Whispering Fingertips

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SUMMERY: Early in her life, She wasn't treated well. When her "family" finally went to far, leaving her wandering the streets, she was rescued, taken in and cared for. So when Kelly Potter takes a new life, will her old one let her go?

((A/N: This is a Severus/Lily affair, but has a twist. Has some violence. M rating. Pairings: DMHP, OCCW, RLSB, OCOC))

Chapter 1:

Lily Potter was sitting in the den of the Potter mansion, watching her children play with each other. Harry had Kelly's toes and was tickling her, sending the small girl into squeals of laughter. James walked, looking ragged, but a happy cry from Harry had him smiling as he picked up his son.

" Hello, Harry my boy. How's my little man doing today?"

Harry giggled and squealed as his father played with him. Lily looked on with sad eyes, knowing that James could never know the truth about Kelly.

" James, are we still planning on going to that Halloween Party that Sirius and Remus are having?" Lily asked, looking at her husband while she picked Kelly up.

" No, Albus said it won't be safe. So how about we just stay in a watch a movie?" James answered.

Lily nodded and took Harry from him, walking upstairs with the children in her arms. Once they were sleeping peacefully, she turned towards the door when a loud crash and high laughter came from down stairs. Lily rushed forward, slamming the door shut before rushing back to the crib. Harry was sitting up while Kelly was curled up, sleeping against Harry.

Lily was trying to think of a way to get out of the house when the bedroom door smashed open and Lord Voldemort came into the room, a smirk on his face that sent shivers down Lily's back. She moved in front of the crib, trying to block the children from view, but Voldemort quickly killed her. Walking up to the crib, Kelly screaming and Harry whimpering as his eyes welled up in tears, Voldemort raised his wand and cast the killing curse, but what happened next is a mystery to even the toddlers that day. The only thing we knew for certain was that Voldemort disappeared that night, leaving Harry and his little sister to cry into the night , in a destroyed home that smoldered around them, until a man with a long, silver beard and twinkling blue eyes stooped over the broken crib, picking Harry up, examining the scar that shown harshly against his skin. He walked away with the boy, leaving the whimpering girl in the smoldering crib. After handing Harry to a giant man, Albus Dumbledore roughly grabbed Kelly before appearing away, appearing in front a muggle household, leaving the child with a letter to the house hold members.


Albus was sitting in his office when Severus Snape burst into his office, looking frustrated and pissed off.

" Where is she, Albus!" He screamed, stopping short of the old man.

" Who are you talking about, my dear boy?" Albus answered.

" Lily's daughter! She should have been given to me as soon as you received Harry!" Severus seethed.

" Why would I give you the daughter of James and Lily Potter?" Albus asked, a malice glint in his eyes.

" Because Kelly is mine. Lily and I…we had an affair. She came to not long after Kelly was born and told me that she was mine, but because James thought Kelly was his. Lily didn't want to split her family up, so we agreed that if something should happen to them, I would have Kelly. As much as I despise James and hated that my daughter was being raised with the man I hate, I respected Lily's wishes. But she's gone and I don't have Kelly. I know she stated that Kelly should go to me if both James and her died. So please tell me why my little girl is not here." Severus hissed.

" I cannot tell you Severus. She is under protection that cannot be broken once it's put up." The headmaster stated.

Severus's anger tripled and he stormed out of the office, a determined look over taking his features.



Kelly Potter was standing near the stairs, her small form rocking with sobs as her adoptive father stood over her, a belt in one hand.

" I told that you couldn't go outside and yet you did!" He screamed.

" I'm sorry." Kelly squeaked out.

" You never listen, you little freak! The world doesn't want to see you, so why even bother trying to talk to the people?"

Kelly didn't answer, angering the man further.

The man slapped Kelly, sending her flying back into the stairs. She cried out as she landed. The man grew angrier and started to beat the child over and over again, the welts forming over her tiny frame. When the man finally stopped, he stood over her limp frame, sneering as she whimpered in pain. He grabbed Kelly's tiny body and walked out of the house with Kelly in his arms.

He walked until he came onto an empty place in a park that is twenty blocks from the house, dropping Kelly onto a park bench and walked away, not caring that she was bleeding from multiple wounds.

Several hours later, Kelly awoke to a darkened park and a painfully throbbing body. She sat up, fearfully looking around her. She got off the park bench and began walking slowly around, trying to find her way out until she collapsed from the pain, sobbing into her knees. Suddenly, a gentle hand touched her chin, pulling her face towards theirs. Tearful onyx eyes meet calm red/silver eyes. His long black hair with red underlines spilled over his shoulders.

" Oh, you poor child. Are you all alone?" The man said, kneeling down next to her.

Kelly nodded, gently touching the bruises that lined her arms. The man noticed them and gently took hold of them in his own hands.

" Somebody hurt you bad, little girl. Do you want to go back to them?" The man asked.

Kelly shook her head and leaned into the man's arms. He picked her up, cradling her carefully.

" So, would you want me to take you to my place?" The man whispered.

Kelly looked up at him with hopeful eyes and nodded. The man smiled and stood, the small girl resting with her head laying on his shoulder. With a whispered word, the man disappeared, Kelly along with him.


When Steven Dew appeared back in front of his house, his anger was only held back by the tiny girl in his arms, who was sleeping peacefully, despite her throbbing wounds. Moving quickly through the house, Staven walked into a small room that decorated in green and blue. He placed the girl on the bed and went looking for his wife.

" Roslin!" He called out as he walked into the greenhouse.

A woman with long silver hair with black underline and blue eyes looked up as her husband walked in.

" Staven, what's wrong?" She asked, standing up.

" I need you to bring your healing skills now." Staven answered, looking tired and angry.

Roslin nodded, grabbed her stuff and raced after Staven to the small room, where Kelly was whimpering loudly as the pain came back with a huge force. Roslin raced to the bed and began examining the child. When she looked up at her husband after she was done applying the creams and pushing the healing potions down her throat, she had a look of absolute horror all over her face . When Kelly fell asleep, Roslin stood and walked over to Staven, who was watching Kelly sleep.

" Staven, what happened?" She asked.

" I don't know the full story, but I found her in a park in London. She was bleeding and sobbing. I asked her if she would want to come with me and she said yes. Plus she needed attention ASAP." Staven answered.

Roslin sighed and leaned into her husband, while watching over the sleeping child who finally had a night of painless dreams.

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