Title: Little Voice

Author: Coru

Summary: Surprises and danger lie ahead for Captain Jack Sparrow...many in the form of a little girl that looks too much like a certain Pirate King.

Disclaimer: The pirates belong to Disney, the story belongs to me...

AN: Abby is very firmly mentally cast as Abigail Breslin, circa 2003 (the signs/raising helen era). And while I do know that the 'jack's got a daughter' thing has been done TO DEATH, but somewhere in my mind Abby was born and I had to write her out. It won't be like most of them, I promise.

Chapter 1:

If there was one ship in the great wide ocean which Captain Jack Sparrow had never intended to see again, the Flying Dutchman was not quite it, but it certainly fell into the very top five.

He had actually rather hoped he would someday run into the boy on one of his journeys, but, also knowing that not only was said boy was carting around a bunch of dead-ish souls many of which he was likely to have killed himself, but also being aware a few very personal problems between them, particularly in mutual regard for a woman who mutually regarded them, there was also a good bit of hope that he never saw bow or stern of that blasted ugly ship again.

Which was probably why, when he saw said ship, he immediately hid and told his crew to ignore the ship and hope it went away – and on the off chance that didn't work, to tell any and all crew members that Jack had gone missing.

The heavy sound of wet boots slapping against the wooden deck slowly reached his ears. He ignored it. He didn't want to look, he preferred hiding where he was. He took a sip of rum and remained as still as he could laying back beneath a couple barrels of rum – preferring to appear passed out, in case he were to be discovered.

He peeked one eye open nervously, and found himself staring into an unexpected face. Not that of young William, or any of his crew for certain. A grave little face with too-large eyes and a mouth that should be smiling. He grinned weakly and winked at her. She continued to stare.

Suddenly she was picked up, and Jack was rather annoyed to see instead the countenance of the Flying Dutchman's captain. Jack made a good show of rousing himself from a drunken stupor.

"Whelp! Er...Whilp...Will! Hello Willie boy!" Jack pushed himself from behind the barrels and staggered across the deck. "To what do I owe the very fine pleasure of your hopefully brief company?"

"I'm not staying long," Will replied, following him. "I have to go to England, then chase after a pirate lord."

"Well if you want one of those I am of course far too busy, but I do believe you left one that belongs to you on an island somewheres not here," Jack began plucking at things trying to look busy. "Best of luck though,"

"She's not there anymore. Thanks to this particular Pirate Lord," Will's voice was very intense and demanded attention. Jack ignored him. "Capitaine Chevalle is dead. His replacement is the one I'm after - Captain Matthias Richter."

"Richter, eh?" He turned suddenly, his braids swinging out. His eyes were steady as they met Will's. "That's a very bad plan mate, not too keen on survivors is old Richter."

"Yes, and he's keen on punishing you for some crime you committed against him-" Will was interrupted in his tirade by Jack simply not caring.

"Well he's been that for years and it hasn't harmed me yet," Jack turned away again, sashaying across the deck as swiftly as he could without giving the actual appearance of running away. Being as it was of course a ship, and he had nowhere to go, the venture ended quickly.

"Jack! Will you stop and listen?!" Will grabbed him by the arm. "He's trying to punish you so he's going through the people close to you – that's why I've got to take my sons to England to protect him, and that is why I'm dropping her" he gestured to the young girl now, who had been watching them the whole while with her solemn grey eyes, "with you!"

Jack reeled. "Now mate, much as I appreciate you wanting me to raise your little spawns, I'm afraid the Pearl is no place for a girl," he looked at her and made a face. "Especially that one, it scares me a little."

"Jack!" Will shook him. "You're not listening! He's decided he will punish you, and he's got Elizabeth!"

THAT got Jack's attention. It got his undivided attention in fact, and suddenly his drunken swagger was gone. "Taken Mrs. Turner, eh?" There was more than a touch of bitterness in his voice, all amusement vanishing.

Will's eyes darkened with anger. "Look Jack," his voice had deepened a bit. "I know what there is and has been between you and my wife. I know you came to the island for Elizabeth and I further know that is why you will take Abby!" He gestured furiously in the direction he had last seen the child.

Had either man been paying the least attention to said little girl, they would have noticed just what affect the topic was having on her. Her too-large eyes were screwed shut, and she held a ragged stuffed bunny with all the might of her chubby arms.

"Lost me mate," Jack attempted to pretend ignorance.

Will's nostrils flared. "Allow me to introduce you then," he finally turned to said girl. "This is Abigail Margaretta Sparrow, Jack. She's five years old." She tightened her hold on the toy but otherwise did not move.

Jack, quite admirably, did not pass out. He did not sway or wobble as he stood and raked his eyes over the small creature he was being told to claim as his own. He saw nothing of himself in her, and that comforted him. She was terribly Elizabeth though, and that was more than a little bit worrisome.

