A/N: I'm so sorry! I meant to write the night of their wedding and such YEARS ago but here it is… 2012 and I think I write much differently from 2007. SLASH warning!

The Wedding Night

Riku swept his bride into his arms and carried the smaller, squealing male over the threshold into their new home just as the sun was starting to fall from the sky.

"Oh wow, Riku! It's beautiful!" Sora ran to and from each room in awe at how put together each room was. "Can we do it on the counter and the sofa? Oh my gosh! There's a window seat! Please, please tell me we can do it on the window seat!"

As Riku entered the living room, Sora ran passed him and up the stairs. The silver haired male sighed before turning around to follow his rambunctious soul mate, "Sora! Have you found the master bedroom yet?"

"No! Where is it? Is it in here? Oh my gosh! Look at the bed! Riku, can we-" Sora was cut off by a pair of soft, firm lips.

"From this moment on, you're only allowed to moan and scream my name" The taller male swept his bride up once again, deposited his precious cargo onto the bed and followed the bouncing form with wandering hands. He was slowly unzipping the dress, making Sora arch his back and rub his quickly hardening member against his groom's pelvis. "If you keep being a naughty boy, this will not last long and you will earn yourself a spanking for not being patient."

A moan was only his answer and Sora lay still while Riku peeled clothes off. Soon they were lying side by side exploring each other's bodies with their hands, teasing and kissing until one of them finally couldn't take it anymore and begged for a release. "Riku, stop teasing! I need you in me so bad. I feel empty without your cock."

It didn't take much begging for Riku to roll over and cover his fingers in lube before teasing a finger around Sora's puckered hole. He slowly slid one finger in, listening to the moans spilling out from between his husband's lips. He had just added the third and final finger when Sora was arching off the bed crying out for Riku's cock.

Riku made quick work of applying the lube to himself but slowly slid into his smaller partner making Sora mewl in pleasure. He took his time slowly building a rhythm within Sora who was clawing and biting at every inch of skin he could reach.

"Riku, I need to cum. Please, make me cum." Sora had picked up the rhythm, arching into the cock trusting so deliciously in him. "Now, Riku, now!"

Riku grunted and slammed into Sora's prostrate over and over before fisting the brunette's weeping cock with the same timing of his trusts. "Cum for me, love. I want you to cum so hard you scream my name. Scream, Sora!"

Sky blue eyes popped open. A satisfied, primal scream erupted from between bruised lips as Sora came, screaming the other male's name. Another grunt was heard from above, Sora felt a warmness expel the hot fires within him filling him with a calmness.

"Fuck, Sora. If that's what it feels like to fuck in bed, I wonder what it feels like in the shower." Riku lay flat on his back with his smaller counterpart curled against his side.

"We should go find out after we take a nap. You always tire me out." Sora pouted, "It isn't fair!"

The silver haired man cradled the sated male to him, "We have all the time in the world, love. I'm not going anywhere and neither are you." He pressed a kiss to the sleepy head's temple, preparing to sleep until the hyper brunette awakened for round two. Maybe he would spank the younger male before the shower for bossing Riku around during the first round. Nah, he would save that for the kitchen table.

A/N: Once again, I'm sorry. I know I've made a lot of excuses but honestly, lemons aren't exactly my thing. I have never really been into writing same sex lemons because it is so hard between using 'and' and typing he/he or she/she over and over. I really need to practice! But here it is, a short lemon *sad face* if anyone has any pointers, that would be awesome!