Chapter 1

Draco sat stolidly upon the gray stone curb; he had never felt so weak in his entire life. His body although hidden within the confines of a stolen black cloak, was a bloody mess. Each one of his elegant fingers was either dislocated or broken, making it difficult for the young wizard to grip his wand; his left wrist had definitely been snapped as well as a few ribs, his right arm, and most likely his leg. The black cloak worked like a sponge on his broken body, soaking up the bloody nectar from the lacerations reopened on his back, chest, and abdomen. Taking in each shuttering breath Draco prayed for a savior, someone to take him away from the Wizarding World, someone to help him forget all that he had done. That's what he wanted, he wanted to forget…to be obliviated. Looking down upon the wand that was not his own, gray eyes glimmered with a faint light of newly developed hope. He could end this, end it all with one simple spell.

"Malfoy?" The shine was gone as soon as it had started to rise; snapping his head about Draco looked frantically for any sign of his father. He couldn't go back, he refused…but what about his mother? His father had threatened her far too many times within his months of confinement…could he really let her go? Draco dropped his wand no longer having enough strength to hold it, and as he finally allowed his body to collapse emotionlessly to the ground, his eyes came across the face of an angel. Fiery red hair and the surreal cinnamon brown eyes warmed him in a way he hadn't felt in years, had he been that cold?
"Arthur! Help me, we need to get him help…we found him, he's alive!" Draco tried to hold on to what the angel of mercy was trying to tell him, but the harder he tried to listen, the wearier he grew. Draco let out a tired gasp as he finally allowed his body to go dormant; Draco finally allowed the darkness to claim him…

"What do we do with him?" Tonks whispered earnestly as she peeked inside the bedroom containing her cousin, the boy had been at Grimmauld Place for the better portion of a week and had yet to wake, they were all worried to say the least.

"Albus thinks it would be too risky to take him to the hospitals, it's obvious who ever kidnapped him wants him dead. It would be stupid of us to put him in the public's eye when he is unable to protect himself." Molly replied gently as she brushed past Tonks and entered the dimmed room, setting the tray containing a large basin filled with water and a cloth onto the nightstand, Molly felt Draco's head and was finally relieved to find that his fever was starting to break.

"Yes, but injured or not he is still a Malfoy, Molly, what if one day he wakes up and decides to go on a rampage for taking him here without his consent? Harry, your children and Hermione are all going to be here within the hour…can we really trust the boy when he awakes?" Tonks asked nervously, these types of thoughts had been bothering her all week; she just couldn't help but feel something was wrong with this picture of Draco Malfoy being so vulnerable.

"Tonks, Draco Malfoy disappeared from Hogwarts nearly two years ago, we don't know if he ran away or if he was kidnapped…all I know is that I found him in an alleyway while I was in Diagon Alley and that he was nearly beaten to death. For all we know he could've changed since his capture, or perhaps he was never what everyone thought him to be?" Tonks seemed a bit doubtful on that, but she knew someone had hurt the boy it was quite obvious but who….his mother had been dead for almost a year and Lucius had practically been under house arrest since Draco's disappearance. Who would want to harm the boy?

"Molly, they're here!" Remus called to them from the second floor of the house. Molly smiled anxiously at the thought of seeing her children and quickly got to her feet. Blowing out the candles that surrounded the bed Draco lay in, Molly got to her feet and dampened the cloth into the water basin before she dabbed the sweat from Draco's face. She repeated the process upon his neck and chest before she finally dried the boy's body off and covered him with a few blankets.

"Let's go Tonks…" Molly smiled taking the tray back into her arms before she allowed Tonks to leader her out of the attic bedroom they had set up for their unexpected guest. They thought it a good idea incase the children decided to wonder about and come across his still unconscious form, she knew the children weren't cruel, but they also knew of the animosity that went on between the Slytherin and their children and it was better not to chance it.

"Mum!" Ginny called happily as she threw herself into her mother's embrace. Molly smiled tearfully down at her own daughter as she gripped Ginny's redhead within her fingers whilst she gently planted kisses upon Ginny's brow. She repeated the process with her youngest son and her husband before she politely greeted Hermione with a gentle hug. Looking around for her adopted son she spotted him already within the arms of his newly anointed guardian Remus Lupin.

"Hello Harry dear, how was your ride home?" Molly asked brightly as she took Harry into her arms and kissed his head just as she did her other children. Molly always had a soft spot for Harry, it was his vulnerability and wise eyes that told her of the things he had seen, things nobody should ever have to see let alone a child, it was this that made Molly want to protect Harry as one of her own from the harm caused by others. She had seen the same thing in Draco the day she found him barely conscious to the world around him.

