Title: An Absolute Certainty
Author: Evelyn Benton
Rating: All Ages
Date: 07/14/06
Category: Double drabble
Genre: Romance, General
Fandom: NCIS (Gibbs/Abby)
Archive: Stellar Phenomena, the NCIS Fan Fiction Archive, and fan fiction dot net; all others, please ask.
Disclaimer: CBS and Belisarius Productions own NCIS; I own this not-for-profit fan fiction; no copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: What exactly is the relationship between Gibbs and Abby?

Everyone knows they are inseparably close. Their trust and faith in one another is unwavering.

She accepts his past as the past, even if part of his past is now boss to both of them. He is overprotective and jealous, to say the least. She's grateful for this, even if it does make her feel guilty enough to keep secrets. He can handle those things she keeps secret, but it's the secret-keeping he can't handle.

They're openly physical and flirty, and they're always one another's exception to the rules. She's the perfect blend of enthusiastic childlike sweetness and adult mystery and danger, all wrapped in a Goth Bettie Page-style package. He's the gruff, aging investigator. He bribes her with unhealthy, caffeine-charged drinks and (usually) listens to her scientific rambles that are over his head. They have their traditions for birthdays and the like, and they practice a sign language that is for their interpretation and appreciation alone.

They love one another, not like father and daughter, not like siblings, and certainly not like friends. No one, not even them, doubt their relationship, nor does anyone attempt to categorize it. It is what it is, and it's indestructible, unconditional, and never-ending.