This is my first DragonBallGT fic. This is by far my absolute favorite anime. I have made only one new character. Here is his profile. He is Gohan and Videl's second child. Pan's baby brother, Gochen, was born around the time that Baby was infecting everyone on Earth. Which makes Pan about twelve years older than him. He has the rarest of all Saiya-Jin (aka: Sayin) diseases, Xexyz (pronounced ZE-shiz)Syndrome. Because of Xexyz Syndrome, Gochen was born a Super Saiya-Jin, cannot power down below Super Saiya-Jin, has fainting spells once every other month, is extremely short for his age - he's ten, but is only the height of a five-year-old! - And lastly, he hates being teased about his height - just like a certain 'Fullmetal Alchemist' named Edward Elric. He is always hungry! He loves to fight! Gohan has learned the hard way not to let him whine for too long.

Goku: Why's that?

Gochen (me): I'm getting to that, Grandpa! I still have to tell the few readers 'bout my lisp.

Goku: oh, ok. (bites into a dino leg) Hey, you want to spar with Majuub and me after your done?

Majuub: Yeah, we could have a battle royale!

Goten: Mind if I fight?

Pan: Me, too?

Majuub: Go right ahead, Goten. The more the merrier!

Goku: You can fight, too, Pan.

Goten and Pan: YESS!!!

Gohan: DAD!!! I was gonna teach him the Masenko after supper!

Gochen: YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chichi: All of you shut up and let Gochen finish his story, or I'll use my frying pan of doom!

All except Gochen: EEP!!!!

--- --- --- dead silence --- --- ---

Chichi: That's better. Go ahead sweetie, finish up!

Gochen: Thanks Grandma!

Sorry bout that! Just an average supper at the Son home. Anyways, here's my fic . . .



Disclaimer: Gochen is the only character that I personally own. Xexyz Syndrome is also of my own creation. All other DBZ characters, places, items, and attacks are the property of the only anime creator to ever be worthy of a Nobel Prize in my mind: AKIRA TOIYAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unless otherwise noted in the a/n


Signs: "speech" 'thoughts' "telepathy" sound effects speech over phone

Chapter One - A Rainy Plight

He waited for her to call. He always worried when she was late. 'Come on, Pan-chan! Why haven't you called?' Why did it have to be raining so hard that he couldn't fly home? It was already five pm. riiiiiing!! 'Great. Now she calls. And I don't have too much energy left.' "Hello?" Since when has Pan ever been late before? Sorry for not calling sooner. I couldn't find my cell. " That's why? I thought you had had one of your things w-w-with Majuub." Hey! That's none of your business!! He still couldn't get over the fact that his very beautiful sister had married Majuub. "Are you on your way, Pan-chan? I don't like the way this r-rain is coming down. I c-c-can't even fly with out r-risking a lightning strike!"

Chill out, Gochen. I'm about two blocks north of you. That seemed about right to him. He could see the headlights of her car. "Thanks Pan-chan. I owe you for this." You sure do, Munchkin! Hold up an energy ball so I can see you, ok? He formed a energy ball large enough to light up his face, but no larger. Oh come on! You can do better than that! "L-l-look, Pan-chan. I'm too c-c-cold to make a bigger ball, ok." The hovercar pulled up and he got in, turning off his cell phone as he did so. "Oh, man! My t-t-tail's drenched! Ugh!" As he wrung out his tail, his sister spoke up from the driver's seat. "Did Dad call you at all?" Looking up, he wondered why she said that. "N-n-no. I thought he had c-called you." "Damn it! I've been trying to get a hold of him for about a week now. Where the fuck is he? Arrgh!" "Hey, Pan-chan. D-d-do you think that he might be with Grandpa Goku? I mean, they did go to visit V-Vegeta. They probably g-got stuck in one of his long fights with Grandpa G-Gok-ku." "Yeah, your probably right, Gochen. I'm just a little jumpy lately." 'What does that mean?' Gochen thought. "Umm, Pan-chan? What do you mean, jumpy? You b-b-been drinking espresso again?" "Hey! I only did that once. And I had been drunk already when I drank the espresso!"

They arrived at home at about six thirty. The rain was still coming down hard. It was the worst rain on earth since it covered eighty percent of the land in a solid downpour. Their mother greeted them at the door. "Pan! Gochen! You're safe!" "Hi Momma" was all that Pan said before heading to the room that she and her brother shared at that house. "HI, Mommy" Gochen said, gave her a hug, and headed to his room. What he least wanted to see was his room spotless. What he least expected to see was what he saw, and it shocked him at first, then calmed him. For some reason or other, this calmed him during a bad rainstorm. Their parents never could understand why. "Pan-chan, I'm scared." 'Why am I always scared of the thunder?' he thought. "Do you want a hug?" booom "P-please" "Do you mind if I'm in my pajamas? I mean although because of your disease hugging me calms you down during rainstorms for some fucked up reason, I'm still your sister." BOOOOOM!!!!!!! At that peal of thunder, he had cowered behind her out of fear. She turned around and hugged him despite her outfit.

As she hugged him, he felt the warmth of her breasts against his face. He looked up and ended up - neither of them expecting to do so - kissing her on the lips! He turned his head away, breaking the kiss, and said, "I - I - I I'm s-sorry. I didn't mean--" Pan put a finger on his lips saying, "Shush. I know you didn't. Don't worry. I don't mind. For some fucked up reason it felt more enjoyable than when I kiss Majuub. Weird, huh?" She continued to hug him while the rain came down. Their mother opened the door and saw them hugging, Pan in her pajama shirt. "Hey, kids, can I talk to you for a while?" Because he was crying into her chest, Gochen let his sister answer for them both. "Sure, Momma. What's up?" Gochen let go of Pan and clung to his mother. "When's Daddy coming home?" "Your father just called. He's on his way right now. He should be here by the time I have the table set for dinner. Pan, please put some decent clothes on before he gets home." As Videl left the room, Pan opened her dresser drawer and pulled out her favorite clothes and sat down next to Gochen. No one knew why, but she liked changing in front of him. As long as she could remember, he had watched her as she changed. But if he had ever been asleep, she let him.

As she was putting on her shirt, Gochen started to act dizzy. "Not again" was all he said before hitting the floor with a sickening thud. . . . .

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