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This story picks up exactly where "Deal" left off. Here we go, ninjas just trying to get back home. They're not in good shape, but they're doing the best they can. Anko and Kakashi have decided that they're much more than friends, but they want to keep it quiet. Can they all get back in one piece? Oh yeah, I don't own Naruto. With that said, time to start. Enjoy!


Anko looked at the back of the head of the ninja she was riding. She glanced to her left, and saw the pink haired medical ninja who had saved her life just a few hours before. She was very grateful to have two friends like these who risked themselves and cared enough to come and get her on the interrupted mission that had almost cost her her life. Sakura and Kakashi. They both cared about her, and the one she was riding seemed to care about her a whole lot more than she ever thought anyone could. And she liked that idea very much indeed. She thought to herself he's a dead man when we get back home. I've got plans for him that he's going to take WEEKS to heal from. But first, I've got to be "taken care of" a bit myself. That bastard Kabuto almost killed me and I can feel practically every muscle in my body right now. Thank God Sakura put me back together again, at least enough so I can get home. My head's still killing me, and this leaping from branch to branch makes my head hurt more with every jump. I wish we would rest a bit, I'm really exhausted.

Then she felt a suggestive squeeze on her thighs. Kakashi was letting her know that he intended to "take care of her" as soon as she was well enough. Anko thought he's got to be exhausted. He killed Kabuto, and he's been carrying me for three hours. How does he keep up this pace?

In fact Kakashi was having a hard time of it. He'd been carrying Anko on his back at a pretty quick speed since they left the site where Anko and Kabuto had had their battle. He'd been forced to use the Mangakou and the Tsukuyomi to quickly dispatch Kabuto, tapping an enormous amount of his chakra. He was able to rest a bit while Sakura worked on patching up Anko, but him having to carry her, was slowing him down quickly. Still, he though I won't put her down until we get back to the village. She's practically come back from the dead, and I'm not letting anyone get a chance to put her in that state again. I don't care if it knocks me out; I'm getting her back home with me. We've got to keep moving.

Kakashi was still thinking deeply about the things that had transpired. Especially the part when Sakura told him that it was obvious that he was in love with Anko. At the time, he wasn't sure he was, but after he thought about it, and saw her almost dead; he found he did love her. He hadn't cared about someone in so long; that the things he was feeling were almost brand new to him. But he didn't mind. As long as she was close to him, he felt really good. It may become a problem later with either of them being away on missions, but they'd made a deal to wait for each other, as long as they both tried not to get themselves killed.

Kakashi had not mentioned how he felt to Anko yet. He wanted to get her home before he told her. Plus, he wasn't exactly sure how much she liked him, even though she did show her appreciation for him by yanking down his mask and kissing him when she was finally conscious again. She even told him they were more than just friends now. Kakashi liked that fact very much also.

Sakura looked at the two of them as they sailed through the trees together. Occasionally, she'd see Anko nip Kakashi's ear, and she'd notice him squeeze her thighs every once in a while. She'd just look away and roll her eyes. At other times, she'd see Anko lean forward and whisper things into Kakashi's ear. She'd hear Kakashi's low chuckle and hear him mumble something back to her that she couldn't quite make out. She thought to herself they're good for each other. I wonder what they're whispering about? The way she bites him is cute and he's pretty bold squeezing her thighs like that but . . . oh my GOD! THEY'RE MAKING SEX PLANS! Oh dear God in heaven why didn't I realize it earlier? He spent the night at her apartment for two days while he was recuperating. And he's probably planning on spending MORE time there now taking care of her! But Kakashi had said that Anko had beaten him senseless for him rejecting her sexual advances. He'd also said that Anko wanted to see him naked in the tub when she helped him bathe. THOSE WEREN'T LIES AT ALL! They were just clever un-truths to throw me off the path of what was really going on! Oh, Kakashi-sensei, you are truly the master of deception. I wonder how long this little "thing" of theirs has been going on? From the look of them, not long, but long enough to make them both crazy about each other.

Kakashi and Anko were oblivious to Sakura's thoughts. But then, they both didn't really care much about what she thought about "them." Kakashi would surely ask her to be discreet. It really was nobody's business if they decided to hang out together and have massive sex all over her apartment, or on a cement slab outside under the stars, or hanging from a fire escape, or over a copy machine. It was nobody's business but theirs. He was only slightly concerned about what Asuma might say if he found out. But Kakashi thought if Asuma does find out, even if he won't let me live it down, I don't really care what he thinks. I care what Anko thinks. He turned his head slightly to take a look back at the person wrapped around his back and said, "Doing ok back there Anko?"

