This is a random drabble. Thought of when I was walking home today. Short and sweet. ;D (BETA'd by the FABULOUS, AMAZING AND WONDERFUL… drum roll here … LAAAADY TIMELORD:D … ahem.

That's very true! I did beta it! And you know what? It's fabulous! You know why? Because bubblez wrote it! And if I'm fabulous amazing and wonderful, then SHE IS DOUBLY SO! – Lady Timelord.)

The Doctor was standing on a new planet, starting a new adventure, his mind whirring with pain.

This is torture. I've survived so much worse than this in the past, but this? I can't deal with this. I could deal with daleks, cybermen, even an angry Jackie Tyler, but not this. This is agony and I can't do anything about it. Nothing I do can make it stop hurting. I could go to the end of the universe and this would still hurt. This is going to kill me. I survived the time war, and this is going to kill me. Me. The last time lord.

A figure crept behind him, and slowly dragged their fingers down his spine, and then across to just under the mole. The fingers pressed in harder and scratched along. The Doctor sighed audibly.

"Thanks Rose, itchy backs are a bugger to get rid of."

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