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Kakashi came out dripping wet. His hair hung heavily to one side, and small beads of water clung to his skin. Anko almost salivated. Kakashi saw how she looked at him, and he noticed the water was sinking in the tub. Good he thought she's not going to make me wait. He grabbed a towel and quickly dried himself off while she watched him. The way he dragged the towel purposefully across his taught skin made Anko wish he was using her hands to dry himself instead of the towel. She became very envious of that towel.

Kakashi then went to the tub and reaching down he carefully lifted her, putting her bottom on the side of the tub so he could dry her off. Anko thought this was one of the most endearing and erotic things she'd ever experienced – someone she cared about bathing her, in hopes of having many hours of sex with her. Everything they had done that day – and it was still very early in the day – had been leading to one thing and one thing only – them in her bed.

After he finished drying her off, he took a towel and ran it through his hair, attempting to dry it quickly. When he removed the towel his hair stuck up wildly, and Anko laughed a little, until he said, "What?"

"Come here." He walked over to her, and she reached up and fixed his hair to at least resemble what it usually did. "That's better. You looked really scared when you took the towel off. Like your hair was standing on end."

"It does tend to have a life of its own."

"I've noticed."

Kakashi knelt down in front of her and began kissing her stomach. Anko was still leaning against the tub, and she gently placed her hands one on Kakashi's head and the other on his shoulder. He rubbed the side of his face on her, increasing her arousal. Then he whispered, "I want to know something."


Kisses – "Are you listening?"

"Ahum . . ."

"Did you hear what I said to you at the hospital?" More kisses, some traveling to her hip.

She had heard what he'd said at the hospital just before she slipped off to sleep. She said, "What did you say?" wanting to see if he'd say it now that she was alert, aroused and conscious.

Without breaking the mood, without stopping for a second, he ran his hands lightly up the outsides of her thighs, over her hips, and to the small of her back. When she exhaled, and put her head back, he said, "I love you Anko."

She didn't say a thing. She was stunned again at the combination of the words "love" and "Anko" in the same sentence. She was even more stunned that he meant it about her. She secretly loved the sound of it, and the way Kakashi was now running his right hand down the center of her ass, then having that same hand trace the inside of her right thigh. The thought that her "friend" loved her, turned her on in a way that she'd never felt before. It felt deeper, much more personal. And she loved the way she felt right then.

Kakashi wondered as he continued to touch her body, if she'd say anything, anything at all. He wondered, does she love me? Does she even care? I know she cares, but does she love me? I wish I knew.

Anko was being driven out of her mind. All the touching, the gentle gliding of his hands on her bare skin, and those words. Those words that kept running around in her mind. She snapped and said, "Kakashi, stop it."

He looked at her, completely scared to death. He said, "What is it?"

She said very soberly, "I can't take it anymore. Take me to bed. Please. Right now."

Kakashi smiled inside and out. He thought and she begs. He said, "Of course." He stood, and picked her up, carried her to her room and laid her gently on the bed. She immediately held her arms out to him and he climbed onto the bed and her, being careful of where he injured foot was. He settled into a deep kiss with her that started slowly and gained some momentum as the heat between them intensified.

Anko's mind was swimming. She'd been intimate with Kakashi before, but this time felt different. As they continued to kiss, she felt herself pulling him tighter to her, wrapping her arms securely around his back, not wanting him to ever leave her. She remembered all the other times before that were rushed, and passionate and spontaneous, and they were all great. Even the time that she "took charge" was fantastic. But this time was different. This time, it felt like they were giving and taking equally. And the familiarity was almost unnerving. She felt like she belonged in his arms, like she belong to him. She felt like they'd been together always, not just the two weeks or so that they'd been sharing their "benefits" with each other. And his words kept haunting her as she continued to kiss her silver haired ninja.

Their kiss ended, and Kakashi lifted himself up slightly to get into a better position. He settled himself between Anko's legs and put his hands on her face, he stared into her eyes. She breathed heavily. He never broke the eye contact with her, nor removed his hands from her face as he slowly entered her. Both let out breath that they seemed to be holding for a long time as the enormity of the feeling between the two of them firmly took hold. Anko looked back at Kakashi as he started to move inside her and she thought I love this so much. I love what we have. I don't ever want this to end, I love it too much.

Kakashi continued to move at a slow pace. He thought I need to know so as he continued to push himself inside her, he kissed his way up her neck to her ear and whispered, "Do you love me?"

Anko heard what he'd said, but was lost for a second in the building head in her stomach. Do I love him? I love everything we have.

Kakashi continued to kiss her neck and slowly, almost imperceptibly, he picked up his pace. Again he whispered, "Do you love me?"

Gooseflesh rippled across Anko's skin as he repeated his question. She held him tighter, lifted her head up and sucked on his shoulder.

Again Kakashi increased his pace, and this time Anko reacted to the change. They'd both waited so long to be alone together. They'd planned this. They knew they'd get to be together again eventually, and now, there was something more that needed to be established. Something that needed to be cemented between the two of them, and Kakashi was trying desperately, to make that happen. One more time he whispered, "Do you love me?"

Anko felt something she'd never felt before. The steady heat that was building in her stomach spread out to every part of her body. And her heart that she'd kept locked away so long, and protected from anyone who meant to hurt her, opened completely. The emotions she felt and the pleasure in her body mingled together as she realized I'm making love to the man I love. It was true. She did love him, and as she fell over the edge of her orgasm, she said to Kakashi, "YES! YES I DO! YES, YES, YES. YES I DO LOVE YOU!"

Kakashi thought She does love me. And something inside him felt complete. He held her tightly as he finally, urgently, spent himself inside her.

They kissed for what seemed like hours. No longer friends, but actual lovers. And neither one of them had a problem with it. In fact, they both liked it very much.

They didn't talk at all for a while. Kakashi just rolled to the side and kept his arms around Anko. Both of them just lay there looking at the crack in Anko's ceiling, realizing that for the first time in both of their lives that they loved someone, and that someone actually loved them right back. Life was good for Konoha's two newest lovers. Life was good.

Eventually, Kakashi propped himself up on his hand and said, "So you love me huh?"

Anko turned on her side to face him and said, "Yep. I guess I do."

He looked at her and said, "Is there something wrong with you? Why the hell would you fall in love with a guy like me?"

She just looked at him and said, "Shut up," and gave him a shove that promptly pushed him off the bed. He landed with a hard thump on his backside. She instantly felt bad, but when she saw he was fine, she said, "There are many reasons I fell in love with a guy like you. So shut up and just be happy that I do love you. Or do I have to kick your ass?"

Kakashi got back onto the bed and said, "Remind me not to piss you off."

Anko said, "I'm sure you will sooner or later. But I guess I'll still have to love you anyway."

Kakashi said, "I can live with that." He knew he could live with whatever Anko wanted to dish out to him. That's what people in love do – they give love and they take love. Even though it was a totally new experience for both of them, they were willing to give it a try.

Asuma told Kurenai about everything, and Kurenai did as Kakashi asked and didn't spread the news around. Kurenai talked to Anko about the relationship, and Anko found that she really didn't mind talking about it with her at all. Sakura kept her mouth shut – because she knew her sensei would kill her if she didn't. Pakkun came by regularly for milk bones and scratches that only Anko could give.

A week after their newly established "relationship" had settled into them, Kakashi took Anko out to buy her a month's worth of new underwear that she'd need to replace all the ones he planned on ripping off her.


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