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Run...Run!! The last words she remembered telling herself. From where and too where, however, she was uncertain. Keep running...keep running. C'mon, you can do it! Just alittle farther. Keep running...keep...running...

The day was beautiful. The sun shined brightly and contrasted drastically from the deep azure that surrounded it. Its brightness touched the land beneath it with tender caress, and sent the colors from all that it touched in full force, intensifying the entire look of the place. The breeze was light and danced playfully through the leaves on each tree and down through each blade of grass. The river bubbled peacefully, snaking along at a lazy pace through the stones and rocks that were in it. The entire expanse gave off the feeling of paradise. However, many people know to never judge a thing by just what meets the eye.

"Hey! Dorothy! What was that about?!" a blond-haired boy shouted just after being attacked by yet another intense hug from the pink-haired sorceress.

"I missed you, Gintan." Dorothy replied innocently. She batted her eyes at Ginta and smiled sweetly.

Ginta sighed. He knew he couldn't argue with Dorothy. She was awfully frightening at times for one thing. She always pushed his limits in how she treated the Chess Pieces. Cruel and often unecessary she was to them. Ginta was also well aware of the fact the Dorothy had feelings for him . Having the soft heart that he did, Ginta didn't always have it in him to push Dorothy away.

Snow scowled at Dorothy. She couldn't stand the way she was always doing these kinds of things to Ginta. The nerve of that girl, Snow shouted internally.

"Ginta, Ginta! I have to show you this new attack!" a black-haired farm boy exclaimed excitedly. "Check it out!"

"Oi, watch it Jack!" Alan scolded after unintentionally being caught in the midst of Jack's showing off.

"Oops, sorry." Jack replied slightly uninterested. He then returned immediatly back to showing his latest trick to Ginta.

"Hm." Nanashi smiled to himself. Though not being directly involved in the actions that were occuring, observing them still gave him an opinion to express. He turned his head then, ever so slightly, to observe the boy that was standing a bit of distance from the rest of the group. His dark hair shaddowed his downcast eyes and obscured his facial expression. However, it would be a pretty safe assumption to guess that it looked like he didn't care.

The dark haired boy had been pondering the same thing the entire morning. What was this presence that he felt? It had an essence of darkness, but it wasn't enough to assume that it was a chess piece's presence. Whatever it was, it had very strong magical power, and it made the boy feel uneasy.

His companion, the small fairy Bell, had sensed this uneasiness from him. She wasn't sure how to deal with it, but she decided that asking him wouldn't hurt.

"What is it, Al-san?" Bell questioned him.

The boy looked up slightly, acknowledging Bell's question. He himself didn't know the answer; he didn't know how to act about it either.

"I don't know." Alviss answered finally.

Bell gave him a look of utter exasperation. Obviously, she had been trying all morning to get through to what he was using so much effort to ponder. He felt an ounce of guilt as he looked into the concerned eyes of his companion, and knew that she looked back into his uncaring ones. Deciding that the small matter was nothing he cared too much to do anything about, he subsided back to his original position and began to ponder the more important matter some more.

Bell sighed. Realizing the alviss wasn't going to budge, she flitted off to Alan's shoulder and began to whisper in his ear. Alan, being as experienced as he was, had also sensed the powerful presence. However, he had figured that whoever, or whatever, it was would eventually show itself if it was planning to cause trouble. He had noticed Alviss's anxious look in the eyes at the beginning of the morning, but had put it to the back of his mind and ignored it. Seeing that Alviss was still in the same position as he had been all this morning, he began to wonder if perhaps he had taken the matter too lightly. Perhaps Alviss could sense something that he could not. Alan pondered this as the fairy went on and on about how worried she was over her Alviss. He decided that maybe a search would uncover the answer. It would also atleast move Alviss from the spot he had been in so that he could spare himself from growing roots.

"Alright everyone, listen up." Alan started. The group looked over at him now. He had their attention. Alviss snapped his head up immediatly. He knew exactly what was next, and, he wouldn't admit it, but the relief he felt was, well, a relief. He would finally be able to do something about the thought that had ceased to nag him.

"I've been sensing a strange presence near us today, and it still hasn't subsided. So, we are going to split up and search for whoever it is. I ask that you will be careful, just incase this person's level of power is above your own-"

"A search?" Jack interrupted. "Ever think that it could be just a bird, ossan?"

