A/N: I wrote it last night 'cause I was bored and my sister didn't shut off the lamp XD First try at a Kingdom Heart fic!! ONE-SHOT! And NO! I didn't use a thesaurus:)

I tilted my head back, feeling the cool rain hit my face. My mouth opened wide to taste the pure crisp water. I spun in a circle letting my arms drift up before I fell on to the wet grass.

"Sora" my simple name was spoken, escaping from a beautiful mouth I was very familiar with. Not that familiar, we never kissed; I've only stared at the wonderful mouth.

"Riku" his name sounded amazing. I could only say it like a prayer.

"It's raining" he said, his body shielded under a green umbrella that almost matched his magnificent eyes.

"I know" I stared as him, watching his dry silver-white hair move gracefully as a breeze stirred it.

"You'' catch a cold" I imagined he was taking in my wet spiky hair, almost black from the cold rain.

"If I do, would you nurse me back to health?" I suddenly noticed I wasn't being hit by rain anymore. Next thing I noticed was that Riku was crouching at my side.

I felt cold under his intense stare and I shivered, from the rain or his stare? I don't know, maybe both.

"I'll do more than that"

And just like that, I felt warm again with his lips pressing against mine. Somehow I know he meant it.

I prayed I would get sick.

A/N: Yeah… It short but it was fluffy!!! WHOOT I know I won't get many reviews for this one because it's JUST a One-Shot… but I liked it. I'd like Riku to nurse me back to health ;)