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Fruits Basket

"Put it in a Circle"

Tohru was sitting at the kitchen table staring at the piece of paper Uo-chan had given her. It had a bunch of names written on it all of which were circled.

"What's that?" asked Kyo as he came in from running.

"Uo-chan gave it to me," said Tohru smiling. "Everyone at school it passing it around and writing the name of the person they love in a circle."

"Well that's dumb," said Kyo walking out of the room.

"Why a circle?" asked Yuki who was listening from the doorway.

"Because," said Tohru beaming. "Hearts can be broken but a circle goes on forever."

"So whose name are you going to write?" Yuki asked.

Tohru's smile fade slightly, "I don't know."

Later that night:

Tohru was in her yellow pajamas, and pacing her room. She still was lost for words on whose name to write. She thought about how she loved them so much. She unfolded the paper for the 20th time and looked over the names on the paper. Yuki's name must have been on there 5.…20…Tohru lost count there was just too many.

"Sohma-kun really is popular," Tohru thought.

She then looked to what looked like Uo-chan's writing, the name was Kureno Sohma. Tohru felt a sudden pain of sadness for all the members of the zodiac. She sat down at her desk and grabbed a pencil careful writing down a name and drawing a circle around it. She began to nod of and soon fell asleep.

Kyo walked into her room to see her fast asleep on her desk.

"She'll catch a cold sleeping like that," he muttered to himself.

Kyo grabbed a blanket and put it around her shoulder. He was just about to leave, when he saw the paper. To his surprise he saw his name in one of the circles. He smiled picking up the pencil and wrote Tohru Honda and circled it. Near that circle was another one with Kyo Sohma written in it.

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