Chapter Seven

Solomon called Seto and asked "if he and Mokuba could come over that Sunday, for an informal dinner party that he was having for a few of his closest friends?"

Seto chuckled and said "first define informal and what time should we be there?" Solomon laughed out loud as he said "you know shirt, trousers you know no three piece suits, and how about around eleven?"

"We'll be there." Seto said.

Then Solomon asked Serenity to "talk to Theresa because she didn't really know me and I wouldn't want her to think I was some kind of nut." Serenity nearly fell off her chair in laughter and she gave him a kiss and told him that she would. Now all he had to do was get everything ready for Sunday after he had gone to Church.

Seto then told Mokie about going to Solomon's that Sunday for dinner and Mokie was wanted to know how he felt, because Serenity would probably be there alone with Joey, Yugi, their cousin and a new young lady that Joey liked." Mokie looked at his brother and then he said "Seto, I really like Serenity and she treats me like a real person and I wouldn't mind if you ask her to go out sometime. It would be nice to have another lady around here again." Seto was so proud of his brother for being so grown-up about how he felt towards Serenity, and he gave him a hug and said "thanks Mokuba, I know how hard it was for you to get to like her."

That Sunday, it was sunny and just the most perfect day ever. Everyone was having a great time, and as Solomon sat back and watched the young people having fun, he closed his eyes and silently said "Virginia I really miss you and want to come home." Then he opened his eyes and a tear ran down the side of his face and Mokuba asked "why are you so sad?"

Everyone one heard what Mokie asked him and they all stopped to hear what he had to say. "I miss my wife that's all and want to see her again." Yugi ran over to his grandpa and he got down on his knees and said "grandpa, please don't go yet, I still need you here."

Solomon smiled at his grandson and everyone there as he said "you're not getting rid of my just yet, in fact isn't this suppose to be a party, well then why aren't you all having a good time?"

The Party was really great. Solomon had wanted all the couples to get to like each other better and he really wanted Mokie to like the idea of his brother and Serenity getting to know each other. As the days turned into months all of them did get to know each other and after about two years, Joey announced that he and Theresa were getting married. Then six months later Seto and Serenity were getting married and one month later, the day after his grandparents would have been married fifty years, Yugi and Shelly got married.

The Ceremony was in the back yard of his grandpa's home. It was so beautiful and as the sun was sitting on this beautiful day and as Yugi and Shelly were leaving to go on their honeymoon, Solomon Motou passed away in his sleep that night. His beautiful wife Virginia came down to earth to bring her husband home.

Yugi and Shelly got the news and sure they were devastated, but at the funeral as Yugi stood there talking about his grandpa, he said "my grandparents were the most important influence in my life. They loved each other every day of their married lives and then some. Grandpa promised me to stay here till I got over the death of my wife Rebecca and he did that and then some. So you see, Solomon Motou may be gone but looking around at the faces of the ones who loved him, he will live on forever in their hearts."

THE END………….