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Murtagh awoke with a start. Galbotorix was shaking him.

"Murtagh! We're going into battle! Get up and get your armour!" The king growled. Murtagh didn't believe his ears. Galbotorix had said we. That wasn't a good sign.

Murtagh then had a wave of worry pass through him. Selena.

Selena and Eragon rushed back into the camp. The Empire soldiers hadn't gotten there yet. That was a good thing. Eragon and Selena ran to their tents and put on their armour as fast as they could.

Glaemr, the battle has begun! Selena shouted through their link.

I know this. Make haste! For the Empire is approaching rapidly!

Tell Saphira to…

Eragon has already told her. We are on out way to you. Stay where you are.

Alright, but be careful.

You be careful.


Selena and Eragon rushed over to Glaemr and Saphira. They mounted quickly and with that, the dragons took off into the sky. "Let's see who can kill more." Selena said with a grim smile. Eragon nodded.

Murtagh mounted Thorn.

Thorn, I am worried.

Yes, I know. Do not let your heart be troubled. Selena is an excellent fighter.

Yes, and so is Galbotorix. And so am I. What if he makes me hurt or even kill her or my brother?

I do not doubt that he will try at one point.

Think of all the things we have done. We have killed many and destroyed cities. We have caused mothers to be childless and widowed! We have left children orphaned!

Yes, but it wasn't by our will, Murtagh. I will kill that man if I should ever get a chance to. And that shows all the more how powerful we are.

And I will help you. But that still doesn't justify what we have done, Thorn. I…

Murtagh, do not let it trouble you now. Wait until the time comes. Then, you will know what to do.

Murtagh fell silent and put on his helm.

Selena gasped as a soldier slashed at her leg and left a deep gash on her thigh. She quickly healed it and went on. She had lost sight of Eragon about an hour ago. Where was he?

As she fought off many of the soldiers, Selena jumped off of Glaemr. She was slightly feeling winded. Probably because of the wards she had over Eragon, Saphira, Glaemr, Nausuada, and herself.

She quickly grabbed her bow from her quiver and knocked three arrows in it. She let the bowstring go with a twang.

The arrows imbedded themselves in three different soldiers.

"That's 23!" She said to herself.

"I've gotten 24." A familiar voice came from behind her.

"Eragon! Where have you been?"

"I was working on one of the columns. These soldiers are harder to hit than earlier."

"Yes. It is highly possible that they are reinforced by magic. I'm thinking from the king's pet magicians."

"That would explain much." Eragon said as he dodged a blow to the chest.

After about another two hours, there came a steady drumming sound. All of the Varden perked up in horror. The last time they had heard those drums, the Red Rider had appeared.

But this was worse. They could just barely see two outlines in the distant horizon. As they drew near, they could see a red dragon and a black dragon. The king had arrived.

Murtagh looked down and immediately saw Selena and Eragon standing back to back with a look of utter horror on their faces.

Murtagh felt the king enter his mind and closed his eyes.

You know the plan, Murtagh. Get the girl and the other one. Try to get them alive. DO NOT let them go, this time. I will not tolerate your excuses this time.

Yes, sire.

Do not fail me.

Thorn veered left and circled over Eragon and Selena.

"Eragon! I think fate has brought us to this… we'll have to face Murtagh, or maybe even the king!" Selena shouted.

Eragon nodded for he understood. If he were to defeat the king, now was the time. It was now or never. Selena broke away from the Varden and Eragon followed.

Selena started off towards the plateau where she had first faced Murtagh. Eragon followed her as she started up the small hill that led to a long, flat surface.

Where are they…

They're going to the plateau where we faced Eragon and Saphira.

Yes, I can see that. We must follow them.

Alright, hold on! Thorn made a sharp turn and headed towards the plateau.

Selena and Eragon stood and waited for Murtagh. Within seconds, they saw Thorn flying towards the plateau.

When they landed, Murtagh dismounted and walked to the center of the plateau. Selena knew what she had to do, even if it broke her heart.