Anko didn't answer right away. Her head was pounding, and with every leap, she was getting more tired. Finally she said, "Kakashi? Kakashi, I think we need to stop for a minute. I don't feel right, I'm really tired."

Kakashi's face immediately showed his concern. Anko had sustained a fractured skull among other things from that bastard prick Kabuto, and Sakura had patched her up enough to get her home, but she was no where near healed. Kakashi said, "Sakura, we need to stop." Sakura looked at Anko and nodded. Secretly Kakashi was glad they were stopping, he was about to drop from exhaustion himself.

They found a particularly old tree with large sturdy branches. They stopped, and Kakashi sat Anko on the branch, leaning her back against the tree trunk itself. Anko wobbled a bit and threatened to fall off the branch, and possibly plummet to her death. Kakashi said, "This won't do. Hold on a minute Sakura." He pulled Anko to her feet, switched places with her, and sat on the branch with his back against the tree. Then he said, "Sakura, help her down. I'll hold her so she won't fall." Sakura helped Anko sit down between Kakashi's legs, with her back against his chest. He wrapped both his arms around her waist, keeping her upright so Sakura could get a look at her.

Sakura squatted in front of Anko whose head seemed to be lolling a bit. She picked up Anko's head and pulled up her eyelids one at a time and looked at her eyes. She said, "Kakashi, she's more exhausted than I thought. And that head injury she got is giving her more trouble. I think she's got a concussion. We need to get her home, but you've got to be exhausted, she's exhausted, and I'm about to collapse too."

Kakashi said, "We've probably got a good hour yet to travel. We can't walk her there."

"I know, but the jarring from branch to branch is aggravating her head injury. I wish there was something else we could think of."

Kakashi looked at Sakura and said, "We'd better think of something quickly, because we need to get moving again."

Sakura looked at him, a little alarmed and said, "Why? What's wrong?"

Kakashi didn't want to get her upset, so he told her, "Could you heal her head a little more? I've got soldier pills, and I think we all may need to take them. We'd boost our chakra and be able to get home."

"You'd better get them out then. Anko, how you feeling?"

"So tired. My head doesn't feel right at all. Hurts a lot again. Kakashi, all the jumping, I think you rattled my brains loose."

He leaned down and quietly spoke in her ear, "I plan to fuck your brains loose when I get you back home, so stick with me, and hang in there."

Anko giggled weakly and leaned back against his chest a bit. He tightened his grip around her. She loved feeling his arms around her, even though she wished her head felt a bit better.

Kakashi said, "Hang on a minute Anko." He pushed her upright and she leaned forward a bit and put her hands on his thighs. Her head was spinning, but that didn't stop her from wanting to compliment him on his thighs. Lean, strong, beautifully muscled and powerful enough to support him while traveling through trees, as well as hours of sex. As she was thinking terribly naughty thoughts about Kakashi in her pounding head, she felt him reach around himself.

Kakashi reached into his pack and pulled out three soldier pills and gave one to each of them. They all crunched them up and felt their chakra being revived a bit. It would get them home and keep them awake enough to get to Anko's apartment and get her situated so Kakashi could "take care of her" properly. But they had to get moving quickly.

Sakura leaned forward and said, "Ok, Anko, let's see if I can make you feel a bit better so we can get you home." She reached out and put her healing hands around the back of Anko's head. Immediately, Anko's head fell forward as she felt the electrical currents pinging around inside her head. She started feeling more alert almost right away, but Sakura didn't stop healing her for several more minutes.

Kakashi finally interrupted her and said, "Sakura, how much longer do you have to do that? When will she be well enough to get going again?"

"Not much longer why?"

"We've got to get going. And quickly."

Anko turned her head to try and look at Kakashi even though Sakura still had her hands on her head. She felt his urgency. At first she thought it might be because he wanted to get her back in her bed and do unspeakable things to her, but this felt different. She said, "What is it?"

He said, "If your head wasn't banged up, you'd know it too. We've been followed for the past two hours. And they're closing in on us."

Sakura said, "I can't really hurry Kakashi, and if we move her too soon, we could cause more damage."

"Do what you can then. And you'd better get ready. They're going to catch us before we make it home."

All three shinobi were concerned. Normally, it wouldn't matter how many were after them, three healthy Konoha shinobi were a terrifying force of power. But three exhausted shinobi low on chakra who were relying on soldier pills just to get them back home – was definitely a cause for concern.

