Artemis Fowl: The Wolfish Incident

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"King Samart Fowle sat on his throne in a palace in Dargium. Next to him sat Cark, his wolf protector.

'Master,' the wolf said quietly. 'If there are no more reports, then, with your permission, I would retire to our quarters to check on my pups and my mate.'

The king smiled down at Cark. 'Of course you can. I was just about to go check on my own... eh, pups.'

Cark looked up at his master. 'Is it safe master?'

'Of course it is. I'll just go check on Montello, Kamit, and Martef, before settling into bed myself.'

'Yes, master.'

Both exited, but lurking in the shadows sat an assassin, undetected by Cark's aged nose. She crept out of the throne room, following the aged wolf. With a clean sweep of her sword she killed the old dog. He didn't even have time to howl for help. With that, she turned, and stalked after the king.

Again, one sweep left the old man dead. The idiots wouldn't have had anyone to see. All the heirs to both old men were dead, along the wolf's mate.

As the assassin stalked off, a small boy watched the events take place, with fear evident in his blue eyes. He crept out from the doorway from which he had been watching.

The boy walked silently up to the form of his dead king. 'Daddy?' he said quietly. Then Crown Prince Alaback Fowle started to cry. It wasn't until he felt a nudge at his elbow that he looked up. It was his own wolf protector, Castef.

Alaback pet Castef for a long time. Then he hugged the wolf close to him. They both knew what had to be done." I sat back. The pups leaned in.

"What happened next?" they asked. I chuckled.

"What happened next? What happened next is about to happen. In two days time, I leave to find the heir to the throne. If I don't find him and his mate, the Prince Regent will name himself Emperor and kill us all. This is a matter of life and death." The pups just stared.

On that wonderful note I used my wolf magic to take myself the other world.

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