AN: The Finale

Bella's POV

I stepped from Esme's body, tripping as I moved.

The officer tensed. "I said put your hands in the air."

I moved my arms up slowly and shakily. "P-please… you don't understand… I-"

"Don't move."

I pursed my lips and looked down at the Cullen's with tears in my eyes.

"I need to see if they're alright." I said, with my hands still in the air.

The office, after looking down at the Cullen's bodies, grabbed a walkie talkie from his waist. "We need some backup here, there is five bodies and one suspect." He said in a low murmur.

Panic ran through me. Carlisle was gone, Edward had an army of newborns and a demon that would suck the world into Hell itself.

I had nothing. I had no strength, no one to help me, and I didn't have the love of my life.

The policeman started, cautiously, walking toward me as if I was a dangerous murderer at large.

Which It probably seemed like.

This was the end, I didn't stand a chance against the police, I would go to jail, and it wouldn't be long until it would all be over.

Every being on the earth would suffer endless torture and death.

My thoughts went wild as the office pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

If only I was a vampire, then I could save everyone.

If I had a weapon-

My eyes widened.

A weapon.

I remembered the words Carlisle spoke to me not long ago.

He spoke about a sword… the only thing that could stop Edward, and save the world.

Without thinking, I sped away from the officer and bolted up the stairs.

I need the sword, I thought to myself frantically. This was my last chance.

I cringed when I heard a gunshot hit the stair banister.

I knew the police would follow me in any minute.

But it didn't matter.

I swung Carlisle and Esme's bedroom door, and to my great surprise, the sword sat right on the bed.

It was overwhelming, I had been expecting to search frantically before the police would get me.

I went to the bed and slowly picked up the sword, despite the hurry I was in.

There was a note. "You need to know how to use it. Go to the park, beneath the swings."

I read Carlisle's note over and over.

"Stop right there." Three police men yelled at the doorway.

Without glancing at them I grabbed the sword.

Suddenly I felt powerful, it was as if the weapon was magic.

"Oh god." I whispered when I gripped in the sword tightly in my hands.

I ran from the police, successfully climbing out the window despite their objections.

"Suspected homicide victim on the loose. Female, estimated 5 foot 4, 17 years old, suspect is very dangerous." I heard one of them mumble into a phone as I left.

Before I had a chance to breathe, after I climbed down the drain pipe, I was running. Faster than I had ever ran. The park was only a mile away, the ice cold air was like little knives against my wounded neck.

I avoided thinking about Edward's taste of my blood, and focused on getting to the crypt before it was too late.

Edward's POV

"You're a good man Carlisle. I always knew that, I still know that now." I said smugly. "But, of course, you were the one that changed me. You created a monster just as well I created all these newborns."

Carlisle glanced at the five newborns holding his against the wall. Jane sat giggling in the other corner of the room.

"So…" I continued, putting my hand on his shoulder. "You need to repay me, for what you did."

"I know what you want." He whispered gently.

"Then you know I need your blood to awaken old stony over here?" I gestured to the statue of Akathla.

"My venom is pure." Carlisle verified mournfully.

"It's the purest of the bunch." I smiled. "All I need is a little of it on my hands, then I can pull the sword out of it's stone chest."

Carlisle nodded, then one of my newborns pushed him harder against the wall.

"So this is the end." I heard Carlisle mumble to himself with ancient grief.

"It will be nice. Returning to Hell, it's where our kind came from after all. It will be even better having Bella there, her frail little body suffering endless torture." I smiled evilly, and Carlisle flinched.

"And now…" I bared my teeth. "It's time for the big finish."

I slowly went to Carlisle's side and pulled his hand up to my face. "See you in Hell." I whispered.

I dug my teeth into his pale skin, a bit of the venom went into my mouth, I resisted the stinging and then it drip on my hand.

"Come into my world." I said to my wounded "father."

"I don't think it's yours just yet." A young girls voice said behind me.

"Well look who's here." I said when I saw Bella standing courageously at the door to my crypt.

"Can I kill her?" Jane asked excitingly.

"Your not going to do this." Bella said, gripping a sword she had with her.

"And how are you going to stop me?" I asked, I appeared in front of her in half a second.

"I… don't know." She admitted.

"Well.. while you ponder that, I'm going to end the world, I don't have time for you." I added.

"Carlisle how do I use the sword?" she asked, panicked and tear eyed.

Carlisle tugged on the newborns restraints. "If its too late you just need to sacrifice a being-" A female newborns grabbed hold of his neck, squeezing.

I walked foreword and touched Bella's cheek. "You're going to Hell."

Alice's POV (go me with the random xD)

I felt an overwhelming pain go through my veins, all I could see was the ceiling above me.

"Bella?" I called.

"She's not here." A voice whispered.


"Yes, she went to stop Edward."

I sighed. "She's going to die."

Rosalie began to come into consciousness. "I'm sorry." She whispered. "If I hadn't gotten him so angry… maybe he would have waited a bit longer to do it…"

Emmett took her hand. "Don't worry about it Rose, we'll think of something."

I scowled. "We're not going to think of something.." they all frowned at me. "… we're going to do something. Jasper… get the orb, it's on the table, and you're the strongest right now."

My husbands eyes widened. "No." He growled. "You're too weak and it's dangerous."

Emmett agreed. "It's deep magic Alice, it could kill you."