The group shot Jack a look that indicated him to shut up. Jack didn't have much room to talk when it came to situations like these. Sure, he had his moments, but that didn't excuse him from all the other times.

Alan ignored Jack's question. "Alright, Let's get moving."

At this, the group began to disperse. Ginta and Jack decided to search together and went running off into the wood to begin. Snow didn't want to go alone, so Dorothy allowed her too tag along with her. Alviss and Bell went together, while the rest of the group searched alone.

..be carefull, just incase this person's level of power is above you own. The words ran through Dorothy's mind again. Then, an image of a female that looked very noticeably like herself ran through it as well. Could it be you..? Dorothy wondered..No, you wouldn't have reason to be here in a wood..or would you..?

The search went for an hour unsuccessfully, and was coming up fast at 2 hours. Alan had a sinking feeling that the object of the search was evading them, and was very good at it. He hadn't heard or seen a thing that would give him a hint of what it was they were even searching for. He sighed, perhaps it was time to call it off.

The search wasn't going well for some of the others either. Nanashi had already given up, and now was sprawled out on the grass and resting peacfully. What ever it is, he thought, it doesn't want to be found, and that's just fine with me. Dorothy and Snow were resting on a log at another spot in the wood.

"Maybe Alan imagined it, he's awfully tired these days" Snow suggested.

"I hope not, what a waste of time this would be." Dorothy replied unenthusiastically.

Ginta and Jack weren't having much luck either. They were still going, but it wouldn't be much longer.

"Ginta, please, let's take a break. We've been at it for a long time and my feet hurt." Jack whined.

"Jack, c'mon just alittle farther. I'm sure we-" Just then, Ginta's stomach growled loudly.

"hehe, well, maybe we should just take a short break" Ginta offered.

Jack accepted. He flopped exaustedly against the closest tree. Ginta sat down against a tree and looked up into the sky. Why would Alan send us to search for this "presence" that he sensed. Ginta searched his thoughts. Usually he just tells us to keep our eyes peeled and hopes that it won't cause us any trouble. It's odd that he would go out and ask it for some. Hmm..I wonder.

Bell rested on Alviss's shoulder; tired just like the others. She was growing more and more impatient with each second that Alviss remained silent. Who cares about this person. I'm sure it was just some passerby. Bell remarked to herself. Yeah, that's all. Bell was about to share her theory with Alviss when suddenly he stumbled over something. This sent Bell flying off his shoulder and into the air.

"waaahh" Bell cried as she struggled to gain control and fly.

"guh." Alviss grunted slightly as he caught himself. "Sorry, Bell"

He turned around to see a foot sticking out from under the bush he had just attempted to walk around. Is the magic power from earlier that I sensed..coming from .. He lifted a branch up that was covering the rest of the body. ..a girl?

He pulled her body gingerly out from under the bush to examine it. The girl had thick, golden-blond hair that was back in a ponytail and had two bangs that hung down at the sides of her face. She had black combat boots that had a metal ring with screws in it that was attached around the foot part. She had a plain black tank top and dark purple shorts that were slightly shorter than her mid-thigh range. She had purple and black striped tight arm sleeves (idk what they're called) that came up a bit farther than her elbow. She seemed to be about 16. Her body looked fragile, but at the same time she had muscle that was prominent on her arms and legs, and she had various Ärm on her as well. Alviss noticed one of the Ärm in particular. It was attached as a necklace that had a single flame pendant at the end. He had never seen this one before, but it sent something to work in the back of his mind. He had no idea why, but this Ärm made him more anxious. I wonder..

He crouched beside her and leaned over to examine her more closely. She had many wounds, but none looked fatal or very recent. She also had a strange scar on her shoulder. It was shaped like an animal scratch. That's bizarre..he thought. Then he put two fingers to the side of her neck to see if she still had a pulse. Then suddenly, she stirred.

Alviss pulled his hand back and froze immediately. She was still alive, that was certain, but he needed to know more; above all, he needed to be cautious. If this girl truly was the source of the strong magical power that he and Alan had sensed, there was much to be cautious of. He still didn't know if she was good, or a member of the Chess no Koma. He checked for an earring quickly. None. He returned his attention to her face.

Just then, her eyes flew open.

"What the..!" spilled out of the girl. About six inches from her face was Alviss's. He was much too close for comfort.

