. When she tied it around her ankle, it was a tribute, a promise to tie up all of her sorrows and save them for another day…another time, when no one was looking and she didn't have to be strong. She'd wear her sorrows on her sleeves, literally, but hid them as well. They were out in the open for anyone; all they had to do was ask.

And, unfortunately, he did.

Since defeating the three clones, Cloud began hanging around the bar more often, and she appreciated it. She'd almost forgotten about the ribbon, as they sat there that night. She was curled up in her chair, reading, and he was thumbing through the paper on the couch. He glanced up; noting the threadbare ribbon around her ankle, and his eyebrows peaked in curiosity.

"What's the ribbon for?"

It caught her off guard, never prepared for someone to ask, "A memory…"

They had long since untied the pink ribbons on their arms.

"What of?"

"…it might be…broken dreams."

This concerned him, "Whose dreams?"


"What's mine?"

She tilted her head, studying the ribbon, "I…I don't know," she didn't know how to answer.


"The others are easy to figure out. It's hard, with you…because, I don't know which dream you wanted the most that you haven't gotten," she had an idea, though.

They sat in silence a moment, before he stood, walking slowly over to her. He looked down at her, and she could only meet his eyes for a moment, before glancing away.

"I…I think I still have time…to get that dream."

"W-what dream?" she flushed, staring at the ribbon.

"The one that I want the most, but haven't gotten."

He kissed her forehead goodnight.

A/N: okay, so I found this 100 themes list challenge thingy mabob...but seeing as I'm fickle (I really am...the second drabble I wrote was author's choice) I decided I'll try and write all the themes, but we may see a surplus of themes...BUT what I'd like to do with this story, is have people leave challenges for me in reviews...give me a promt, a scene, AU or game/movie, an emotion, a word, and I'll write something to make cloud/tifa work...or not work, if you want a depressing story. I also want to do this just so I can smooth out some rough edges on my writing, and maybe get some inspiration for a new story. So, if you want to request a drabble, then let me know.