"Fine Mrs. Weasley, and yourself?" Molly bit back a reminder of having Harry call her Molly, but decided to let it slide for now. Ushering everyone to their own bedroom, Molly wiped her hands on her apron and decided to head down the stairs to see how her dinner was coming along. The large house filled with people was exactly what everyone needed to bring the house back to life.

"Is he still here?" Remus asked briskly eyeing Molly curiously as he came into the kitchen a few minutes later to help make a salad for the evening's dinner. Molly knew of what he was talking about immediately, and so she smiled gently and nodded her head before she turned back to cutting up skinned potatoes to go into the pot. There was silence between the two for a minute before a paper was placed gently in front of her.

"When did this happen?" Molly asked worriedly as she picked up the morning's paper, on the front page was a picture of a cloaked figure walking along the dark streets of Knockturn Alley, Molly would've thought it to be a death eater if the figure had not turned it's face to the camera. Instantly Molly felt her breath catch, it was Draco taken when he must've been attending Hogwarts…his eyes looking unseeingly directly at the camera as he continued along. The headline practically screamed up at her from the top of the page. "Search Called Off For Malfoy Heir!"

"I don't know, I just find it odd that Lucius Malfoy would wait for over two years to finally face the 'truth' especially since you and Arthur just found the boy." Remus stated grimly as his fingers clutched tightly on the knife he was using to chop up the lettuce. It was hard to know that the heir of the Malfoy blood was under the same roof as him. Remus had sworn his vengeance on the Malfoy and Black family last year when Sirius was murdered during the battle at the ministry. Sure the heir hadn't been around since the end of Harry's fourth year, but he was still a Malfoy nonetheless.

"All our questions will be answered when he wakes up I promise." Molly whispered gently placing a hand on Remus' shoulder.

"When who wakes up?" Ron asked coming into the kitchen alongside Harry and Hermione. Molly immediately put on a fake smile and turned to face the children.
"No one, why don't you three go set the table hmm? Albus is supposed to be coming tonight, things aught to get interesting." The three teens just stared at Molly for a second with a look of disbelief before Ron finally shook his head will a roll of his eyes and took the stack of plates from the back counter and entered the dinning room through the double sided door. Hermione followed with the silverware and Harry with the napkins and condiments.

"Well that was close." Remus chuckled earning a sour look from Molly that made his laugh only come out louder. Molly whacked him with a towel earning a loud yelp from the werewolf just as Ginny entered making Molly quickly turn back to cooking and put on a pristine sense of innocence.

"Concentrate Draco! I will not have you screwing this up you bloody useless coward!" Lucius hissed striking Draco for the umpped time that night with his cane causing the fourteen year old to double over, clutching his now bleeding head as he did so. Lucius sneered at his son's weakened state and struck him with his cane again out of spite. A woman in her early twenties watched from where she was chained to the wall, her breathing coming out in frightened gasps as sobs rocked her petite body. Draco stared through the curtain of mucked blond hair that stuck to his face and stared up at the muggle his father had brought in to torture.

"No…no… NO!" Draco screamed pushing himself away from his father and the dagger that had lain a few inches from his clenched hand. He would not kill, he would not become one of them…not his father, he wanted to be himself, just Draco!

"Do it boy I will not ask again!" Lucius yelled at angrily as he kicked the blade towards his heir, Draco stared miserably at the knife for a moment before his gray eyes moved up towards the terrified muggle and instantly he felt his heart clench.

"I can't…" Draco whispered as his head fell forward in a submissive bow

"You kill her or it will be your mother in that retched muggle whore's place!" Lucius screamed angrily at him as he struck out at Draco this time with a well aimed curse that sent Draco flying backwards into the wall slamming his head upon the cold cobblestone as he did so. Draco lay stunned for a moment before a persistent heat began to flow through his veins, making his blood boil and screams of pain to be emitted from his split lips.

Draco cried out as he shot up in the bed he had been laying in and looked around panicked with heaving breaths coming from his chest. Where was he? Draco glanced around the gloomy room only allowing his frown to deepen, was he in a storage closet? Draco looked down as his hands moved the blankets away…his fingers…he could move them and there was no pain. Draco quickly stood from the bed but hissed in regret as the skin on his back was stretched more than likely reopening the scabs on his back. Slumping back down on the bed Draco groaned miserably and licked at his dry lips, where did they take him now?

"I'm just saying I think it would be a good idea to spend a day out in the city, you know relaxing…allowing the kids to just be kids." Draco froze as the voices continued to approach, frantically searching around for a place to hide, Draco didn't have a chance to move two feet when he slumped to the ground miserably as pain shot through his body.