Still somewhat in a daze, she stared up into the most shocking eyes she had ever seen. The eyes to which she was locked were a piercing blue; they reminded her of water. Except, water that had frozen solid. The stone-cold, icy eyes pierced deep into her. They made her feel..intimidated. His gaze was so strong that she could feel it over-powering her. No, she told herself, don't give in. Keep looking back. Show no fear. She stared into them, trying to match the intensity that the eyes portrayed.

Alviss stared back. Her eyes were bluish-green, almost turquoise and had a slight amount of yellow in the center. A dark blue outlined the bright orbs that were her eyes, as well. Her eye color started like greenish-yellow in the center and grew darker as it went to the outside. Her eyes contrasted with his drastically, though not in color. Unlike his very cold, icy eyes, the girl's eyes were extremely warm. That warmth that came from her eyes was strong, seemingly over powering his own.

Like fire and ice.

Almost as if the girl's burning eyes has melted his cold ones, Alviss gave in. He backed off a small amount and averted his eyes from hers. It worked, the girl thought triumphantly, but I hope..not too well. She studied the boy in front of her. She quickly checked his ear first-no chess piece earing. Relief washed over her. Then she tried to look deeper. He seemed so..empty, like there was so much inside of him, and yet, nothing at all. How odd, she thought. She then realized that she was staring at him, while he looked off somewhere past her, very aware that she was judging him. Great way to make an impression, she sarcasticly scolded herself. Talk, the voice in her head demanded.

"uhh..hi" the girl said in the friendliest voice she could muster. Alviss turned back to face her. His face had no hint of friendliness init at all.

"Who are you?" was the response she got. It was more of a demand then a question.

This sparked something inside the girl, anger. So much for being friendly.

"Give me one good reason why I should tell you!" she snapped back. GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF she mentally slapped herself .You don't want to cause any more trouble for yourself.

Anger sparked in Alviss as well. He got up suddenly and walked a few feet away, his back turned to her. Then he asked a question that the girl didn't expect.

"Who do you fight for?" came out his words. Cold, emotionless words.

This took her by surprise. At the moment she didn't know. "I..uhh-" Her words were cut off by a shout from someone behind them.

"Al-san!" the high pitched voice of Bell sounded. Following her was Ginta, Babbo, and Jack. Apparently, she had gone to find them while the little incident had been taken place.

"O-wa!" Ginta stopped in his tracks, then to be run over by Jack as he ran right in his back.

The girl watch this in amusment. Friendly? this seems more like it.

"Hey! I'm Ginta!" the blonde haired boy said enthusiasticly from the ground where he fell. "and this is Jack and Babbo!"

"Nice to meet you, I'm Keina-"

"WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?!" Jack was suddenly right up in the girl's face. She could feel his short breaths against her face.

"Be a Gentlemen, Jack!" Babbo scolded.

"Uh, Sorry, I'm not really that type." Keina responded as politely as she could.

Jack sniffed twice and then went off to pout. Keina studied the blond boy, Ginta. He seemed like the hyper-active, super friendly type. Seemed simple enough.

"So," Ginta started, noticing that the girl was studying him. "where are you from?"

"No where in particular." Keina answered. She wasn't sure she could trust these boys, at least not yet.

"Well then you can stay with us!" Ginta replied happily. A huge grin was spread across. One that you wouldn't have even thought humanly possible. What an interesting guy, Keina thought.

She was pleased that the first people she had met since her escape were nice. At least she could relax for a while.

"But first things first, we need to heal those injuries." Ginta suddenly became more serious and took the Healing Ärm out of his pocket. He used it quickly and put it back with out a second thought. Then suddenly he grabbed her arm and pulled her up. "C'mon, you gotta meet the others, Kei-chan!"

He set off, pulling Keina behind at a brake-neck pace. Jack followed behind, struggling slightly to keep up. Keina, on the other hand, had no trouble at all. She could go a lot faster than that, but she decided to take it slow since she was just getting used to these new people. The others..? Keina repeated in her head, I wonder what they're like..

Alviss watched them from behind, not feeling the need to follow since Ginta had gone in the wrong direction to begin with. Her injuries, he thought back to what he had seen, what happened to her. Where did those injuries come from, and who did they come from. What was the one on her shoulder..? He paused momentarily, and then decided. I need to learn her past. Then he and Bell set off in the direction of the others.

"Bell?" Alviss questioned as they began their way back.

"Yes, Al-san?" Bell answered, full attention to Alviss.

"Did you notice that one of the scars on Keina's arms didn't heal when Ginta used the Healing Ärm?"

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