Ray walks into the bedroom and saw Debra packing her suitcase, "What are you doing?"

"I'm leaving Ray and taking the kids with me. I can't take this anymore." She says continuing to pack.

"What, because of what I did? I'm sorry, but this is crazy. You don't want to leave," He said.

She turns to him and it is clear she has been crying, "That was just the last straw Ray. I have put up with crap like that for 15 years. You have no respect for me or what I do to keep this house together. You hardly spend any time with our kids. All you want to do is play golf and sit on your ass watching TV. You won't help me and whenever I ask, you whine like one of the kids."

"Look I promise I'll change. I'll help more, spend time with kids. Please don't do this." He pleads

"You have promised before and nothing changed. You don't want responsibility or to have to do anything. Why don't you go across the street to your mommy since that's what you want, a mother not a wife!" she said walking out of the bedroom to the bathroom.

Ray follows her as she gathers her make-up and toiletries, "Don't make this about my mother. You harp and gripe all the time, sometimes for no reason. You just like doing it."

"Excuse me? I have no reason to gripe? Maybe I wouldn't if you made any effort at all. You are just like your father, he never respected your mother and you don't respect me. We'll it's over." She states matter of fact as she walks back to the bedroom.

"Come on where are you going? What are we going to tell the kids?" He asks

"Well, the kids are out of school for the summer so we are going to see my mother. I need to get away from everything. We'll talk to them together when we get back." She answers

Ray sits down on the bed trying to absorb what was happening. He looks at Debra and hardly knows what to say anymore, "Deb, we can work this out. Come on, this is not worth throwing everything away. We love each other, right?"

Debra turns from the closet to face him, "I thought we did, but you don't act like you do Ray. When you love someone, their feelings and wants and needs are more important to you than your own. All you want is what makes you happy. It doesn't matter what anyone else wants. If anything is the least bit inconvenient you won't do it."

"I do love you Deb. I said I'll change. I won't complain, I'll help. I promise. I'll do more with the kids."

"It's not just that Ray, you manipulate and lie. You have no regard for my feelings. You don't support me. I ran for school board president, you whined about it because you actually had to do something around here. The same thing when I tried to go back to work. How I feel means nothing to you. The only time you pay any attention to me is when you want to have sex." She walks out of the bedroom and down the stairs with her suitcase.

Ray follows her, wanting to finish the conversation but the kids were watching TV.

"Kids, lets get going. Say goodbye to Daddy and put your stuff in the car." She tells them.

Ray hugs the kids good bye and he and Debra were alone again, "Deb, are you sure this is what you want?"

"No Ray, what I want is a husband who is a real partner, a helpmate, not another child to take care of. Look, we'll call and let you know we got there okay. We'll discuss this more when we get back." She turns and walks out the door.