She pulled out her sword and started off towards the center of the plateau to meet Murtagh.



Murtagh raised his blade and Selena touched Arget to Zar'roc.

They started sparring as Eragon watched. At one point, Murtagh had disarmed Selena. Selena stared at Murtagh in utter shock.

As Selena was backing down, Murtagh turned around and pretended to be speaking to Thorn, giving Selena a chance to grab Arget from the ground.

Just then, the king, riding Shurikan, appeared and he landed on the far side of the plateau where Eragon stood.

"Eragon!" Selena and Murtagh both yelled at once. They both sprinted towards Eragon. Selena ran faster then Murtagh of course, for she had and elvin body.

By the time they got to Eragon, Galbotorix had approached him and was about to kill Eragon with magic when Murtagh jumped right in front of Eragon.

"MURTAGH NO!" Selena screamed at the top of her lungs and began to cry.

The spell hit Murtagh square in the chest and he collapsed.

Eragon took a moment to realize what just happened before he fell to the ground in realization and cried out.

Selena ran to Murtagh and fell to her knees by his body. She could hear his laboured breath. Thorn was on his side.

Galbotorix seemed to be distracted.

"Murtagh! No, you can't die! You have to stay alive… think of all the people who need you! I need you! I love you! You can't die!"

"Selena… I… I love you. And… Eragon, my brother." Murtagh rasped. Eragon kneeled down beside Selena.

"No! Murtagh listen to me! You're not going to die!" Eragon cried.

Murtagh gave his famous grin, but this time, it wasn't filled with laughter and life, it was weak and fragile. Murtagh coughed and then became still.

"NO!" Selena yelled. "YOU!" she turned around and started towards Galbotorix. She grabbed him by the throat as he had done to her months ago. He began to choke, but muttered something inaudible in the ancient language. Selena collapsed.

The king started after Eragon.

"You killed her!" Eragon cried. Selena and Murtagh? This couldn't be happening.

Galbotorix laughed a cruel laugh. "No, boy. I simply made her unconscious. Now, I will kill you."

Eragon and Galbotorix began to fight with magic and swords.

Selena's eyes fluttered. She shifted her head groggily. Eragon!

Little one! I am coming! This has gotten far out of hand! Saphira is coming as well!

Glaemr, no! It's to dangerous! Don't come!

We are already on our way to you.

Very well.

Selena groaned and rubbed the back of her head.

She sat up and saw Galbotorix with Eragon at sword point. She saw Glaemr and Saphira flying over head.

Selena took a deep breath and mustered all the strength she had left in her and muttered the most deadly word in the ancient language. Before Galbotorix could react, his skull caught fire and he started convulsing and screaming. With one last scream, the king of Alagaesia died.

Selena passed out….

The next thing she knew she was in a bed and Angela the witch was standing over her.

"Ah, I see you're awake. Well it's about time!"

"Hello to you as well. Wait! Where am I?"

"Well, it depends on the mean of 'where' you mean. If would like to know where exactly you are, you're in Farthen Dur. To be exact, you're in my room."

"Wait, so the battle's over?" Selena asked in amazement.

"Well, yes, of course. You killed the king! You have ended the war!"

Selena couldn't believe her ears. She had won the war?

Selena had always liked Angela. She was so peculiar yet interesting. Even though Angela had dubbed Selena as "dangerous to the Varden", she had accepted Selena and was quite friendly with her now.

"Where's Eragon?" Selena asked, worry clearly streaking her voice. Then, she remembered Murtagh.

She groaned mournfully and rubbed her hand over her face.

"Eragon's outside, eating. Which reminds me, you need to eat."

"How long have I been asleep?"

"A few days there, but he hasn't even woken up yet."

"Wait, I thought you said Eragon's outside eating."

"Well, I'm talking about Murtagh of course. I don't…"

"No! Murtagh is dead! I saw him die! It can't be true…"

"Well, he's over there." Angela said, pointing to the other side of the room.

Selena sat up and tried to get out of bed, but was pushed back by Angela.


