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Chapter 23: XXII: Lady of the East

Kagome walked towards the entrance of the Western Palace trying to keep calm.. If the Lady of the East noticed her on edge, she would not hesitate to attack. Cats were known to strike once they smelt weakness. The second Kagome was in her view, Lady Ame no Sabishi of the Eastern Lands stomped her way up to Kagome, with one of Kagome's servant following right behind her trying, unsuccessfully, to calm her down.

"I demand you give me back my servant, you filthy dog!" Lady Ame no Sabishi hissed at Kagome. The second those words left her mouth Kagome snatched her collar with her demonic speed, and brought Ame's face close to hers, their noses barely touching. "You will show me respect in my Lands, you disgusting cat." Kagome glared at Ame until she let her go with a slight but strong push. The Lady of the East glared at Kagome the second she was let go. The hatred they both held towards one another was not unknown to the servants nor to the other rulers, as long as their quarrels did not surpass from some punches, they were fine to do as they please. That was their laws, but the second the rivalry began a political battle, the other rulers had to intervene. Ame continued to glare at Kagome until she finally bowed to her. "My apologies" She simply told Kagome, who in return turned away and began to walk towards her dining hall. "Come, I wish for you to come and have dinner with me and Shinta, your journey must have weakened you, you felines are soooooo delicate." Kagome lazily waved her hand for Ame to follow her. Ame hissed at her, but followed none the less.

Once dinner was served, Kagome happily enjoyed Shinta's company and tried to ignore Ames presence all together. Shinta did not dare make eye contact with the Lady of the East, but simply spoke to Kagome., "so Saya wishes to help with my education and become my tutor, so that you don't have to waste your time tu-"


Kagome and Shinta both turned to look at Ame and saw that her plate and cup of tea laid shattered on the floor, food splattered all over the floor and the wall. Ame looked at Kagome with a glint of mischief in her eyes. "Clumsy me". Kagome looked at her for an instant and then with a small smile responded "oh it's perfectly fine, I'll just have one of my servants clean it." The second the words left her mouth a servant was already getting a wash cloth and a bucket to clean the mess. Ame turned and glared at said servant, who just froze in her spot. "NO. I don't want her to clean it; I want him to clean it!" She pointed at Shinta who stared at her with horror. Shinta looked up at Kagome, who was looking at the Lady of the East with complete annoyance. "Shinta will not take orders from you." She stated. Ame no Sabishi ignored Kagome and glared daggers of hatred towards Shinta, "did you not hear me?, I said to clean it up!. NOW!" Slamming her fist on the table. Shinta quickly tried to stand up and go to the mess, but Kagome's arm gently pushed him back down. She looked down at Shinta and gently smiled at him before returning her cold eyes towards the Lady of the East. "I do not repeat myself, my Lady" Kagome slowly and calmly told her.

Ame smiled a triumph smile. "Obviously your old age is getting to you, for you see, there is a piercing on his right ear with a sun shaped earing hanging from it. The symbol of the East, which indicates that he, belongs to me." Kagome simply smirked in return, which whipped away Ame's smile in an instant. "Oh?, well tell me, where is this so-called-earing?" Kagome asked with feign interest.

"Boy come here." Ame demanded. Shinta quickly looked at Kagome for help, she nodded for him to listen to Ame and to go to her. He was trying to beg her not to let him go with her when she stopped him. "Shinta, don't worry, I won't allow her to hurt you, so just for this once go to her okay?, I'll be right here protecting you." She told him with a ruffle to his hair. He slowly stood up and walked towards Ame with dread. The second he was within her reach, Ame roughly grabbed his upper arm and pulled him towards her, earning herself a threatening growl from Kagome. She slowly caressed Shintas right side of his face and she gently looked at him with loving eyes and a gentle smile directed towards him. Shinta watched her and when he thought she was not going to hurt him, relaxed in her hold. The split second Ame felt him relax, her smile turned into a sneer and while holding his jaw with her clawed hand turn his face to the left forcefully, looking at his right ear. When she saw her earing had been replaced with a moon earing, she let out a dangerous growl.

Once Kagome heard the growl she split them up and pushed Shinta behind her, protecting him from Ame. "That is enough, as you can see, he is no slave of yours. Now leave my palace, I have grown tiresome of your actions." Kagome stated not leaving any room for a comeback. Ame continued to glare at Shinta through Kagome, Kagome stared at her for another second before shouting, "leave!" Ame turned and forced the dining room doors open and allowed them to slam against the granite walls with a loud bang. Kagome turned to her guards that where standing by the doors and with a nod to her head, they followed the Lady of the East, to ensure that she left the palace the exact way she came in, without any detour.

Once Kagome was sure Ame was gone, she walked out of the dining room and towards her bedroom for a light nap. Dealing with cats and especially Ame was very stressful. She smirked a little finding it funny how she used to own a cat, and now she couldn't even stand their scent. The perks of being a Taisho it would seem. As Kagome walked away, Saya entered and began to clean the mess Ame had left. Shinta quickly went to help her out, he let out a long sigh while he helped Saya. She turned to look at him with a questionable look. "What's the matter Shinta-sama?" He looked at her and with a small smile he answered. "I'm just happy Kagome didn't allow her to take me away." Saya smiled "well of course! She wouldn't let you go, don't you know?" She said. He looked at her with a weird face, "know what?"

"You look exactly like her little brother who was killed."

She replied analyzing his face for any reaction. Shinta looked at her again and whispered, "what?"

"you mean, you don't know?" she asked. Shinta shook his head and waited for her to say more. Saya hesitated a bit before answering him. "Well, before you came here, Lady Kagome had a younger brother named Souta, she loved him so much that she would always tell me stories about him, and she showed me pictures of her family and mostly about him, but then…it happen…" She said sadly looking at her dish rag. Kagome had changed so much sense that time, she used to be so happy and carefree, but the horrific events had changed the Lady of the West greatly. Shinta looked at the sad Saya and asked. "w-what happen to him?" Saya, who usually held a smile on her face grimely looked at him with a stoic expression. "He was killed. Along with her mother and her grandfather, right before her very eyes."

Shinta's eyes widen, that's impossible! There's no way he reminds her of her late brother. Saya still looked at him before continuing, as if reading his mind, "I've seen pictures of him Shinta, and I swear to you, that you are the exact copy of her dead brother."

With that being said, Saya grabbed the shattered plates and cup, stood up, and walked towards the kitchen, leaving a shocked Shinta behind.

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