"Yes but I think we should wait a few days Molly, they just got here this afternoon and I think that—oh dear." Draco groaned clutching his aching head as footsteps approached him, before he knew it, he was lifted and placed back onto the bed he had just tried to escape from and looking up at a redheaded woman and man that looked somewhat familiar.

"You're finally awake; we were starting to wonder if you'll ever come around dear boy." He knew that face, he knew those eyes, his savior…so she had really rescued him. Draco felt like crying with the relief that filled him, he was finally free, and he was alive. Draco's head was tilted back as a glass was pressed to his lips, Draco feared of what they were giving him and tried moving his head about but his caretaker was consistent and Draco finally allowed the cool liquid to fill his mouth. Draco chocked a few times as the water sloshed down her throat, but finally his dried throat was finally soothed.

"T-t-thank you…" Draco whispered as he stared up at the lady that had saved him with a drowsy smile playing on his pale face.

"You're welcome dear; I need you to tell me something though…" Draco nodded reluctantly as he cocked his head to the side where it laid upon a pillow.

"Were you kidnapped? Who hurt you Draco…?" Draco froze at this, how did his savior know his name? He knew he looked like his father, but…no one really knew his name, just his surname. Draco whimpered now fearing who exactly had taken custody of him, had he just thrown himself into the arms of yet another tormentor?
"Draco…please we need to know so we can help." Draco shook his head miserably as tears filled his gray eyes and began to slowly trace their way down his cheeks.

"M-my m-mother…c-c-can yo-you get her please? Her name's N-Narcissa Malfoy. Please you – you have to save her please!" Draco cried now realizing the tormentor he had left his mother with, what if his father killed her? It would be his entire fault, why did he have to be so stupid!
"It's all my f-fault…" Draco cried shaking his head in disbelief…

Molly frowned the boy was already cut deep in torment, and Molly was straying to wonder if perhaps his mind was not exactly where it should be, perhaps the pain and torment he seemed to be going through was too much for him to handle, someone had broken the Slytherin and now he lay in a weeping heap of despair. Molly had not the heart to tell Draco of his mother's death and so told Arthur to get her a sleeping draught to help calm Draco's nerves.

"Draco, my name is Molly, Molly Weasley…do you remember me?" The two had not met but briefly when the Senior Malfoy had been tormenting their family, and of course when Draco and Ron had gotten into fights, the child had been cold and leering so not like the boy she now saw before her. No recognition passed through the gray eyes upon her name, not even her surname amounted to him anymore, now she was beginning to really worry.

"Please get my mum…" was the only reply she received from the boy; Molly sighed in relief when both Arthur and Remus came back, Remus of course carrying the vial that would help aid in Draco's recovery. Remus, however, balked as he started over to Draco's bed and began to sniff anxiously at the air, oh dear. His hazel eyes flashed as he looked down at Draco with a look of curious disbelief.

"What is it Remus?" Molly asked gently as she took the sleeping draught form Remus

"He's not human…" Remus whispered still looking at Draco as the boy continued to tremble unknowingly as his mind was in a world far from their own. Molly was about to ask what he meant by that when screams began to sound from Draco's lungs, terrifying, tormenting screams that one would only hear in the depths of a night terror. As Arthur went to soothe the boy in what had been a consoling caress had only made things worse as Draco flinched away from her husband's touch and his screams and struggles became more frantic to their ears.

"Quick, before the children hear him…" Molly hissed as she motioned for Remus to help Arthur in holding Draco down while Molly approached readily with the vial.
"Draco…Draco if you can hear me, I'm sorry…but we have to sedate you before you reopen your wounds, I hope you can forgive me." Molly called out trying to reach the boy through the screams as his jaw was forced open and the draught distributed accordingly. Draco had fought tooth and nail and it was only when his airway was blocked off from both his nose and mouth being smothered did he finally swallow the draught. The three adults pulled away simultaneously and watched as Draco fought to stay awake, tears cascading down those flushed cheeks making Molly's heart ache. Molly slowly sat down beside Draco's bed and brushed his hair away from his face in smooth strokes, Draco's face moved towards her touch as Molly continued to caress his cheeks and brow.

"Angel…" Draco whispered as he starred unseeingly up at Molly through lowered eyelids. Molly smiled before she gently kissed Draco's brow, when she pulled back she was relieved to find her newest charge asleep.

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!" Three heads jerked to the exclamation to find the mischief trio standing there at the door looking at their ex-classmate with looks of disbelief and anger plastered on their faces.

"Oh dear--" was all Molly was able to get out before hell erupted at Grimmauld Place.


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