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Before the war in the Burning Plains starts…

Eragon stood behind Nausuada as Saphira told him that someone was coming and that they seemed familiar but she couldn't tell who it was. Then, a scout came running into view.

"You're Ladyship! There is a lone woman walking toward our camp. Should we admit her into the camp?"

"Eragon, what do you think?"

"Yes let her come."

"Eragon, are you sure we should?"

"Well she's alone so what could she do?" Eragon had learned earlier that he shouldn't underestimate someone because of gender. His liege lord was a woman. But, he wanted to make sure that she wasn't up to anything and that she was alone, so he walked to the edge of camp. He spotted the woman. She was walking at a fast pace, but was at least a quarter mile away.

Eragon reached out with his mind but was surprised as he was pushed away by a hard barrier.

"She's strong," he said to himself. Eragon remembered how Brom had told him that it's very rare for a person to be able to block other people from entering their minds without training.

As the woman approached the camp, Eragon realized that the "woman" was actually teenage girl. The girl didn't look much older than Eragon.

Soon the girl was ten feet away from Eragon. Eragon observed her silently. She wore a black shirt and black pants. Her boots looked similar to his. On her head, she had a leather band like Arya's that held back her long, black hair. He noticed that she had the same dainty, angular face and body that he had, but was to rugged to be a human's features.

Then Eragon almost gasped. Her hair had blown off of her ears to reveal that they were as pointed as Eragon's.

"Eragon? Is that you," she said as she walked up to him.

"Aye. How do you know," he stopped himself and thought again as he looked at here. "Selena! Wow you've," Selena cut him off, "Changed? As have you. I see you found the Varden and the Elves at that," she laughed. Eragon remained silent.

"Well are you just going to say something or will I have to show myself to Nausuada?"

"Oh. Sorry, Selena. It's just, well, how did you, you know," Eragon started to babble. "I'll tell you the whole story later," Selena said.

They walked toward Nausuada's tent. As they approached, Nausuada stood and said, "Why have you come alone?"

"Lady Nausuada, I am Selena. I am here to assist you. May Eragon, you and I speak alone?"

"Yes we may. Come with me," Nausuada replied. Eragon and Selena followed.

"Now, Selena, why have you asked to talk in private with Eragon and me?"

"Well to explain myself of course," Selena paused and began pulling at her right glove. "As Eragon has probably figured out all ready, I am a Dragon Rider." Selena's glove was completely off now and the gedway ignasia was in perfect view.

Nausuada stood there, not saying anything, shocked. "I, I didn't know that there were any other Dragon eggs besides the remaining two that Galbotorix has."

"Neither did I, until I found Glaemr's egg. I was in the forest, east of Du Welden Varden, over the border of Alagaesia. I was hunting and I found his egg in the mountains. After I found the egg, as if on cue, an elf named Aramais, found me and began to train me in the manor in which only elves and the Dragon Riders are taught. I was transformed during the Agaeti Blodhren as Eragon was. After that, Aramais told me of you're location and that you were about to start war. That is why I have come. I know Eragon from before he came to the Varden, before he even met Murtagh. I traveled with him and Brom for a bit."

"So, you came all the way to the Burning Plains to help us," Nausuada said when Selena was done speaking. She almost laughed at the thought. "Where is your dragon?"

Glaemr, they have agreed. Come with caution, for even in the darkness, someone may spot you and shoot you.

Yes little one. I shall not be long.

"He's on his way."

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