Will stared at Jack, his expression dead serious. "She's your daughter Jack. Elizabeth's daughter. Whatever problems exist between myself and my wife, that doesn't change the fact that she is and always will be Elizabeth Swann. And I know you love her."

This set off an entirely different set of arguments from Captain Jack Sparrow – and a few very heated responses from Captain William Turner. It was to the advantage of Abigail Sparrow to ignore them both, and quietly walk back to the plank which led to the Flying Dutchman. There was a boy sitting on the deck of the other ship. He was young, only a few years older than the girl, and his attention was absolutely focused on watching every move his captain made.

She began to cross, one arm wrapped around her doll and the other's thumb firmly in her mouth. She wobbled a little, halfway across, and the plank rattled against the two ships.

William Turner III looked at his plank, then blanched when he spotted the girl. "Abby!" He lunged in her direction, steadying the plank and reaching across the breach. He grabbed her by the arms and dragged her across to the Dutchman. Almost instantly she was draped over his knee and his hand was raised against her. It stayed there, and William looked up into the khol-lined eyes of Captain Sparrow.

"I believe that girl belongs to me mate," Jack said, a note of warning in his voice. After a pause he released the boy's hand, but didn't relax his stance. His eyes strayed to the trembling and sobbing little girl on her brother's knee.

William set Abigail on her feet and stared the captain down. "I'm sorry Mr. Sparrow, but of the two of us I would say I know a good deal more about how to take care of Abby than you do. I've been there her whole life – where have you been?"

"It's Captain," Jack replied firmly, narrowing his eyes. "You're an awfully pompous little whelp. Must be a Turner," he dismissed him with that comment and turned back to Will. "So you'll be leaving the chit with me? Alright we've got an accord."

"No!" William leaned forward and held his sister's hand tight in his own. "Father, Abby belongs with me, not this stupid drunken pirate – clearly he can't be trusted with her! Just bring her with us to England!"

"She is not my responsibility!" Will's voice was tense and angry. "I won't waste one ounce of sweat for -"

"Well then," Jack cut him off, eyes trained on the little girl who was still quietly hiccoughing. "I guess we'll be off."

Young William grabbed the Captain's jacket and held fast. "If you're taking Abby you have to come listen first!"

Jack swayed a bit and looked at the elder William Turner. "Who is this brat?"

Will glared darkly at him. "Elizabeth's and my son," he gestured to his boy with a sudden anger. "I believe you've met him, when you were busy coercing my wife into an affair."

Jack quirked an eyebrow and threw his hands in the air. "Oh well now, was that how it was?" He began to circle the little family. "I appeared at the door and poor little Lizzie was helpless?" He let out a bark of laughter. "You have met her haven't you boy? Your bonny Missus was bored half out her wits mate. Begged me to take her with me on the Pearl s'matter of fact," he looked at the boy. "Let's have a chat then."

Jack followed the child to a corner away from 'the whelp and the baby', and watched him twist his hands for a minute. Jack's lips twisted into something like a smile when he realized the problem – Lizzie must have told her son – Will's son – about him, about their adventures. The boy was nervous.

"Now what's so important lad?" Jack asked, not unkindly.

He looked up at the captain sharply, and his forehead wrinkled in displeasure. "Abby's special," he said finally. "Mum calls her sensitive. It jus' means...she gets hurt easy. And she -" he stopped for a moment, his face scrunching in a manner not unlike his sister. "She saw them take Mother. I wasn't there, I wouldn't have let them – well, I wasn't there." He took a couple deep breaths. "Abby ain't never been over-talkative, she's smart and learns quick but she don't talk much. And since she saw...whatever she saw, she ain't said a word. Barely makes a sound. She won't eat hardly nothin', just sits there. Like she's broken or something – and I don't wanna leave her but Pa won't bring her and he won't let me stay."

Jack let out a breath, bobbing his head in a thoughtful manner. "Looky here lad," he pointed to the Black Pearl, "that there is my ship. Filled up to the brim with pirates and thieves and all sorts of nasties. We'll likely run into a curse or two soon, or at the very least get into some very dangerous fights with people who want us very dead." He met William's eyes solemnly. "But I promise that while the girl is aboard my ship no harm will come to her. Indeed I further declare every intention of going after said little girl's dearly distressed damsel. Or dame perhaps."

William jumped up. "You're going after Mother?!" Upon this outburst, several members of the crew stopped and gaped.

Will stalked over to them, already removing his sword. "Elizabeth is mine to find! I will rescue her!"

Jack laughed a little. "How funny," he snickered a bit and began to walk around him. "Give a boy a ship for a few years he thinks he can out-pirate the pirates." He knelt down and picked up the girl, continuing to mutter to himself as he crossed the plank back to his own ship. He pushed the bit of wood off of the Pearl,and headed toward the his private cabin. "Next thing you know he'll be calling himself a Captain."