Kakashi thought there are four coming. Anko can't fight. It'll be up to me and Sakura. But what shape will we be in after we get done with this? Can't take any chances, I've got to get Anko home. Time to call on a little help again. Kakashi asked Anko, "Can you sit up a bit?"

"Sure." She leaned forward away from his chest a bit, feeling a bit stronger from the healing chakra and the soldier pill. "What're you doing?" she asked Kakashi as she saw him begin some hand seals.

He said, "I don't have time to booby-trap this entire area to stop them, but I do have time to send for reinforcements." He put his hand down and Pakkun appeared.

"Kakashi," Pakkun said, "Not home yet I see."

"We had more trouble than we bargained for Pakkun."

Pakkun looked at Anko, "She lives! Good job you guys. Nice to see you up and around again Anko."

Anko said, "Thanks mutt," but since Pakkun looked offended at the "mutt" crack, she reached out and scratched him behind his headband, causing his eyes to close and his tongue to hang out.

When Anko stopped scratching him, Pakkun moved closer to Kakashi and said, "She's got the touch."

Kakashi said, "You have no idea. Listen, I need you to head back to the village. Send some reinforcements. We've got another fight coming. Tell them where we are. We may need help back."

Pakkun said, "Be back soon," and he took off in the direction of the village.

Anko's head felt better, it wasn't pounding as much, but she was still so tired. She thought we've got another fight. How am I supposed to fight in the state I'm in? But I'll do whatever it takes. That's what shinobi do, and I'm a damn good shinobi.

Sakura removed her hands from Anko's head and said, "That's about it for now Anko. That'll patch you up enough to get you home. Kakashi, we need to hide her. There's no way we can risk her getting injured again."

Kakashi said, "I agree" He looked around and above him was another sturdy branch that was mostly covered in foliage from a branch hanging down above it. He said, "Come on Anko. You're going up a level."

She looked up and saw where he intended to put her. It was a place that she wouldn't be noticed unless the enemy ninja decided to come up the tree after her.

Sakura took Anko's hands and Kakashi helped her up from behind. He liked that part. Too bad it couldn't last. He had to hide her before she was found, taken, or killed.

Sakura said, "Anko, stay off your foot. I know I don't have to tell you that, because I'm sure you still feel it quite a bit, but when we get you up there, sit, don't stand. And stay out of sight."

Kakashi said, "Do what she says Anko." Then he leaned toward her and said, "I need you safe." Anko took a moment to look into Kakashi's lazy eye. He was being absolutely sincere and completely serious. She nodded and let Kakashi and Sakura transport her up to a more hidden spot while they prepared to take on the four enemy ninja that were closing in on them.

Kakashi said, "Sakura, go down there and set up some trip wires with some explosive notes. They'll probably be passing the same way we did. Cover as much area as you can. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll blow themselves up."

Sakura nodded and jumped down. Kakashi, now alone with Anko (which is exactly what he'd wanted all along) said, "Please stay out of this. Stay hidden. This shouldn't take long."

Anko said, "We made a deal remember? Don't you dare get yourself killed."

"Not while you're watching. I'm trying to impress you, not scare you."

"I know. I just worry. It's what women do."

"I can think of a lot more things that women do better than worry."

Anko looked at him naughtily. Even in the midst of impending danger, he could still turn on the perv switch. She said, "Do most of them involve said women being without clothes on?"

"Yes, a few of them do."

She smiled at him, knowing he was just trying to make her feel better about the upcoming fight. She grabbed him by the face and said, "Don't do anything unnecessary and don't you dare die!"

He said, "I won't," and he pulled down his mask and kissed her firmly. Then he let her go, put his mask back up and said, "Stay hidden, I mean it." She nodded and watched him as he leapt down to help Sakura set up the explosive notes.

The two skilled shinobi set up the explosives. They would be triggered by trip wires that were strung across the pathway they'd just come through. Anyone following their chakra would run right into them. Kakashi stepped back and admired their handiwork, "Good job Sakura. We'd better hide ourselves, they're close." Sakura nodded and with Kakashi, they ducked behind a bushy growth of small trees.

They squatted down and waited. After a few seconds, Kakashi stood up and looked up at the tree Anko was hidden in, that was not too far from them. Sakura said, "Kakashi, what are you doing? They're close!"

Kakashi squatted back down and said, "I was checking on Anko. I can't see her, so they shouldn't be able to either. Are you ready Sakura? They're almost here."

"Ready," was all Sakura said. They both fell silent as they watched the trees, waiting for their next fight to begin.


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