When Trios Collide Chapter 4

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The Great Hall was filled with the hearty smell of spiced sausages and fried eggs as the steady hum of chatter rose from the 4 tables. All of the students were enthusiastically making new friends or seeing old ones, all of the houses mixing together. The sky shone through the ceiling, revealing the overcast sky with patches of sunlight. The Konoha trio was seated together at the Gryffindor table near Harry, Ron, and Hermione, despite what they had been told the previous day. They were wearing their new cloaks, although the ninjas had added their personal features: kunai pockets, medical supplies (for Sakura) and in Naruto's case, orange lining. Although Sasuke, being the looker he is, was occasionally visited by fan girls trying to give him things; from chocolates to a small, mud-colored toad, they were mostly left alone.

Sakura was busy scolding Naruto as Sasuke ate his ninja food. "Nice job, Naruto," Sakura said sarcastically, her eyebrows arched in annoyance, "Now we can't report to Kakashi-sensei until we go to class!"

Naruto scooted away from the furious pastel pink kunoichi. "Ne, Sakura, you don't have to be jealous!"


A bright red-haired 6th year leaned over towards his two friends on the other side of the polished wood table. "Those three are definitely are a little out of it." He whispered, looking darkly at the fuming girl and one quivering, apologizing mess along with a quiet, stoic chick-magnet with a chicken hairdo.

Currently, Sakura was yelling her head off at Naruto, Sasuke was watching them amusedly, and Naruto was scooting away from the fiery tempered girl.

"BAKA!" the fiery tempered girl yelled over and over again.

The three Gryffindors stared at the Japanese ninjas as Naruto was punished- Sakura-style.

"What are they saying?" Harry wondered aloud.

Both boys looked at Hermione.

"How am I supposed to know?" she said irritably, poking at her fried eggs.

"Come on!" Ron said, "You're a genius, twice as smart- no, ten times, and you know practically everything, you're probably smarter than my dad! Even Dumbledore says so!"

Hermione blushed slightly before quickly saying "So, what are our schedules?"

The Great Hall shuddered, and the huge wooden doors slowly creaked open. Two shadows trudged inside, one after the other. Two more leaped in ahead of the other two.

It was… the most disturbing sight in the world. No one could look at it without a double-take and a stare. The hideous outfits were a definite violation of the Fashion Police. It was…GREEN SPANDEX!

"Yoshi! Team Gai, we have reached our destination!"

Everyone in the Great Hall blinked. It was completely silent, shocked glares coming from McGonagall, and pleasant smiles from Dumbledore. Kakashi was too busy reading Icha Icha Paradise to notice.

"Eternal rival, Kakashi! We meet again!" boomed Gai, "What challenging youthful competition will we go through today?!"

Tenten sweat dropped. "The last one they had was jan, ken, pon (rock paper scissors)! Mou…" she muttered, "How did I ever get stuck with such a strange team…"

Meanwhile, Kakashi was reading his… literature, and did not give even the slightest impression he had heard the man with a green spandex body suit.

Gai had just noticed the student body staring at him. "Ah! Schools are so wonderful! They are an explosion of youth, contained in single place!"

"You're such an inspiration, Gai-sensei!"



Behind them the sunset shined and the waves crashed as they hugged.

Neji and Tenten sweat dropped. "How do they do that…?"

While all of this was happening, Team 7 was in a stunned silence. Why… why in the world was GAI and LEE in the school?!

Sakura's eyebrows were twitching. "This…this is going to make it a little hard to convince Potter-san we're his friends…"


Sasuke glared at Naruto darkly. "Baka…" he muttered.

"Naruto-kun! Sakura-chan! I didn't see you!" Lee shouted.

Sakura squeaked. "Hide me!" and ducked under the table.

The dark and murky Potions room was filled with steams and fogs from the many potions being brewed. The sallow Potions master stood in front of the Gryffindors and Slytherins.

"Silence!" he shouted scornfully. "No doubt you believe today's, rather interesting, visitors are a cause for excitement. However, Mr. Weasley, that does not mean you can talk during my class! Today I have-"


A luminescent man covered in sticky, green oozing slime was getting up from the shattered remains of Snape's jars of unidentifiable things. Grinning brightly, he did the good guy pose and said "I promise to bring Sasuke back! That is a promise of a youthful lifetime!"

Sasuke hit his head repeatedly on the desk.

Naruto was choking up, either with laughter or embarrassment for Gai.

Meanwhile, the sallow man was watching unamusedly, while Gai flashed his teeth at everyone in the room.

"Enough of this! Who are you?!" Snape asked coldly.

