(CARMELLO's house)
(TINA, still with the wedding dress, is watching DUNCAN watch TV)

TINA: You look sad.

DUNCAN: I'm not sad, mom, I'm tired.

TINA: What about that beautiful Kat?

DUNCAN: You scared her away.

TINA: I don't scare people away. Oh, I know the perfect way of making you feel better. Stand up.

DUNCAN (sighing): Oh, my God.

TINA: Ready?

(TINA gives him her back and pick up a few flowers from a vase. She throws her 'bouquet' above her head and DUNCAN catches it.)

DUNCAN (staring at the bouquet): OH, MY GOD!!!

TINA: I know! You're gonna be the next bride!

(DUNCAN starts to cry and runs to his room)

TINA: Duncan, you won't have to be the one wearing a dress!


by Annie2000