I stared at them in shock. "This is truly our last chance to save him, if we do it now maybe it won't be too late. He's our brother, and Bella is facing him alone."

Esme opened her mouth to speak, but remained silent.

After a moment Rosalie spoke, "I'll get the orb." She glared at Jasper and heaved her weak body up to get the glass sphere.

She handed it to me, along with the print out of the spell.

"We can do this." I whispered to my family.

Bella's POV

"Save me a seat." I replied.

He frowned. "Should I just snap your neck right now?"

He threw me gently across the room, I knew I'd have bruises later.

"No." I panted frantically when he walked toward Akathla with Carlisle's venom faithfully in his hand.

"Stop." Carlisle roared.

I closed my eyes tightly and heard the long silver sword be pulled from the statue's stony chest.

"Ah, Carlisle's venom worked like a charm. Only a few more minutes now." Edward said.

Anger overcame me. No matter what I did, it was never enough.

I gripped the sword and charged toward the statue. If someone was going to die to save the world, it would be Edward.

As I was about to stab him, it took me about a half second to realize he was a vampire.

Simultaneously I was being held 6 feet in the air, with Edward's ice cold hand tightening around my neck.

And then I started to cry.

A dark, crooked smile appeared on Edward's face when my warm tears touched his fingers.

Interrupting our perverse moment, Jane laughed at the statue. "It's coming, it's awakening."

I turned and also saw a strange swirl growing from Akathla's mouth.

Emmett's POV (lol)

"Is she doing the spell?" Esme asked anxiously.

Jasper nodded. "She's saying it in her mind…"

Everyone stared intently at the Orb of Thesulah.

"Oh my God what's wrong with her?" Rosalie cried.

All of us stared at Alice to see that her eyes had turned a pure white, and her lips were moving slightly.

"Alice?" Jasper touched her shoulder.

That was when a miracle happened. The Orb of Thesulah lit a brilliant silver, illuminating the entire room.

After a moment it went dim, and Alice awoke.

"What happened? Did it work?" she asked, we all smiled.

Bella's POV

Edward set me down with a thump. "Honestly Bella, I thought you knew better…"

He turned dead pale and cringed into the ground.

Despite how evil he was, I was concerned. "Edward?" I asked.

He groaned in pain, looked up, and for a moment his eyes shined a light.

For a few moments. Everything was silent.

Jane, Carlisle, even the newborns were staring at the two of us.

He was still, knelt down on the floor, breathing heavily.

Finally he turned his head to look up at me, standing over him with a sword in my hands.

"Bella?" he whispered in a soft, velvet voice.

I took half a step back and stared back defensively.

He looked around for a moment and then back at me. "What's going on? Where are we?… I don't remember."

At first I thought it was a trick. I furrowed my eyebrows and scowled.

But something in his eyes, an innocence in a way, made me doubt my assumption.


He stood up, for the first time I saw him stumble a little. When he stood in front of me, his eyes immediately went to the two small holes on my neck from his bite. "You're hurt." He whispered putting a hand on my shoulder. "Who did this?"

My voice was gone.

Suddenly he pulled my arm and held me in a tight, awkward hug. I still wasn't sure it was true, but I accepted the embrace.

My eyes closed and I let my head rest on his shoulder.

His arms both went around my waist in a comforting and protecting position. He sighed "I…I feel like I haven't seen you in months… Oh God, everything's so muddled…"

I breathed a deep sigh and kept my eyes closed.

Suddenly I heard a low rumbled from behind Edward… Akathla's statue eyes glowed red, and a small vortex got bigger from it's mouth. I recognized it as the opening of Hell.

It got bigger and bigger and I knew there was only one way to stop it.

Edward breathed and kissed my shoulder, holding me tighter against his hard, cold body. "Oh… Bella…"

Carlisle went and stood behind Edward, looking deep into my eyes.

Slowly he went foreword and gently took the sword from my hand. I then knew what he was about to sacrifice.

For the world.

For me and Edward.

I started to shake my head, hoping he would change his mind.

Edward misinterpreted my gesture and pulled away a little, but kept his hands on my arms. He didn't seem to notice Carlisle, or Jane, not even the opening of Hell right behind him. He kept his eyes on me trying to understand my thoughts.

Behind Edward I saw Carlisle nod once holding up the sword.

I pushed Edward away and stood in front of him defensively. "No!" I cried at Carlisle.

He couldn't kill Edward. I didn't care if all of us, and the world was sucked into Hell. I wouldn't give him up, not now that I had him, not for anything.

Carlisle lifted the sword, but instead of heading for Edward, he plunged it into his own stomach.

My eyes widened, and I saw Carlisle back slowly into the vortex, two powers collided as he let the energy wrap around him and take him along with all the danger we were in.

I sob stifled from my eyes and I put my hand over my mouth.

I then realized everything he had given up, everything I had lost to have Edward back.

He sacrificed himself for Edward and I.

Edward turned me around. "What's happening?"

"Don't worry about it…" I whispered reassuringly. "Close your eyes?"

He obeyed eagerly.

I let my teary hands touched his cheeks, his nose, lips…

"I love you." I said holding back more of my tears.

His eyes opened. "I love you." He sighed in return.

We were in perfect harmony. Although Jane and the newborns had run away. Hell was closed. Carlisle was lost.

Everything was crashing down around us.

Yet it all seemed to be over.

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