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Anyways . . .

Eight years after Gossimer had apparently been destroyed, Gochen, who had finally grown to his uncle's height, was going to the movies with a young girl. She was actually a year older than him, but they almost seemed like a couple. In fact, they were. They had been for four years now. Rem Briefs was a very cute girl with long red hair, a very unique change from the rest of her family. She had green eyes. She was wearing a black t-shirt with the Capsule Corps logo on the front and a very large image of a blue-rimmed capsule on the back, black denim jeans, a deep maroon red jacket, and a pair of black Nike shoes. They had known each other for about twelve years. They met at a World Martial Arts Tournament. As Gochen paid for the tickets, the woman in the ticket booth said, "Hey, Gochen, who's the cute girl?" Gochen blushed. "Hi, Mom." Rem looked at her boyfreind, then at Videl. "Mrs. Son, I didn't know you worked here." Videl handed her son the tickets. "Just on the weekends, Rem. Your movie's in theater seven."

When Gochen and Rem go to their seats, Rem put the popcorn between them. "Thanks for the movie, Kyo-chan." She kissed Gochen on the cheek. As he blushed, he said, "Happy birthday, Rem. Besides, I've been waiting for three months for this one to come out. It's supposed to be true to the book, word for word, unlike most book-based movies." He looked a little uneasy as he put his hand into his coat pocket. "What's wrong, Gochen?" He looked at his girlfriend, who had an eyebrow raised. "I, I was just wondering. We've been dating for four years now, right?" Rem nodded. "Despite what my Grandfather says. He's just to cocky." Gochen blushed almost beet red. "Well, I, I was wondering." He pulled a little black, velvet-covered box out of his pocket."Would you consider, maybe, um. . . possibly, if, if you want to, would you. . . um. . . " Rem, who knew what was happening when she saw the box, said, "Yes, Gochen. Yes I will gladly marry you." Gochen looked at her, swearing she had fox ears, as she said, "I've been waiting for you to say those words for a year. Plus, it'll really make my Dad happy, while pissing off Grandfather."

Just then. . . RRRRIIIIIIIIIIPPPPP "What the?" Gochen and Rem looked at the screen and saw a nine-inch blade cutting it in half. Rem froze. There was a red tracer dot on her forehead. A voice spoke from behind the torn movie screen. "If I can't kill the runt or his family, I'll kill his woman!"


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