"I am the youthful teacher of all things youthful! I am even more youthful than a baby! I am MIGHT GAI!" Gai proclaimed, flashing his teeth brightly at Snape.

Lee leaped in, sobbing. "GAI-SENSEI! I'm sorry I failed you! Copying Naruto's promise does not make you more youthful! FORGIVE ME!"

"Lee, do not break down! We can restore our youthfulness with a group hug!"

And thus, Snape was stuck in a group hug with Lee and Gai, getting some strange pus on him in the process.

"Let us leave now, Lee!"

"Hai, Gai-sensei!"

Lee and Gai leaped out of the room with fireworks and sparks of electricity.

A very amused class watched Snape slowly get up from the stone ground, covered in some excess slime from Gai. He looked dangerously at anyone who's mouth resembled a smile.

Sitting in the back near Naruto and Sasuke, the Gryffindor trio was cracking up.

"Reckon the other foreigners are pretty messed up, don't you think?" Ron whispered, hardly keeping in the laughter in his voice.

Harry grinned back. "Y-"

"POTTER, WEASLEY! Detention for both of you! In my office, 7pm tonight."

As the two looked up, Snape was right in front of them, glaring angrily at them.

Standing in the dull light of the morning sunshine, the new D.A.D.A. teacher picked up a thick, heavy book with a dusty denim blue cover. He flipped through the textbook Dumbledore had advised him to use. "Spells?" he muttered. "This won't help in the real world…"

He remembered the rivalry of the houses.

He was going to teach them Inter-house cooperation if it killed them.

(A/N: I didn't write the last line. That was from Harry Potter Crack Ficlets, Asuma Kureru. Hilarious story! Check it out.)

Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke ran for their lives. One of Sasuke's fangirls had just informed them that the Defense Against the Dark Arts class started 5 minutes earlier than usual.

"Come ON! We can't be late for Kakashi-sensei's class!" Sakura shouted between breaths.

They raced up the stairs and through a corridor, crashing through students flying through the air, and dived into the D.A.D.A. classroom.

Kakashi looked up from his book, his mask covering what was probably a smirk. "I see you fell for my trick-"

"LIAR!" Sakura and Naruto yelled, interrupting him.

Kakashi sweat dropped. "Anyway," he continued, "I need you to work on your genjutsu, taijutsu, and ninjutsu, and patrol during your free time on the Grounds. Don't worry about finishing your homework or studying- you don't want to be wizards anyway."

"We can still do it though, right?" Sakura asked hopefully.

She was the only one in Konoha- possibly in the world, too- who enjoyed homework.

Naruto cocked his head. "Sakura-chan, why do you want to work? It's not like you enjoy it or anything." He commented.

All of them sweat dropped. Naruto was so dense sometimes.

The silver-haired jounin surveyed his class. Nervous looking students stared back at him, most likely a little scared at the evil smile that he definitely had under his mask. Kakashi hadn't taken off his jounin uniform and Konoha headband, so he probably looked something like an army sergeant to the Slytherins and Gryffindors.

"My name is Ha- Professor Hatake." He said suddenly, stuttering with a slight accent that otherwise didn't reveal his ethnicity.

"What's that you have there?" a boy with mousy brown hair ask suddenly.

Kakashi was holding two small bells dangling on small white threads of string. He grinned, his smile hidden behind his mask.

"Get into groups of three, with at least one person in a different house as you are. Make sure there are at least one girl and one boy in your team."

The sound of shuffling people and chairs being pushed in was heard.

"Now, as- you, what's your name?" Kakashi said, nodding toward the boy who spoke up earlier.

"Naru- Ano, I mean, um, ROBERT!" the boy said confusedly.

The Konoha ninja did a double-take. "NARUTO!" he yelled.

The dark, dead branches of the trees around the trio waved ominously toward them, looking like clawed arms trying to slash them. Naruto was being quiet for once in his life, trailing behind Sasuke. The Uchiha prodigy looked bored, crossing his arms and staring straight ahead.

Sakura seemed terrified, jumping at every sound and nervously keeping a hand focused with chakra.

"What are you so afraid of?" Sasuke asked flatly, after Sakura jumped when an owl hooted.

"Come on, Sasuke-kun… di-didn't you read the part in the handbook describing all the beasts and creatures here?" she said, trying not to stutter.

Inner Sakura laughed. Yeah, like I'd be scared of a unicorn!


Meanwhile, the older brother of the silent Sasuke watched stealthily above in a large tree that was now currently devoid of any animal life.

He frowned. "The jinchuuriki- it's fake. Just a copy of my little brother."

Sakura sniffed, her senses more acute than usual because of her fear. "Is that… fresh sushi?"

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