"You can see him after you eat." Angela said and put a tray of food on Selena's lap.

"Can you at least tell Eragon that I'm awake so I don't have to eat alone?"

"Yes, I can." Angela said. She didn't move.

"Will you tell him?" Selena asked.

"Yes, I will." Again, Angela didn't move.

Selena let out an exasperated sigh.

"Will you please go and tell Eragon that I am awake?" Selena asked.

"There, was that so hard?" Angela asked comically.

Angela disappeared for a few moments before Eragon appeared in the doorway.

"Did you sleep well?" Eragon asked with a grin.

"As a matter of fact," Selena stretched her arms out, "I did. Thank you for your concerns."

There was a silence for some time and Eragon watched Selena eat the fruit and honey bread.

"Can you believe Murtagh's alive?" Selena asked, tears welling up in her eyes.

"No, it's amazing. Angela said that it was his determination to live that kept him from dieing immediately."

Selena nodded and pushed her tray aside. She pulled back the blanket that was over her legs and put her feet on the floor. The stone was cold against her bare feet, so Selena put her socks and boots on.

She stood up uneasily. She almost fell and Eragon caught her.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, I am fine. I'm just… a bit shaken up." Selena said and walked over to where Murtagh lay. He looked peaceful.

Selena brushed a few stray strands of hair out of Murtagh's eyes. As she did so, Murtagh's eyes fluttered.

Murtagh's POV:

I felt so relieved. It was as if a huge burden were lifted off of my shoulders as I knew that Galbotorix had been killed.

I felt someone touching my face and I slowly opened my eyes…

No One's POV:

"He's waking! Eragon, go get some one! He is awake!" Selena shouted and Eragon rushed out of the room.

Murtagh looked up into Selena's eyes and smiled. Selena held his hand.

"I meant it."

"You meant what?" Selena asked, almost forgetting what he had said on the plateau.

"What I said out there. I love you Selena. I would like to take your hand in marriage, if you want it so." He said with a smile.

Selena let tears escape freely fro m her eyes. She nodded her head.

"Yes, Murtagh. I will marry you." Selena said through sobs.

Just then, Eragon walked in, followed by Angela. Seeing Selena crying, Eragon shot a look at Murtagh. "What did you do? What happened?"


Murtagh grinned at Eragon. "What? Tell me! I know there's something going on!" Eragon said.

"Should we tell him?" Selena asked Murtagh.

Murtagh nodded in response.

"You tell him." Selena said excitedly.

"Tell me what?!" Eragon asked impatiently.

"Selena and I are getting married." Murtagh said with a grin.

"Congratulations, you two! Now, let me check on Murtagh." Angela said.



A few weeks later, Murtagh was able to walk about without any help whatsoever. He and Selena were to get married in a month.

By now, the Varden, who now were not the rebels as Selena had inherited the throne, had fully accepted Murtagh and had no doubts against him for he was to be their king and he was valiant.

Arya and Eragon remained great friends but never bacame mates.


At Selena and Murtagh's wedding…

Eragon was Murtagh's best man and since Selena wasn't too close to any women, Angela was her maid of honour.

Murtagh waited as Selena progressed down the aisle. She wore a black, silver, and emerald green dress that had a train trailing behind her. She wore Murtagh's mother's necklace that he had given her. [Eragon had given it back to her

Selena finally made it to the altar and stood by Murtagh. He had had a ring custom crafted for her. The band was made of gold and silver that twisted together like a vine. It had dark sapphires and diamonds set into in the design of the Gedwei Ignasia.

As they said their vows, Selena and Murtagh got lost in each other's eyes.

"I love you." Murtagh said.

"I love you, too."

Right after they said this, the priest told Murtagh he could kiss the bride.

Later on in the year, Selena and Murtagh were crowned as Emperor and Empress of Alagaesia. They had one child. A girl named Liduen, which means "Poetic" in the ancient language.

Katrina and Roran were married and they had one child in which they named Garrow, after Roran's father of course.

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