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Chapter One

I can remember that day like it was yesterday. I was walking like I always do along the riverside bridge, when I noticed a young man who looked like he was going to end his life and I couldn't let that happen, so I walked over to him and softly as not to frighten him I asked "son what's wrong."

The look of sheer despair on that young man's face made my heart break and that's when he said "why do you care? I'm nothing to you so why are you even talking to me?" I smiled at him and said my name is Solomon Motou and I care because you're in pain and I want to help."

I knew who he was, but I waited for him to tell me what was wrong and I didn't have to wait very long. He said "my wife just died and I don't want to go on without her, can you understand where I'm coming from?"

I told him "son, I know exactly how you're feeling, because I was where you are a few years back. I too lost the woman that I loved and wanted to die, but something that she said made me change my mind. Just before she died from Cancer she made me promise to go on and to live. I didn't understand till she said that she wanted me to remember the times that we laughed, cried and made love and to live for her. So here I am and now I want to help you live."

Seto Kaiba looked at the old man and then he stared to cry. "Does the pain ever go away?" He asked. Solomon then took advantage of the situation and wrapped his arms around that young man and let him cry, the he said "in time it will get easier to deal with as long as you remember all the good times that you had with your loving wife. You'll cry and sometimes you'll even laugh when you remember something that she did that was funny. All I know is that your wife wouldn't want you to end your life but live for her."

Seto looked into the eyes of this old gentle man and he asked "could I talk to you when it gets to much for me to handle?" Solomon then smiled as he hugged Seto and he told him "son, when you need to talk to me, just ask and I'll be there."

As they walked side by side off that bridge, Seto asked "do you ever talk to your wife?" Solomon smiled and he said "all the time and sometimes she even gets mad at me and tell me so. We had a love that will go on till my time on this earth is through and I go and join her, but until that time, well I'm here to listen if you ever need a shoulder to lean on."

Seto left Solomon and walked back home and as he closed the door, Mokuba his younger brother asked "are you alright?" Seto smiled at his brother and told him "I'm going to be just fine." Mokie didn't know what his brother meant but he was so glad to see his brother smile again.

As Solomon sat on the edge of his bed that night, he picked up the picture of his wife and said "well, Virginia, I met a young man today and he too lost his loving wife and I helped him to understand that he needed to live to love again. Virginia I love and miss you so until we talk again, I love and miss you." Then Solomon kissed her picture and closed his eyes and went to sleep.

As Seto sat there looking at the picture of his wife, Cassandra he said I love you more then life itself and I almost did something stupid today, but an old a very wise man told me that I needed to life and so here I am telling you that until we meet again I will always love you." Then he too kissed his wife's picture and went to sleep. Little did Seto know that in two years he would meet another young woman, fall in love and again ask Solomon for advice when he wants to marry Serenity Wheeler. What advice does Solomon give to Seto?

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