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Miley leaned against her locker. She was daydreaming of Jake Ryan, and the day he would come back from Romania. She had missed him terribly, and he was supposed to be returning soon.

"Miley? MILEY!! Snap out of it!" her best friend Lily said. Miley jerked her head up as if awakening from a nightmare. She grabbed her friend Lily's arm and they began to walk to their next class. She couldn't wait until she was able to get out of school, go home, and call Jake. It had basically turned into routine ever since Jake had left. She would go home, eat her dinner, then run up to her room and call Jake on her cell phone. She couldn't wait. She sighed and walked into her next class.

Later on in the day, after school, Lily and Miley had decided to go to the beach and work on their tans. They were listening to "Nobody's Perfect" on Lily's boom box, and all was peaceful. Well, for the first 20 minutes all was peaceful. As Miley was beginning to dose off in the sun, she started to hear a lot of young girls' voices.

"NO WAY! Jake was supposed to come home like, this week! He has to! I totally want to date him. He can't stay in Romania for another 6 months!"

Choruses of "yea!", "I know, he is hot!", and "I want to date him too!" were heard from the girls standing in the group.

Miley's head immediately shot up after hearing the girls saying Jake would be in Romania for another 6 months. She thought to herself, How would they know if Jake was or wasn't coming back? She got up and went over to the group of busily chatting girls to see where they had gotten that absurd idea.

"Excuse me? Hey ya'll, could you tell me why you think Jake isn't coming back for another 6 months?" She twirled a piece of hair nervously because there was always the small chance that these girls could be right.

"Oh, it's right here in this read-all tabloid." a tall blonde girl said. She tossed Miley the tabloid and herded up her friends. They all began to walk to Rico's. Miley read the headline of the tabloid.


Miley looked UP. Her face was so pale she could've passed for a ghost. She rolled up the magazine and ran to get Lily. Lily had fallen asleep and was now burnt on her back. She got up and she and Miley ran all the way to Miley's house, without stopping until they got to her room.

"Lily, I'm calling him right now. I mean, if he had to stay in Romania, he would've told me. You know how the paparazzi are. They probably made it up just so people would buy the tabloid. Pfft." Lily sat down on Miley's bed with her. "I hope so Miley, I really hope so." Miley pulled out her cell and began to dial Jake's number in. She and Lily crossed their fingers as the phone rang.

"Why hello there gorgeous. I've missed you ever so much." Jake said when he answered the phone. Miley smiled and said "Hello Jake. How are things going in Romania? I've missed you too." She lay back on the bed, shortly followed by Lily. "Oh, things are doing great here. But, I have some really bad new Miley. Oh no, she thought, could this be him telling me he has to stay for another 6 months? "Jake. I think I already know. Are you going to be staying in Romania longer than planned?" She crossed her fingers he was going to say no. "Miley! How'd you know? I have to stay for another 6 months. I started to tell the directors no, but then I'd be fired, and I can't afford that right now. But you know, I'm going to miss you so much. Miley, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I'm going to miss being with you, and how you smile, and how you kiss me." Miley blushed when he said all of this. "Jake, I'm not going to lie and say its ok. I will tell you that, I'm going to miss being with you too though." Miley looked at Lily, who looked a mix of gloomy, bemused, and happy. "Well Jake, I have to go. I guess I'll talk to you tomorrow." She sat up. "Ok Miley, have an excellent day at school tomorrow, I love you." She smiled. "Have fun shooting your film, I love you too." "Bye sweetie." Both said bye and hung up. Miley immediately burst into tears.

"Lily, I don't want him to stay. I miss being with him, I don't think I can last another 6 months without him." Lily rubbed her friends back. "Miley, you'll get through it, I promise. " "Thanks Lily." "Miley, I have to go meet Oliver to teach him how to skateboard. He's been dieing to know, and I'm obviously the best teacher." she said with a wink. "Bye Lily." Miley said unhappily. Miley fell asleep right then, and didn't awake until the next morning.

Miley was walking down the hall on the way to lunch with Lily and Oliver when suddenly she heard a voice call her name. "Pssssssst! Miley! Over here!" She looked around the hallway for the person that was calling her. She finally spotted a cute guy standing beside a small set of lockers. She made Oliver and Lily wait for her. Before she could get all the way to the guy, he said "No, they can't stay. I was ordered to give this to you while you're alone." She just looked at them and nodded, and they went on to lunch.

"So, what do you have to tell me that is so private?" Miley asked as she watched this boy pull something out of his pocket. "Here, take this note. You are to read it and follow the instructions. This note isn't from me, I swear. It's from someoneā€¦.else." With that said he turned and walked away before Miley could even reply. She opened the note and found that it said:


Hi. This is from a secret admirer of yours. I've liked you for so long. I love how you smile, and being around you. If you'll follow these instructions, we can meet, and I promise you won't be disappointed. First, I want you to know that you'll be getting a note like this every day. It will be somewhere, but not from Randy. No, I'm not a stalker, but I swear if you meet me, I know you won't regret it. The first instructions I have for you are to look outside your bedroom window when you get home. Have a nice afternoon.

Your admirer

Miley looked up. Then she screamed. Who could it be? And what about Jake? So many questions went through her head. She folded the paper up, put it in her pocket and went to lunch. She was flabbergasted.

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